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  1. has anyone on this board used f2c before? how did this work for you? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. Btw, the Intel Core Duo 2s apparently are better performing chips from what I've seen in the AMD chips in tests on Tomshardware.com and other sites.
  3. I've been looking at Dells. Most of their laptops have been pretty compatible. i've been looking at the D620 and it seems like a nice laptop. I've got two friends running different Linux flavors on their D820s. They both perform admirably in linux. I know nothing of the modem. I doubt they work.
  4. As distros go, FC6 may be one of the better ones I've used. If FC has such a large user base, it's because they've built it. I remember FC1. It was okay, but I'm completely impressed now by their entire process.
  5. I took it and did not add mandriva to the poll. Sorry MUB'ers. Jon
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    Hey guys, I know there are several of you who are Mac users so someone is probably familiar with the LaTeXiT application. Is there anything similar to this for Linux already in use? Thanks, Jon
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    hi voyage. welcome to the board. :-) you can run the file by su <enter your root password here> then sh whatevertheprogramnameis and then I think you get a choice for either a generic linux install or a specific distro. choose generic. it will tell you that need to enter some initial parameters. choose initial (aticonfig --initial) i think. but honestly, if you've got everything working, I'd ask what driver you're using "in /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and look for the Driver entry in the Device section. If you've got radeon working, I wouldn't bother with the closed source driver. In my experience, the work isn't worth the benefit. But that's just my two cents. Jon
  8. so i got to use a new macbook the other day for work. i was impressed. unfortunately i am not the admin and so i couldn't do anything fun or neat with it. (this included watching a dvd while sitting on teh runway at Atlanta for 3 hours bc i couldn't set the region code without the password.)
  9. i run a redhat-variant (in-house) that runs on a workstation with dual 3.8 Ghz Xeons with 8 GB of RAM. so CentOS should also work well.
  10. i have two friends who ordered a dell d820 with an ipw3945 and the intel core duo processors. one friend put fc5/6 on his and another put whatever teh current suse version is. suse worked out of the box. both fc's have yet to work. good luck on this. as far as performance i really like the ipw cards and so want to know about which distro works well with it. i know that kubuntu worked out of the box for my ipw2100.
  11. So I'm going to tell you guys about my setup a little. My desktop is upstairs. I run Ubuntu Edgy and it seems to be doing very well. I use a Netgear WG111 (v.1) through ndiswrapper (as far as I know there are no Linux drivers for it) using the new and up-to-date Netgear Windows driver. My wireless router is downstairs (almost directly below me actually). It's a Netgear router. The router is connected to a cable modem which uses (I suppose) the standard DNS servers that my ISP gives me. So here's the problem. Everytime I try to go to myspace.com (I know...it's sad) using my computer something happens and the internet connection goes down entirely for both myself and anyone else on the router. I can ping the cable modem. So I know I have my connection to the modem. I initially thought this was a problem with my connection and would give the 'sudo ifdown wlan0' followed shortly by a 'sudo ifup wlan0' to repull an ip addy. By the time it would repull it, methinks the modem had already gotten everything working again and so I would continue to believe this to be the problem. But the entire connection seems to stall. My wife's WinXP computer doesn't generate this problem when she visits myspace.com. Any suggestions? I'm stumped. [moved from Networking - arctic]
  12. so my 2005FPW fromDell support 1680x1050 max. but i've seen in several places where your monitor does 1600x1200 in windows. your graphics card (according to intel's site) has a max resolution of much higher than what you need. From teh ubuntu forums for a 2007FP the "Monitor' section looks like and the "Screen" section looks like i notice that your sync and refresh rates are different. maybe this will help. for my 2005 FPW the xorg.conf file looks like maybe mine can give some extra insight to yours. note that i do have the nvidia drivers installed. good luck! jon
  13. i think these guys do fine work. recently, especially, the portability between ooo and ms office has gotten amazing. unfortunately, so much of the govt. of groups that work with the govt. use ms office. consequently, i need ooo.
