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  1. current plan is to set up the HA cluster on a masqed LAN for testing before setting it live. It is going to be a mammoth task... it has been 16 years since i have done any networking.. ah well if you dont try you never fail
  2. The website is for a Community Radio Station (2nim-FM) the website is http://nimfm.org in the famous alternate lifestyle villiage of Nimbin NSW. As the organisation is run by volunteers in a place with a transient population there have been a total of eight system admins over a span of 16 years who have all added their own flavour to the capabilities of the servers. Box #1 has the apache, DNS ,SMB, and houses the MP3 record libraray, streaming server/aidio logger (legal requirement for broadcast licence)... amoung other things Box #2 has the proxy and perhaps the mail server (from memory) Box #3 (dead) I am told had a Mirror of box #1 It sounds like your alternatve method is what I am looking for Ian Thank you for your help and.... PS nice to see someone still lurking here
  3. I want to set up a local mirror of the server. the mirror will be housed on a separate machine and will be used as a daily backup of the DNS, apache, squid, smb servers and user data. What steps do I need to take for this to become a reality?
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    Samba as PDC

    only one problem with swat is it does not save your previous config. its always a good idea to make a backup of your config file before editing with swat.
  5. my site is at he bottom of every post i make NIM-FM is a community owned and operated broadcaster. It is also listed as an Income Tax Exempt Charity with the Australian Tax Office
  6. DIY iptables it took a bit too learn HOWTO use iptables but i prefer it to GUI front ends
  7. have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling using MCC
  8. any chance you could post a copy of your smb.conf file... also if you can see the folder but not its contents it may be a problem with permissions... check the ownership of the folder and its contents to see if you are allowed access.
  9. not a fan of wizards myself. why not edit your samba.conf file and start samba from a shell. remember to run testparm first though.
  10. I've been using reiser on the machine running my website and office lan for about three years without noticing any problems with speed or fragmentation.
  11. Unfortunately I live "out in the boondocks" ie a long way from anything. My villiage has a populatoin of 3000 and it is a three hour drive to the nearest city with any significant population to get a "box off the shelf". It is only in the last six months we have been able to connect to ADSL. Rest asssured next time I go to "The Big Smoke" I will get myself a copy of Mandriva out of the box in the meantime i will continue to use my 2005 LE and search around for a ozzie mail order company that handles mandriva.
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    Im running Mandriva 2005 LE and about to Upgrade to 2006 powerpack. Not really a big bug 4 me as I can still use my cloned DVDs in my Linux box.
  13. mandriva has a nice gui install. simoly place your install CD or DVD in your drive and boot the system. the install will allow you to keep your old system (dual boot) or completely overwrite your old one.
  14. I have only uesd the FREE versions of Linux, aside from bundled documentaion what is the real difference in terms of software with the above versions of Mandriva
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    yes i have installed libdvdread. and I doubt that the DVDs have ARccOS as i was able to copy them in my doze box using CloneDVD in combination with Any DVD. Any DVD strips away the CSS before the disk is "cloned" so im guessing there is still some problem with my libdvdcss.
  16. you will find both when both versions of apache are installed (ie. 1.* and 2.0) apache will default to version 2.0 it stands to reason that the file you need to edit is httpd2.conf. :D
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    That may be so arctic. but it may help to point out that the DVDs i was trying to play were copy written in the last mellenia, and the clones I was successfull in playing had the copy write protection removed inthe cloning process
  18. buccaneer


    Did all that and still had no success until I took the DVD to my windows box and ran clone DVD. I then took the cloned version to my Mandriva box and hey presto it worked. Seems I still cant play copy write DVDs under linux but I can play most of my DVDs if I burn clone copies of them. Can anyone think of reason why this is so?
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    I get this error whenever i try to play a DVD in XINE or kaffine. I have installed libdvdcss and I have altered the config to reflect the actual position of my DVD ie dev/hdd Can anyone explian why I cant play DVD's
  20. as the athlon and intel shipset use slightly different machine code putting the Athlon chip in will require a kernel upgrade. it will require starting from scratch
  21. if you log r lodg on as root open a browser like firefox or mozilla type "file:// " in the url line then click search type "fileshareset" in the search line, your browser should find the offending file right click with your mouse on file shareset and choose properties. a wiindow should appear allowing you to set its ownership and permissions. Once you get the hang of things a bit more you should find webmin a very powerful and helpful tool. As far as drivers go... HP have had a long history of supporting linux, u could check thier website for linux drivers for suitable for your printer.
  22. webmin runs from a browser. open firefox and go to http://localhost:10000. u can set up all your services and maintain your system. to answer your second question about file sharing im just guessing but it sounds like the file named "fileshareset" needs 2 b owned by root. do a search for that file and check and set its ownership and permission properties.
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