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  1. Thanks Greg :) I did do it your way originally, I see now why it didn't work, I omitted /pub.
  2. This normally works for me: killall -9 plasma then plasma At the very least you'll see the error message(s).
  3. Grrrr.... No matter which mirrors I select or how I try to add the repos I get the same error message: Should this work? urpmi.addmedia KDE-4.3.0 <mirror>/kde/stable/4.3.0/Mandriva/2009.1/RPMS/i586 with media_info/hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia KDE-4.3.0-noarch <mirror>/kde/stable/4.3.0/Mandriva/2009.1/RPMS/noarch with media_info/hdlist.cz
  4. The boot.iso is no longer available from proxad.net. I'll try to get it from elsewhere later.
  5. Thanks jkerr and scarecrow for the enlightenment. :)
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but what is this boot.iso? What does it do? And should I want it, where would I get it from?
  7. Hmmm, that would take maturity of mind and discipline. Judging by media reports that's sorely lacking. If you really want to get them off winblows make a 'FaceBook', 'Twitter' & 'MySpace' distro :D
  8. Oh please (sigh), what's new about this distro? I mean what does it do significantly better than all the others out there! Since it's so easy to launch a *new* distro, I think I'll pimp out Mandriva with a spiderman theme and release it as: 'Yet Another Distro That Does Nothing To Enhance User Experience'. Why didn't they just create a Hannah theme pack and release that instead? :huh:
  9. Me, Me, Gimme, Gimme :D I'm sorry, but using KDE 3.x now feels like I'm using a 'Fisher Price' product (no offence meant to KDE 3.x devs). KDE 3.x was an excellent desktop for it's time, KDE 4.x has raised the bar for me. Yes I know it still lacks in many areas however, it's stable and usable enough for everyday use.
  10. Heck yeah I still have my 05R/W I bought it when they first hit the market in the UK. I also have my Yamaha TG55 and Korg M1 rack modules. And I still own a Yamaha QY10 sequencer, lol. You're so right, there's no substitute for hardware! HandBrake (2009.1) works fine for me.
  11. Well tux99, I went to your site for your latest build of HandBrake and walked away with your created Korg 05R/W definition :) Now I have a reason to try Rosegarden. Many Thanks.. Oh and thanks for HandBrake too.
  12. And the violation was according to.... Network Plubmer's Journal
  13. It should show up under Applications--> Tools. If not you can always install Fusion-Icon that gives you easy access via the system tray.
  14. No scarecrow, you're correct it is a continent.
  15. You also need to disble it in CompizConfig Settings Manager. If you don't have it, install the ccsm package.
  16. Most definately this is a sign (no matter how small) of some erosion. It's a shame they managed to slow down the march of GNU/Linux on netbooks in general. Let's not forget in days gone by there were other big players before micro$oft chipped away at their market share. No-one is safe forever!
  17. You might just need to update your repositories first. Run:urpmi.update -a As you are remote logging in from within your house it doesn't really matter how you run mcc. Personally if I want to call up mcc I always log in as a normal user then use su. Most of the time I don't bother with the graphical interface.
  18. Finally it's in a usable state again. 2.1.1 is a pleasure to use. I still miss some of the functions in the 1.x series though :(
  19. Ooh a shiney new forum look. I like it, good job guys
  20. A recently published attack exploiting newer versions of the Linux kernel is getting plenty of notice because it works even when security enhancements are running and the bug is virtually impossible to detect in source code reviews... Read more at The Register. Any security experts here who can put this into some understandable plain speaking context?
  21. Or simply create the missing directory yourself, see if that solves the problem.
  22. Thanks, nice to see you've decided to stay John :)
  23. After doing init 3 you should see some text appear, your prompt will fail to re-appear, simply hit your enter key.
  24. Wbar Installation: * Needs imlib2 # make create initial config for user (should make config with each user) # make config as root (if you dont have a bin directory at home) # make install Source: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Env...bar-18308.shtml
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