  14. heh. i'm rockin' it out with 15 posts on the fedoraforums. it's taken me forever to get my 400+ posts here, so you can see that it'd take me a long time to get those 15 posts when i'm not really participating.
  15. it's interesting to me that it's been awhile that i've used mandriva, but i still talk to you guys more than anywhere else. i really like the look of ubuntuforums, but for some reason it takes forever to load through my isp. don't know why. i'm on there as joneberger, but i bet i have like 2 or 3 posts total. jon
  16. i typically use whatever comes by default. i'm always behind firewalls at home or at work and so have those, but I used shorewall in mandriva, and firestarter else. firestarter just seems easy to use.
  17. good job exploring. seriously. i typically get most everything i want from either my own software cds or by default in the distro. this means i often times settle and end up not looking around for better products which are still opensource.
  18. but the penguins live there so in a way......
  19. it really is a global linux world. i'm in north america (the united states). but there are people here from australia, all over europe (off the top of my head) and i'm sure south america, africa and asia.
  20. btw, i use screen religiously. thanks guys.
  21. i'm not running it, but the website is sharp. :-)
  22. hey jarhead. welcome to the board! i would try to offer a GUI-based way of fixing this problem, but I'm not sure how. when you went through the install did you pick the right monitor, etc.? you may be able to pick the right monitor by going through the setup for Graphical display and picking generic lcd display with the appropriate max dimension. i'm not running mandriva right now, but these things are pretty standard. otherwise, you have in the /etc/X11 folder a file named xorg.conf. this file contains the setup for your monitor. you can presume that the refresh and sync rates are perfectly fine. there should be a section designated for "Screen" and a Subsection "Display". there should then be a line marked Modes. on that line you probably have the resolution "1280x1024" and nothing higher or you could get a higher resolution. you can probably simply add in a line "1680x1050" and this can work. always backup the xorg.conf file first. do a cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup or something similar so you don't lose that original (guaranteed to work to an extent) file. we all learn to some extent (literally, everyone who uses linux frequently) by tinkering. good luck. i hope this helps. if i'm telling harhead to do something stupid, to everybody else on here, please correct me. jon
  23. i have the same problem. mine only does it at night.....between say 2 and 4 in the morning when it was being used the least (if at all and instead was probably in standby). mine is a 2.26 GHz old-school P4. it's a great chip, but i've had this problem for a year or better. when i check out my temps in the BIOS everything is good. my fan seems to be running well also. there's an appropriate level of the thermal lubricant between the processor and the heatsink. so i'm out of ideas except software problems. i've had the same problem in both fc4 and mandriva. but i rarely keeping it running now. so i'm not sure how it behaves. jon
  24. if you're a gentoo fan...then yeah it'll be too easy. it's a little bit easy for anybody other moderate newbs...but that's nice. that's what linux needs in a lot of respects. stuff to work when it's installed (with obvious exceptions for individuals and their configurations or desires) with an easy installer. that said, i like control but don't always have time to do it. i like that linux still allows for that.
  25. hi there, i installed kubuntu. the install is really easy. pretty much just pop it in and it goes. (i've got it on a laptop and all the power control options seem to work for my pentium m.) it detected all of my hardware well and has a lot of good software already included in teh installation. i've not needed anything that i couldn't get through using apt-get. if you like a text-boot, you'll have to figure that out. let me know what you discover. but so far it's been seamless for me as far as the install. kde is a pretty new version and then by immediately updating and upgrading the install, it got a little more updated for me. if i'd known about fluxbuntu i probably would've installed it instead of kubuntu. but i'm a kde fan as opposed to gnome and didn't know anything about xfce. so kubuntu was my choice. i'm pretty happy with it. i could browse the web wirelessly while it was installing, btw. while i'm sure a ton of people on here can answer these questions better than me, if you need anything, let me know. i'll be glad to help.
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