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  1. it's a complete nonsense. first of all nobody think to the fact that a new release is always a bugfix of older ones. so it's gnome 2.8 compared to 2.6. what hurts my nerves is that with the justification of stability they cover the fact that gnome is left behind. I'm no fun of gnome at all. I ve used kde for years then I discovered that in a network gnome works incredibly well while kde is a complete mess. nothing more nothing less. so please let the stability blah blah to someone else. mine is not a lament of a fanatic but of one who wouldn't' like to leave mandrake (Ipay for it, I repeat) for something else, but it will be compelled from the need of his network at workplace.
  2. Yes it's true. but from the biggest distribution you expext at least the possibility to choose the desktopo you need or like most instead of wanting to impose one. not to mention when they try to sellthis lack of choice with the motivation of the stability...
  3. yes. stability or freshness. my dumbness in using linux doesn't matter with the fact that gnome is a very stable enviroment and I pay 120 euros to get software good 6 month ago. It 's natural that as soon other free distros such ubuntu gimme the latest software (that means lesser bugs as 2.8.1 compared to 2.6, don't forget it) for free I switch my 12 pc network to them.granted .
  4. gnome 2.6. while we are at 2.8.1 . they call it cutting edge. I also spend money as silver member to get software good 6 month ago. no wonder if people switch to fedora or ubuntu. at least they don't pay a penny for rela cutting edge software, that works the same... :( [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. Hi . Can anbybody help me to do the following thing on gnome. The first one is to be able to get the location bar that appears in nautilus when a blank cd is inserted. I would like to have the possibility to have the location bar in nautilus always present. the second question is : can I bookmark a specific folder in nautilus? if yes, how? the third is: I have a nfs network. Why does nautillus works beatifully with samba shares but not in nfs networks? or am I missing how to? thank for your advice giorgio
  6. mdk101ce I noticed that my alsa service doesn't' find soundcard at boot if udev service is enabled so at boot time first starts udev that searches hardware then starts alsa and the sound card is missing. but if I disable udev alsa loads immediately right, but in that case I don't find any usb flash card when I insert them. any help to keep udev not active and have my usb cards or usb cdrom readers working?
  7. what rpm should I install to hear aac files? I read that xmms works but maybe I'm missing some plugin. why rhytmbox doesn't' play aac files since they re used by ipod (that means the most used player in the world?)
  8. it simply works great with esddsp gxine. thank you. what have I done?i imagine I use alsa since I see It starting on boot I'll take that the problem are solved and mark the thread solved - Artificial Intelligence
  9. Hi. I installed m101com only with gnome. sound works in gnome, rhythmbox, totem but not in xine and gxine. can anybody gve me an idea of what to do?
  10. giorsat

    gnome programs

    fedora doesn't work on my computer. gives a lot of trouble. mandrake is a breeze once you give the nopcmcia option on boot anybody who uses gnome on mdk and can help?
  11. I use mdk10.1 com and I found a problem between sound card and network I have a sis motherboard but the same happens on a intel one at boot ewhen network is started (expecially wireless one) the alsa is not loaded with error soundcard not found I don't know if there is already a remedy I thought to make alsa boot earlier than network so the problem could be solved can anybody teach me how to change boot order ? thank you
  12. giorsat

    gnome programs

    Hi. I switched to gnome recently because ut handles my network more efficiently . I have a few question for all you gnome experts out there. 1) is there a equivalent of kprinter such as gnome printer? which rpm? 2) is there a gnome printer applet or software to control printer status and jobs?= where is mdk rpm? I use the 10.1 community 3) I use eroaster for cd burning? is there a better program under gnome? any suggestion is welcomed. do you know if gnome 2.8 exists for mandrake 10.1 and if it works?
  13. on m10.1 community after 2 days of trials I finally discovered how to configure a netgear ma111 usb wireless card using wlan-ng drivers. First of all you need prism2utils package on 5th cd of mandrake community. it creates the usual /etc/wlan drectory where all set up is done on wlan-default file (rename with essid) and wlan.conf (inside put the wlan0="essid") . then configure mdk wizard as a normal eth card and not a wireless one. at the end of all . isert the usb device and voila'. connected...
  14. can you please help me in configure my prism2usb wireless card on m101? the driver belongs to the wlan-ng project (intersil chipset) and in 10.0 everything was ok. but in 10.1 there is no /etc/wlan with config files to change. I have no internet without it. I downooladed the 3 standard iso and cd 4 and 5 for silver memebers. maybe I should have dowloaded the 1-3 iso for silver members? I don't' even have the wireless drak wizard new in 101. or what else. I tried to talk with mandrake but even if I am a silver member I don't' get answers... when I start ifup wlan0 he system gives a Siocssiflag error...
  15. already tried. no way. it hangs. should i disable udev as service? or else?
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