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  1. Is there a way to make amsn windows look transparant? Now only my titlebar is transparant. Tanx in advance. (I looked at sourceforge amsn skins, but couldn't find a suitable one.)
  2. pfff, again something strange... I unticked the services you said, and indeed, the reboot was much faster, but... when it was rebooted, I typed user and pass, followed by startx. Then KDE stopped at 28% (so starting system services). So there was no way to get in my kde. Not as root, not as user. (I remember, I had the same problem two days ago, when I unticked some system services. Also a dead system at 28%) So I had to reset things with the mandrake system cd, to get back into my system. ***Update*** When I take a look again at the system services after the restore, everything I unticked is still unticked, EXCEPT the network service. So I think the problem only occures when I untick the network service.
  3. When I boot my laptop, it's very slow. Why? Because it first tries to connect cable internet, and afterwards, it tries to connect ADSL. Now, I'm both using them, so at weekends, I use ADSL, in week, cable. But I've both installed them, and set them to boot. so, now my first question to you guys is: how can I make two scripts, (one for cable, one for adsl), so I can just run the scripts in my Konsole when my laptop has started up? So that I can chose what connection it uses. Inflexion and Arthur knows what connection I'm using for adsl, and how I installed it, so maybe you guys can help me out :-) my second question is this: I've made a printscreen of the processes I'm running at startup. I don't know exactly what I can safely disable at startup, so some help is also welcome. Also tell me what processes are used for making the adsl and cable connection, so i can disable them on startup. You can find the two printscreens here: printscreen 1 printscreen 2
  4. I'm pretty sure I have everything already installed of xorg x11, but I don't know how I can make the windows transparant now. I went to configure your workenvironnement, and when I go to windowdecoration or style or whatever, I can only make the titlebar transparant, but not the windowbackground. Or am i doing something wrong? btw, is gnome really faster than kde? If so, I will try gnome over a couple weeks. update: actually I want to try GNOME now, but is it possible to use gnome instead of kde without re-installing mandrake in total? how?
  5. tanx for the answer. I did this: but I have alreay installed most of this stuff. So IF I have already xserver, how can I setup it so the windows are transparant?
  6. Does someone has a good theme rpm from http://www.kde-look.org/ or somewhere else, where you can setup transparant windows? So not only the title bar or status bars. Tanx in advance and now I started a topic: is it normal that linux startup time is very slow? How can I decrease the boottime? btw, it is not my hardware that is slow ;-)
  7. I'm looking for an image resizer linke the powertoy utility of win xp. A very simple porgram that is able to resize many pictures at the same time in a size I have chosen. And now I' started asking questions, I also want a filerenamer. So I can rename my pics all at once. tanx in advance
  8. Totovich

    gift Ares

    >= means larger then or equal. Ares need 0.11.8 and you have only 0.11.6 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok, but where can I find that version? I did urpmi libgift, and it said that everything is already installed. So it doesn't give me the option to install a newer version.
  9. Totovich

    gift Ares

    I installed gift, and downloaded gift-ares. gift-ares is tar-bz file, so this is the outprint of the ./configure: I did urpmi lobgift, and installed the libgift0 and the libgift0-devel, so I have tose libraries.
  10. Totovich

    Installing Firefox

    just type in the Konsole: then you will probably see two names: then type: and then it's installed. You can start the program in your start menu (sorry for talking microsoft language ), you will find it in the internet, webbrowser menu. If not, logout, and login again. Also do this: go to your menu-system-configuration-there somewhere, you will find something to update your mandrake version. securityupdates etc. Also do this: use the search function in this forum before starting a new topic. Most of the answers are already written down here. that's it.
  11. tanx guys, and believe me, I don't give up. Actually I like Linux a lot. Since I format c:\ my computer, I only used xp for interner. But now I only use linux. Next thing I'm going to do is to make a fancy kde layout. I want transparant windows for example. Gonna find out how to do this :-)
  12. ok tanx. It works now. So what have we learned? after ./configure, look what's missing, and type: urpmi missing library cheers guys
  13. I installed GTK-gnutella instead of giFT. This works, but now I still have the make problem. The gift installation was only an example, but whatever I install, it never recognizes the make command.
  14. allways when I try to install something (no rpm), I do exactly what in the manuals is written. So (as root): I don't know how to fix this, so maybe someone can help. Here is the exact outprint when installing giFT: [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  15. ok, I'm online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you never gonna beliiiiive what the problem was... When use adsl with winxp, I can only connect with this login: xxxxx@SKYNET so skynet in capitals. In linux, it only works with small letters, so xxxxx@skynet weird, but tanx to Arthur and Inflexion, who helped me a lot.
  16. I'm very sure it is correct. two numbers: 8 35 in winXP I have to put in p8,35 but since linux asks me for two numbers, I only put in: 8 35 isn't it possible to setup the speedtouch usb modem in mandrake 10.1 control Center? I tried it with that, but it couldn't connect either. I chose adsl, and ppp0 (adsl with ethernet)
  17. I tried to reboot a lot of times, and also to unpug. This is the exact error: I checked the pap and chap secrets files in the etc/ppp directory, and pass and login were right in those files. I also tried /etc/rc.d/init.d/speedtouch start but he didn't recognize the command. And Arthur, I did exactly the same things as you said in the long post. I also tried pppd call adsl, but there was no response.
  18. do this from a console. They say the package "bc" should be your Mandrake CD's. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok again one step closer... Now I the konsole asked me to put in the vci/vpi nr, login and passw, then it the modem light went on and off, after 20 secs, the modem light were on and stayed on. It said that everything was installed, but couldn't connect. I had to check the vci/vpi nr's in the etc/ppp/peers/adsl file (those were right) Ii also had to check a file called etc/ppp/*-security (or something like that) but I have no file called like that in the ppp folder. Now I don't know what to do. I don't know how to connect, and/or to solve the problem. Is there someone recognizing the problem?
  19. now I have this problem: I kn ow I'm getting very close, but when typing ./speedtouchconf.sh, I'm getting this error: What do I have to do now? Knowing that I don't have internet yet.
  20. I study in Leuven. Where are you from?
  21. You are my God :-) tanx, it worked
  22. 0,90 was working, but I wanted t install the 0,94 version. Other people told me that I had to delete the files that were linked to amsn. So I did. I installed the 0,94 version rpm, and this is what I got: (some stuff is in dutch because my Mandrake is dutch :-) ok ok ok After this, I went to the root, and deleted all the conflicting files manually. I tried to install again, and I still got the same conflicting files, while they weren't there anymore. In the Konsole I tried urpmi amsn (it gave same result) I tried rpm -e amsn (I got this: error: package not installed) Can someone help me out?
  23. No I didn't ignore you, but that was not the question. I know I can set up different users etc, but what I want is in the same user login, a password on a directory. I know how I can protect them from different users logins, and that's why the GID and UID is there, but just easilly: I log in, I want to open my docs folder, and before I enter it, I want to be asked for a password. One solution may be to put the folder in a different user log in, and use that log in to store protected files, but I want it easier.
  24. When I want to protect a documents directory, I click right on the directory, chose the permission riights tab, then advanced options, but I want a password on the directory. I can chose for set up UID, or GID, but don't know exactly what it is. I guess user Id and group id, but don't know how to protect the directory with a password. can someone help me out? (using mandrake 10.1)
  25. Inflexion sent me a complete howto, but a question for other people too: Has anybody tried this one? Quick-ADSL-v1.0.tar.gz I read it is the easiest way to set up a speedtouch connection, but couldn't try it out yet because I have cable during the week. if this one works, let me know. I gonna try those ways out on friday if they work.
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