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  1. ^ I don't use Mandriva. I used Mandrake back in the 9.1 days, for a little while, then I switched to Fedora Core 1, I currently use Fedora Core 6. I was just asking. Honestly, I don't think I'll be leaving Fedora, I once in while feel like revisiting some stuff I used to like, Mandrake for instance.
  2. I stopped using Mandrake when free version users were prevented from getting the 4th CD by regular means, you had to wait, or you get it by using FTP (BT wasn't widely known). I also gave a shot to one of the Mandriva Live CDs after that, but its being stamped free free free free all over was very irritating, kinda made me think you're a free version user, LEECHER! So I moved to Fedora. Where do we stand now? If I try it again, will I be arritated by this compulsing pushing people to upgrade to the paid version? I hate in your face stuff. Flame away if you must.
  3. Free, Free, Free... Mandriva 2006 Free so makes me feel I am freeloading by getting the free version. Looks like Fedora's the way to go.
  4. I have always hated the downloads page @ Mandriva's. Are they trying to get you confused with so much stuff, or are they trying to make you go Club? After all it's a business, bottom line you know!!! I mean, would it be too bad for their bottom line to include a bit-torrent link to the free version without the hassle of having to actively look for it. I think Mandriva's site is setup like that to disencourage users from getting the free version. I don't know, just a little rant I guess, though I don't think I am too far off. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  5. I want to upgrade my Mandrake 10.1 Official Release's Gnome 2.6 to Gnome 2.8. Which repository can I find the packages I need to install Gnome 2.8? Would it be all right to use urpmi from within KDE, in order to upgrade Gnome? or Should I boot into fail safe, and use the terminal instead? As of now, I have added contrib and update repositories to RPM drake.
  6. So that's where it was. I must have overlooked it, even though I really looked hard. thanks man.
  7. First of all, before posting I did a search for kde 3.2 download and I got an error message... One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you are searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please go back and increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords. ...So here it goes. KDE 3.2 that comes with Mandrake 10.1 as default desktop environment shows a side banner that reads kde 3.2 download on the left side of the K menu. I find it pretty annoying, and out of place, how can I get rid of it. I have done a fair share of digging around with no luck. I'll appreciate any help. Thanks.
  8. I was just giving Fedora 3 another shot. I like Gnome 2.8, especially the custom version that comes with Fedora 3. I used to like KDE more, but now I am not sure. I need to know of a good resource for Fedora. A Forum specifically intended for Fedora users, so that I can get community support for some issues. For instance. Mandrake 10.1's ksnapshot responds to pressing the [prt scrn] key, it launches right up. On the other hand, Fedora's ksnapshot does not; I have to navigate through the menu to fire up ksnapshot myself. I got more issues, little things really, but they add up to make an OS a truly enjoyable thing. Thanks. [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  9. Thank God I was wrong. That's why I couldn't find the right CSS library that will enable encrypted DVD playback using Caffeine, or other Media Players, in the plf-free sources. Thanks guys! :D
  10. I know, it's a confusing title, but what I mean is, why are the plf people charging for some stuff (non free)? Do we need a plf liberation front now? Please somebody grab all those rpms and mirror them free of charge, from Russia if you must. I mean, the whole idea was liberation, wasn't it? What am I missing here? Please somebody step in, because I must be missing something.
  11. Something happened here... ...I hope that's it.
  12. All right! I'll reboot now. Anyway, what is the lock for? To me it only seems to be an annoyance, but that's because I am still too Windowfied. ******************** I rebooted, and I must say I managed to update rpmdrake with contrib before I rebooted, how? No Idea!After reboot, I opened rpmdrake, but I could not update it with plf-free. I went looking for those .lock files but they weren't there. What's next?
  13. What does that mean? I added contrib and plf-free. Previously I had re-initialized the media data base as sugested on the easy-urpmi page. Then I got urpmi database locked thing. What is it? Why don't contrib and plf-free show up on rpmdrake? Maybe it's not supposed to show up, I don't know. Did it work? How do I know it worked? Thanks.
  14. I just stumbled upon this Linux resource. Beyond Linux From Scratch. It's has lots of how to pages, and it seems current. http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/cvs/index.html Has anybody seen this site before? Would you consider this site as a good resource? Please comment a little if you happen to know about this thing. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
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