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  1. Where can I see this? I just deleted al my partitions, made new ones, and now installed winXP. I will install Mandrake as soon I know the problem is fixed.
  2. it asks where it can find the files, and then the answer is: the cdrom station. Other options are hard disk, ftp and http, so I don't think they mean: where to store the files.
  3. I try to install FC3, and I boot from the iso DVD. It asks me language, and keyboard. So far no problem. Then it asks me where the packages are to install. I say CDROM, but then it says it can't find the cdrom. I only have one cd/dvd drive, so it's the right one. How can i fix this? [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  4. How can I do a hard format? Is it possible to do it without deleting the partitions? I mean, it's no problem when my data is gone, but it is a problem when the partitions are gone. I know how to create new partitions, but I have a laptop, and the recoverydisk only works when I don't delete partitions. Can Partition Magic do a hard format?
  5. ok, now hope that someone knows a solution.
  6. Last week, my Mandrake crashed, so i had to shut down the comp with on/off button. Since that moment, my laptop keeps crashing in bot windows XP as in Mandrake. I tried to upgrade mandrake with the 3 installation cd's, and got this error: After a while, I was able to upgrade it, but still got the same problem. I formatted my Linux partition, and installed mandrake again, but still same problem. When I did a chkdsk in windows (dos), I got this print out: sorry, it's in dutch, but it says something like: Problem is that I can't use chkdsk /F Now I downloaded Fedora Core 3 because people say it's more stable, but I first have to fix my hard disk. Do you think that formatting my whole harddisk will fix the problem? So not only the partition? Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem? I have no floppy disk reader, so progs like hard disk doctor or whatever are from no use. Maybe there is a good linux prog to fix this?
  7. Imagine the problem is HW, imagine I have some damaged bootsectors on my hard disk, do you think it can be solved by formatting my whole hard disk (windows AND linux)? update: btw, I had this error a couple days ago: Error in: partition_table::dos=HASH(0x8f808a8)
  8. Well, my documents part is mounted in Linux. For the rest, I only installed by urpmi. On winxp, there are no progs installed yet. (now norton is...) I shall do a scan within the hour again, and give you the log. My computer keeps crashing in windows as well in linux. I gonna try a full disk format if it isin't fixed in the next two days. But no Mandrake. Gonna try Fedora Core 3. They say it's more stable? Well, I gonna check it out. Maybe it is important to say that I didn't used a firewall in linux. But I did in windows.
  9. I was a bit stupid. I allways tought I didn't needed a virusscan on my xp, because I was only using internet on mandrake. Now my pc started crashing whole the time. Iin Mandrake and in winxp. I installed norton 2005 now, and it detected 25 virusses What can I do about this? Not using XP is not an option. I only use the internet on the linuxboot.
  10. that's what I tried, and then I got the error I wrote down above.
  11. My laptop running Mandrake 10.1 crashed a couple times, so I had to shut down the system with the on/off button. I think that action messed up my system now. When i try to upgrade my Mandrake 10.1 (reboot with systemcd 1) It says: I try to translate into english...
  12. I solved it. Just installed some extra dvd rpm's.
  13. When I try to watch DVD with Xine, it says: It's an original dvd, so no copy. Do I have to install a special plugin or something to get dvd to work in Xine?
  14. rightclick xmms icon --> properties --> commando must be xmms, and not the standard commando. So just type xmms in the Commando line
  15. tanx, now I see I forget to install the non-free version of plf
  16. when installing mplayer, I allways get lots of errors. first the real codecs (I installed them), then the xanim codecs (i installed them) then the win32 codecs (I installed them, but now the latest error is this one: so I'm missing libdivxdecore.so.0, but I can't find it. I installed libdivxdecore-0.4.7-5.i586.rpm but that didn't make any difference. the mplayer version I try to install is: mplayer-1.0-0.pre6.7plf.i586.rpm I had mplayer installed on my computer before, but it crashed whole the time, so I removed it with rpmdrake.
  17. I did urpme, but never mind, I have the solution. I was so stupid to download the x86 version instead of i586 :-) Delete this post, sorry :-)
  18. First I dit urpmi gtk-gnutella But then the 0,93 version was installed. I removed it, and downloaded the latest 0,95 version. Double clicking the rpm resulted in: everything is already installed (while I deleted the 0,93 version before) I tried to install it in a Konsole, and got this: Seems I'm missing a lot of libraries, and don't really know how to get them. I updated my whole mandrake (security program, librabries etc). Installing the 0,94 version resulted in the same lack of dependencies. Any idea how to fix this?
  19. I want to do a reinstall of my comp. Ii've tested enough now with linux, and now I want a clean reinstall. But I want to keep my firefox bookmarks. Where can I find them?
  20. ok, tanx, that works, but now the other questions about sppedtouch and putting off the laptop (read a couple posts higher :deal: )
  21. ok, and how do I know what my hostname is :P
  22. Ok, forget about the ethernet. i've found a solution. Now there is only one problem left, and I created another one :-D When I type in the Konsole: service speedtouch stop, my adsl connection stops (ofcourse :-) ) but when I do: service speedtouch start, it tries to connect again, but that doesn't work. So, now my question is: if I want to disable the adsl connection on startup, how can I connect to adsl? For ethernet service network start works, bbut not for adsl. Now the problem I created (don't ask me how) When I logout in kde (I don't use graphical login). I can not shut down my laptop anymore. Yeah, ofcourse with pressing the offbutton for 5 seconds, but that is not a clean shut down.... What can be the reason?
  23. http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/kde-config.xml <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah ok, but that is when kde has a slow startup. That's not the problem. KDE starts very fast, but it is the whole system that I mean. So after typing startx, everything is very fast, but before startx, it's very slow, because it's first trying to connect the ethernet, and then the adsl. SO: now I want to disable those on startup, but when disabling network service that cause the slow startup for the ethernetconnection, my KDE won't work anymore, and I have to reset the settings by using the bootcd of mandrake.
  24. nobody an idea of the problem?
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