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  1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Here is an error... is that what you are looking for? DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file GIF: error in GIF image format.
  2. I am not sure how to get it since I have 10.2 RC2.... I downloaded mplayer with gui-mplayer as well but the picture didn't show up and realized that win32codecs not there.... I tried to get it from devel, or other places... but unable to find one... I was puzzled since they provided mplayer but not the win32codecs?? why?? Just curious??
  3. Oh, now I understand... I tried to click your link and it came up error?? The error came up: GIF : error in GIF image format. after I closed all BitTorando and found error list from Bittorrent usage: Arguments are: --max_uploads <arg> the maximum number of uploads to allow at once. (defaults to 7) --keepalive_interval <arg> number of seconds to pause between sending keepalives (defaults to 120.0) --download_slice_size <arg> How many bytes to query for per request. (defaults to 16384) --upload_unit_size <arg> when limiting upload rate, how many bytes to send at a time (defaults to 1460) --request_backlog <arg> maximum number of requests to keep in a single pipe at once. (defaults to 10) --max_message_length <arg> maximum length prefix encoding you'll accept over the wire - larger values get the connection dropped. (defaults to 8388608) --ip <arg> ip to report you have to the tracker. (defaults to '') --minport <arg> minimum port to listen on, counts up if unavailable (defaults to 10000) --maxport <arg> maximum port to listen on (defaults to 60000) --random_port <arg> whether to choose randomly inside the port range instead of counting up linearly (defaults to 1) --responsefile <arg> file the server response was stored in, alternative to url (defaults to '') --url <arg> url to get file from, alternative to responsefile (defaults to '') --selector_enabled <arg> whether to enable the file selector and fast resume function (defaults to 1) --expire_cache_data <arg> the number of days after which you wish to expire old cache data (0 = disabled) (defaults to 10) --priority <arg> a list of file priorities separated by commas, must be one per file, 0 = highest, 1 = normal, 2 = lowest, -1 = download disabled (defaults to '') --saveas <arg> local file name to save the file as, null indicates query user (defaults to '') --timeout <arg> time to wait between closing sockets which nothing has been received on (defaults to 300.0) --timeout_check_interval <arg> time to wait between checking if any connections have timed out (defaults to 60.0) --max_slice_length <arg> maximum length slice to send to peers, larger requests are ignored (defaults to 131072) --max_rate_period <arg> maximum amount of time to guess the current rate estimate represents (defaults to 20.0) --bind <arg> comma-separated list of ips/hostnames to bind to locally (defaults to '') --ipv6_enabled <arg> allow the client to connect to peers via IPv6 (defaults to 0) --ipv6_binds_v4 <arg> set if an IPv6 server socket will also field IPv4 connections (defaults to 0) --upnp_nat_access <arg> attempt to autoconfigure a UPnP router to forward a server port (0 = disabled, 1 = mode 1 [fast], 2 = mode 2 [slow]) (defaults to 1) --upload_rate_fudge <arg> Eh? hope I am not in big trouble??
  4. it been since months... I also, tried to look if I can send an email and follow up what up... But seems nothing??
  5. I used konsole often... and I saw http://www.slicker.org/ But I am having hard time to find download?? I found it from KDE-Look.org, but it lead me to Slicker's website... Any hint how to download Slicker?? Or you have other software that able to look like as file on left or right side??
  6. I already have BitTorando on my computer but I am not sure how to set up and fetch software or music etc... It is completed different than I used with LimeWire from windows... I tried to find website about instruction to set up... :unsure:
  7. I installed BitTorrando 3.10 and realized that I don't understand how it works?? Do you have any idea where to find website that have instruction how to use it? [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  8. You can get main/contrib from 10.2 RC2 in mandrakeclub. I think it came from "download section" Hope that helps, but I though Thac should take care of everything to upgrade KDE 3.4 from 10.2??
  9. Thanks arctic, actually, I have formatted and doing 10.2 rc2 now... and am running and set up for now and will try KDE 3.4 later soon when I get time. Thanks again... Now I understand about XDM and KDE display manager... Thanks again :D
  10. I was trying to figure out where to solve KDE control center and menudrake problems, and when I went in MCC to look around and found display manager that have two different and I keep wondering what difference? Will that help to solve KDE control center and menudrake? Since I got error when type in root for kcontrol; if I choice XDM, will that solve the problem? [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  11. this is what i got error when trying to open KDE control center. There is other error when trying to open menudrake: though urpmi kdemultimedia and graphics will solve the problem, but nothing help?? One more thing, I noticed that I only have "end session", I was wondering about restart or shut down??
  12. I made it! just simple startx! ha... Many thanks! Let me review what I have done and success it... Since I have done tons of times! Thanks and be back for process to success 3.4...
  13. Anyone can give me a hint since I downloaded and installed KDE 3.4 and restart it, it came up with "terminal" like local login:.... What shall I type to get KDE desktop? Help appreciate....
