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    Thank you for your suggestions. For some reason, the Firefox extention does not install. As for Miro, I can't find it in the RPM format. The YouTube downloader I'm looking for MUST be fully GUI (ie, NOT command line), and It MUST be an RPM package (ie, NOT command line installation). Would anyone have any other suggestions which will satisfy the above conditions?
  2. DoctorKaos


    Could someone suggest a nicely GUI'ed YouTube downloader rpm for M2006 ?
  3. JaseP, you are preaching to the already converted. I started out with w98se, and had it mastered after one year of using it. I've been using Linux for about one year now, and every day I'm amazed at how superior an os it is over windows. Also, I don't have a problem with the existence of the console, and with people prefering to use it over guis. I simply think that Linux will always intimidate the weak and apathetic masses as long as the specter of the console looms over it, and that M$ will always profit by that. And bvc, sorry but I totally disagree. You may be a priviledged motivated and intelligent individual who has no problem getting off your butt and learning, but it is not the case with the average Joe. M$ knows that all too well, and exploits it as much as it can. When it comes to a choice between the command line and lots of buttons, Joe Public will always prefer buttons. In fact, the more buttons there are, the happier he will be. As for me, I want my computer to be my slave. Not I to it. So yes! Buttons, buttons and more buttons! (and pretty blinkin' lights too, while we're at it) Now, can I have my simple question answered please. Can I safely remove unwanted software with Kpackage (that's Kpackage, not Software Manager), if I make sure that Kpackage does not check for dependencies? Thank you.
  4. Thanks all, but these kinds of statements... "(and don't go shooting the console, its invaluable)" "All the more reason to respect the power of the command line I guess." ...are the kinds of statements that make Bill Gates sleep peacefully at night. If you want to cut M$ down to size, replace the wretched console with blinkin' lights and pretty buttons. Fight fire with fire.
  5. So... what about Kpackage? Would that do the trick if I make sure it doesn't check for dependencies?
  6. I always shoot my consoles dead as soon as I install Linux. "Up against the wall you varmins!" BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!! All consoles shot to pieces with my 12 gauge cybershotgun. Get the message? (wink! wink! nudge, nudge. Say no more.)
  7. Hi. No, it's not anything major like KDE. The odd games, some little bitty app I'll try out and decide I have no use for it after all, etc. I do use Kpackage sometimes, and yes I agree, Software Manager is a bit buggy, but it has some features that I like. So I use it anyways. Ok, so if I use Kpackager, I just make sure that it won't check dependencies, and it should remove only what I say it should, right?
  8. (Since this post isn't strictly about Mandrake I wasn't sure where to put it, so I'll post it here) To install or remove software I use the Software Manager. Sometimes, after installing something, I proceed to remove it but the Manager tells me that it will remove a whole bunch of other stuff supposedly associated with it which I'm quite sure should NOT be removed. So, what's the deal here? There is some software I have no need of taking up room on my hd and I dare not remove it. P.S.: Sorry, but I don't do "make" ( hence, the Software Manager )
  9. Lookee here what I just found: ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distribution...l/contrib/RPMS/ The parent folders are interesting as well.
  10. DoctorKaos

    core files

    I don't know whether this was the right way to solve the problem, but with Apache, MySQL, etc... going, I raised my ram to half a gig. Since then, nomo crashee.
  11. DoctorKaos

    core files

    Thanks all. Galeon has been crashing a lot recently. But that's my fault, not Galeon's.
  12. DoctorKaos

    core files

    What are those huge (often over 100MB) core.x... files in the /root directory, and can they be deleted?
  13. Thanks a lot aru. All is good now!
  14. Thanks for your advice. One more question if I may impose; where would i find the documentation about "...edit/create some variables, and ...to hack the start() function"? 'Coz that's martian to me. I'm not bad at writing iptables rules, but 'variables & functions" is way over my head.
  15. Thanks Couterspy and aru. I will get a friend to do an nmap scan. aru, about the script; The thing is that my own script contains only rules; no shell script stuff other than the bin/sh at the top of the file. The original iptables script had a lot of shell script stuff. That is what bothers me. Is all that shell script stuff necessary for the proper workings of iptables?
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