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  1. modprobe usbcore modprobe usb-storage modprobe usb-uhci mount -t usbdevfs /dev/sda1 /proc/bus/usb /dev/sda1 already mounted or /proc/bus/usb busy according to mtab, none is already mounted on /proc/bus/usb guys, im really have a serious problem in my /dev structure! modprobe returns nothing... Sometimes when i turn on the pc, after loading nvidia driver and before starting loading KDE the system simply freezes. then I go to a terminal as root and top says modprobe is a defunct proccess. I try to kill it but it still defunct. I dont want to re-install the system again. Thanks for any help!
  2. Module Size Used by usb-storage 72932 1 md5 3872 1 ipv6 232352 6 binfmt_misc 9960 1 sg 38044 0 st 38616 0 sr_mod 17028 0 sd_mod 16832 1 scsi_mod 114648 5 usb-storage,sg,st,sr_mod,sd_mod raw 7616 1 ide-cd 40548 0 cdrom 37184 2 sr_mod,ide-cd floppy 59444 0 nvidia 4809036 12 snd-seq-midi 8160 0 snd-emu10k1-synth 6816 0 snd-emux-synth 36320 1 snd-emu10k1-synth snd-seq-virmidi 6912 1 snd-emux-synth snd-seq-midi-emul 7776 1 snd-emux-synth snd-seq-oss 31232 0 snd-seq-midi-event 7552 3 snd-seq-midi,snd-seq-virmidi,snd-seq-oss snd-seq 51024 8 snd-seq-midi,snd-emux-synth,snd-seq-virmidi,snd-seq-midi-emul,snd-seq-oss,snd-seq-midi-event snd-pcm-oss 51812 1 snd-mixer-oss 17952 1 snd-pcm-oss snd-emu10k1 85508 3 snd-emu10k1-synth snd-rawmidi 23616 3 snd-seq-midi,snd-seq-virmidi,snd-emu10k1 snd-pcm 93156 2 snd-pcm-oss,snd-emu10k1 snd-timer 24484 2 snd-seq,snd-pcm snd-seq-device 8008 7 snd-seq-midi,snd-emu10k1-synth,snd-emux-synth,snd-seq-oss,snd-seq,snd-emu10k1,snd-rawmidi snd-ac97-codec 58148 1 snd-emu10k1 snd-page-alloc 11972 2 snd-emu10k1,snd-pcm snd-util-mem 4448 2 snd-emux-synth,snd-emu10k1 snd-hwdep 8928 2 snd-emux-synth,snd-emu10k1 snd 52484 18 snd-seq-midi,snd-emux-synth,snd-seq-virmidi,snd-seq-oss,snd-seq-midi-event,snd-seq,snd-pcm-oss, snd-mixer-oss,snd-emu10k1,snd-rawmidi,snd-pcm,snd-timer,snd-seq-device,snd-ac97-codec,snd-util-mem,snd-hwdep soundcore 9248 2 snd af_packet 20520 0 via-rhine 20520 0 mii 4992 1 via-rhine nls_iso8859-15 4480 5 nls_cp850 4736 5 vfat 13760 5 fat 45120 1 vfat supermount 37876 1 intel-agp 17372 1 agpgart 31016 2 intel-agp ehci-hcd 24196 0 uhci-hcd 29104 0 usbcore 99132 5 usb-storage,ehci-hcd,uhci-hcd rtc 11576 0 ext3 110408 2 jbd 54328 1 ext3
  3. hey all! i'm running mandrake 10 official. well, everytime i connect my flashdrive at any usb port is the same: it is recognized and works normally. but if i remove and reconnect again it isn't recognized (the flashdrive led isnt activated) then i need to restart entire system to get it working again. what about makedev? should i use it?
  4. aze

    Pentium 4 HT

    é só digitar isso q funciona? nao entendi esse comando
  5. aze

    Pentium 4 HT

    Hi there! i'm using mandrake10 Official an i'd like to know if its kernel is enabled for HT technology. If not, how do I enable it? kernel version: 2.6.3-7 thanks!
  6. Hey guys!! I have downloaded 3Gb from mandrake public ftps when the ISOs was not avaliable. Now i'd like to know if there's a way to update this 3Gb packages download and then build the 5 isos using the script. By the way, what are the parameters to the makeCD shell script to build the cds?
  7. aze

