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Dell Axim X50 or X30?


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Ok, Awilliamson and I used to go back and forth a lot trying to get my palm lifedrive to sync with MDV. After MONTHS of work it was determined that there was no way to make that happen in 2008.


Well my battery just died so now I have a Dell Axim, but I need 2, so, IF I can get the 30 running I'll but an X50 (or 2) for the replacement.


The Axim I have is an X30 which runs WM2003.


SO in 2010 there is a GREAT package called TASK-wm2003-common. The idea being that you load that and BAM youre ready to synce 2003


Unfortuinately everytime I ttry and load it I get an error saying that there is a compatibility issue with libopensync :=> 1.22.1


so I try and install the libopensync manually an i get another error (sorry I didnt copy that one down).


Now I can install the TASK for wm2005 just fine, but I dont own the X50 yet


If anyone has actually used an Axim X0 or X51, pLEASE message me back.





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