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  1. my mobo isn't on there? anyone already doing this?
  2. yeah, but you can set that up. if i need a sudo terminal, i typically do a sudo bash or something similar. i'm impressed with it. i'm a little weirded out that with edgy they've moved the info in the formerly /etc/inittab file elsewhere.
  3. i second gowator. the best success i had with the mandrakes/mandrivas were 10.1 and 10.2 (including community editions). 2006 was almost freakishly unstable for me (i'm clueless as to why when some people have the utmost success with it).
  4. hey luke, i might give you some bad advice (as others see here). take it for what it's worth. but also let me ask a few questions. 1. how are you using this computer with this linux install? 2. are you serving anything? 3. are you behind a router or any kind of other firewalling? if this is a toy install (older machine) for novelty purposes then don't sweat it. if you're using it for a webserver, ssh server, or anything else then you need to consider security anyway. the older releases of mandrake/mandriva no longer receive updates and will consequently require a lot of work to get up to snuff esp. as far as security goes. if this is just a home computer and if you're already behind some kind of firewall or if you connect to the internet via a router, then you're probably already safe enough. all in all then my answer summarizes to "if you're putting stuff out on the web and making your server where someone could hack it....it'll probably happen. since you can't get anything update automatically, it could be lots of work to bring your omputer iwht a 3 year old OS up to speeed. if you're at home surfing the web, don't sweat it." with all of that said, newer versions are so much better at supporting most hardware. your alsa difficulties might have been solved with a newer distro anyways. regardless, you know how to fix it now. good luck, jon
  5. hey dexter. that's sharp. i love windowmaker.
  6. you guys'll disagree, but i've seen one case where a machine i administer behaved worse after the updgrade that i installed yesterday. we backed that machine down to an older release.
  7. back in tha year, i used to use mirrors that were in the czech republic. i'd want to download in the evenings anyways which was when everyone there was in bed or getting ready to get up. :-)
  8. i have a similar problem with klaptop on a similar (but slower) machine. by problem i mean that klaptop changes the profile from what i've set manually. but i really don't care about power when i'm plugged up. it's no different than a desktop then.
  9. someone mentioned a dell d820. i've had decent success getting it installed on one friend's machine. but another friend with identical hardware said suse was spectacular on it.
  10. i'm wondering if they'll immediately resume pursuit of all their endeavors. for instance, will they continue to develop irix. that seems fruitless to me if they can manage with another *nix.
  11. i'll confess i wondered the same. maybe a drop from 4.2 bn dollars?
  12. thanks everybody. i'll put it to use immediately. :-)
  13. well....welcome back SGI. i hope they make it this time. they were awesome back in the day.
  14. are you suggesting that we make him work and us reap the benefits? if so, i wholeheartedly agree. jk arctic. seriously, if you have any comments though that'd rock.
  15. history: i did quite a few searches but found nothing here (or elsewhere) that really answered my problems. i found an application named "screen" but figure that surely ssh has this built into it. problem: i ssh frequently to my work machine (it's much faster than my laptop or desktop at home) to work at home (nighttimes frequently). but sometimes ssh times out (wireless networking dropped or session time expires). can i: 1.) ssh into my machine, start a process (typically running code), and then push it to the background allowing me to close the connection, but that program still run on the machine i logged into? and/or 2.) ssh into my workstation from home, then if i go to my workstation at work transfer my home session to the local session since i'm logging in as the same user? are these even possible? thanks guys, jon
  16. is anyone actually using fc6 yet? impressions? i'm still running fc4. it works well for me. admittedly...i need a reason to switch.
  17. it found all the common distros (ubunutu and kubuntu, mandriva, fedora core, and debian) but mentions arch, gentoo, and slackware. i'm also puzzled by the lack of suse linux.
  18. i started using linux bc of comp. sci. classes during my undergrad. we were studying unix-based systems and their administration. although i never got it to work well then, it was in my blood from then on. i could always think of new ways to use it. then i finally got a decent computer and installed it. i use it at work now all the time (redhat is in partnership with NC State) and at home (fedora core). i used to use mandrake/mandriva but wanted a little more control and less gui. i've used most of the big distros and solaris as well as irix. i don't have a windows install on a computer at home and only have one on my workstation bc some govt. groups require ms word docs (although LaTeX is so much better).
  19. Hi Anna, Your posts seems pretty knowledgeable. Every one of us was hugely inexperienced at some point and time. The biggest things is that you're obviously very willing to learn and aren't embarassed to ask questions. Enjoy, Jon
  20. i agree with your assesment of ubuntu. ubuntu seems very 'window-user desiring escape'-friendly. it's a good solid distribution. 1. are you sure you have it installed? 2. what happens when your just type 'gcc'? does it give you errors concerning whether you have made a proper call or not? 3. how do you call the compiler? is it similar to gcc -o file.out file.c (or g++ if you're compiling c++ code)? 4. if the compiler is being called and you're getting some other errors, perhaps it's in your c/c++ code. either way, post your output errors here. the more information you provide us the more you'll intrigue us or increase the probability of someone knowing the solution immediately. good luck!! Jon
  21. haw! i had to clean it up yesterday. i was losing stuff on teh desk.
  22. i decided to resurect this old thread. here's my workstation... office workspace.... enjoy.
  23. how much extra computational power does this require to run the 3d desktopping? i do a lot of computation all day long for research and don't want extra resources being pulled unnecessarily. i too run the 6 virtual desktops. so far, this is meeting my requirements for what i do and how many applications i keep open.
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