    translator program

    the open source community should start a project (maybe Babel) to build a global, free database translator at sourceforge.net. I'd be a voluntary
  8. hey guys! i'm really need a translator program to run under linux. Do you guys know where could i found out some?
  9. Hey guys! Everytime I start my pc i have that X could not be started due to the issue above. I added the line at /etc/modprobe.conf: modprobe.conf alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia alias eth0 via-rhine alias sound-slot-0 snd-emu10k1 install snd-emu10k1 /sbin/modprobe --first-time --ignore-install snd-emu10k1 && { /sbin/modprobe snd-pcm-oss; /bin/true; } install usb-interface /sbin/modprobe usb-uhci; /sbin/modprobe ehci-hcd; /bin/true remove snd-emu10k1 { /sbin/modprobe -r snd-pcm-oss; }; /sbin/modprobe -r --first-time --ignore-remove snd-emu10k1 but when I restart the computer the line alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia is removed from that conf file and the I need to make all the poccess manually. Also, my eth0 has the same problem!! what is going on?
  10. Hey! I'd like to know how could I enable sleep (economic mode) function on mandrake 10. My keyboard have this function but it isn't enabled Thanks for any help!
  11. hey all! I'm having a common and simple problem that i can't solve by myself. when i installing a package it aks for some missing dependecies: $ rpm -iv gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2.i586.rpm warning: gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2.i586.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 4c292fcc error: Failed dependencies: libnss3 is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libgtkspell.so.0 is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libnspr4.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libnss3.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libplc4.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libplds4.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libsmime3.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libsoftokn3.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 libssl3.so is needed by gaim-0.78-0mdk9.2 where do i found those dependencies? and how do i check for dependencies before installing a package?
  12. thank you guys. it solved the problem. that line was missing on /etc/modprobe.conf where u from william?
  13. Hey guys. I'm using nvidia driver 53.36 (latest) I installed and it was running ok. And then with no reason mandrake do not starts X anymore. It says "could not found any screen". I checked /etc/X11/XFREE86-Config-4 file and everything is ok. What could be happening? Im using mdk 10 Official thanks for any help [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  14. well, the entire disk was already partitioned. I just formatted /dev/hda11 [ext3] mount point: / using ml10c formater. That was enough to create me a big problem
  15. using mandrake 9.2. My drakconf isnt accessible anymore. i dont know what happened. also via console. how would I fix it?
  16. Hey there! Where is avaliable mandrake 10 iso cds files? When it will be avaliable?
  17. Hey guys! I'd like to customize MandrakeMove CD configuration but i don't know how to do that. Someone here alrady did that> Thanks!
  18. Oh i see. So Mandrake Team should specify that on download page or even at main page (www.mandrakelinux.com) cause isn't everyone that knows that isn't the final release
  19. I'm back here I need to move my HD as slave to another machine and backup all my files. Then I formated entire disk using ontrack disk manager. Many people said that fixed the prblem booting with xp cd and fixmbr command. As I said: i tried everything the point is that the HD was not recognized when booting with any micro$oft boot. Someone said that MandrakeLinux 10.0 Community is beta. I don't believe that! On the oficial web site (where I downloaded th isos) don't mean anything about it's being a beta version. Really guys, I want to continue with mandrake. I want to install mandrake 10 but I don't want "lost" my HD again.
  20. do you think i didn't tried to? i tried everything only ontrack disk manger could recognize the disk
  21. guys, i checked in other forums for all possible solutions and i tried EVERYTHING. the only two things i dont did yet is - change my HD on store I have bought it. - format entire HD because i'm working now.
  22. the problem is that since i installed the mandrakelinux 10 comunity it C-O-R-R-U-P-T-E-D my HD's mbr sector! I bougth the better hd I could and you (aRTee) say me to buy a better hardaware?!! ** ... my hd isnt accessible anymore! i'm really furious! i trusted mandrake linux. every where i gone i said only good things about this OS. there's no order on the developers comunity! this is a beta or RC release? why the don't say this on www.mandrakelinux.com? You guys are good guys! you all help me a lot. Hey! im a linux newbie but not a HD newbie! I use custom partition and format tools and have experience with HDs. If my HD was a sansung I'd buy a new with no problem but its a 7200rpm 80gb maxtor. now i'll need to back up 80gb and say to the vendor: "This hd isnt good because mandrake ****** up its mbr! Change it for me pls" I never heard something like that on other distros... For me, a software that damages the hardware is a virus! mandrake is a virus! mandrake is a virus! mandrake is a virus!
  23. I have been using mandrake since version 7.02. Now I will stop to use it !! I already lost my LG cdrom and now my 80gb maxtor hd! mandrake = virus i'm leaving mandrake permanently. moving to redhat... i'm tired of so many bugs on mandrake, You guys helped me a lot in this forum (thank you guys!) Maybe we can met ourself again in others forums. thank you guys!
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