  14. That is what I though, and I will try to upgrade 3.3 since I got 4 CDs from Manddrakeclub. And, I am going to try KDE 3.3 before attempt for 3.4... Be god with me! let you know the results
  15. Hey guys, I hope you guys can bear wth me... Let me tell you what steps by steps I did... I think I have everthing steps by steps to upgrade 3.4. The 5 repository I have in my media manager, those are: 1. config 2. main 3. plf non-free 4. pfl free 5. thac. (I fetched those from http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/) I have upgrade xorg 6.8.2, still have 10.1 with KDE 3.2.3 Typed urpmi.update -a Typed urpmi --auto-select Typed updatedb Typed urpmi kdebase Typed urpmi kdenetwork Typed urpmi kdemutlimedia Typed urpmi --auto-select Typed StartX after reboot, it came "terminal" and can't open any application. I noticed before I restart it, when I typed kcontrol to see the KDE control center and there are no lists such as components, Look and Feel, System etc... I though it should be there before I reboot it since I can see the upgrade 3.4 symbol on main menu and KDE control center as well. Did I miss one simple key to success? BTW, I am sure Thac's did great since half of them are working. Keey up Thac and I am still learning and appreciate so far. Linux is tough and challenge and I still enjoy with it! Also, I am using other computer and hope to get information for you guys since my computer is shut down and save before I go too far... hope to get help from you guys...
  16. devries, this is my 4th attempted! after I have upgrade 3.4 and I had to shut down and reboot, and it stopped at alsa 1.0.6, so I press ctrl and c. But seems nothing to keep fully through...??
  17. I was looking for 10.2 iso, but I don't know if it will released yet, however I would like to join membership later tonight... Hopefully I will get powerpack right away after I join the membership? Since I can't find software that can install 10.2?? Thanks
  18. I am closer to success... But I need to make sure everything is set before I reboot as I have feeling that I will have problem appear after reboot... What I did to upgrade KDE 3.4: urpme mdkkdm urpme kdebase-kdm urpmi mdkkdm after completed, typed mcc in root, click install for kdebase. then update as well... then I typed kcontrol in /usr/bin/: but it appeared Creating link /root/.kde/socket-localhost. Created link from "/root/.kde/socket-localhost" to "/tmp/ksocket-root" /usr/X11R6/bin/iceauth: creating new authority file /root/.ICEauthority Creating link /root/.kde/tmp-localhost. Created link from "/root/.kde/tmp-localhost" to "/tmp/kde-root" kbuildsycoca running... Creating link /root/.kde/cache-localhost. Created link from "/root/.kde/cache-localhost" to "/var/tmp/kdecache-root" kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'kbearimportfilter.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'KParts/Plugin' kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'kcertpart.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'application/binary-certificate' kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'kxsldbg_part.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/english' kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'kxsldbg_part.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/x-c' kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'kxsldbg_part.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/x-c++' kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'katepart.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/x-fortran' kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'knotify.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'KNotify' Invalid entry (missing '=') at /tmp/kde-root/kconf_updater9aHgc.tmp:1 KWrited - Listening on Device /dev/pts/1 kcontrol: WARNING: No K menu group with X-KDE-BaseGroup=settings found ! Defaulting to Settings/ I believe I need to urpmi something to install for KDE control center since the component, Look and Feel , and others are disappeared, but I do showed upgrade KDE 3.4 CLOSER to SUCCESS!
  19. :unsure: Questions for you guys... I have been figure out why I get 3rd time crashed! I know I have xorg 6.8.2 upgraded, and I have 5 things such as main, config, thac, plf non-free and plf free. urpmi.update -a, and you name them... I popped as I seen that I have as current, I saw one of those about version is around 2.11.3?? Do you think the problem will solve if I upgrade this before attempt for KDE 3.4? Hope to success and not get 4th!
  20. foot, I am definitely New:huh:bie! But something I will learn better if I see and performance by myself, and learn better from there... BTW, I crashed 3 times with same as KDEgreet which I keep struggle with! But I am sure I will success soon, when I get time to figure out...
  21. Thanks Thac, I will start with standard for now (easier to convience wife :D , and get 10.2 with KDE 3.4 (is it possible?) include in dvd? Thanks for quick reply...
  22. I have been playing with Fedora, SuSie, and this one.... I think this is cool and comfortable with... I am currently non-membership for this distribution... But try to understand clear before I can convience my wife ha.... I have read Mandrakeclub and not sure what I will benefits from them. and how much? I would liike to know if silver membership is more than standard?? Also, what is PowerPack CD?? what is inside? I though to wait for 10.2 with 3.4 KDE PowerPack CD's Right now, I am full Linux on this computer and I am sure that I will continue with Linux. Also, knowledge base, do I need to take test? how often? Also, once I join this, and do I have to take test sooner or can wait until I feel more knowledge before taking? Thanks you guys! [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  23. you might need type in root: updatedb... Hope it helps....
  24. Thanks you guys, I found that I removed the CD's from MCC, and allowed only such as config, main, update etc... in media manager. From now and on, there is nothing warning from bad signals... Whew... Thanks again! Marked the thread Solved - Artificial Intelligence
  25. I have 5 of those above and downloaded worked beautiful until I restarted the compuer; I think I am in big trouble since the bug appeared after boot, SHORT DESCRIPTION The application unknown (kdegreet) crashed & cause the signal 11 (SIGSEGV) They only allowed full terminal and behind little bit of background. That is it... Pray to recover? Thanks...
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