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  1. I'm using rdesktop to connect to windows 2000 server where is installed application for me. The problem is that in this application I must use com port for one of my device. Is it possible to intercept a COM port on windows server to have a result on COM port in my computer using rdesktop? Maby there is another application to remote connect to windows serwer (like ica for citrix) where I can use my local com port for application instaled on windows serwer?
  2. Ok everything what iphitus said is true:-)) But i'm interesting in blocking icons on desktop, that anyone can't move this icons. You know, I click on icon, hold left mouse button pressed and i wont to move icon in another part of a screen. I wont to block that action. I know that there is such a option in Mandrake but I have forgotten where. I wos trying to find it but ...
  3. Hi everyone!! I have a question about icons on a desktop. Can I secure desktop icons that they can not be deleted/moved to trash?
  4. "New Action" button create only new action:-) it means that I can create new combination of keys for THIS program.I can not create a shortcut to my own program
  5. Yes it is true that there is KHotKeys. But there You can only turn on/off modify existed shortcuts not create a new one:-(
  6. te-tsuo


    Hi. I have a terrible trouble with my web browser ->konqueror. Many times when I click on link on Web page, I have an error that the time for operations on serwer has exceed. Afther click on reload button the web page is loading normally. How can I fix this?
  7. Thx everyone But I have quite different problem. I need to change mouse pointer behavior when the program is loading from HDD (all themes for mouse pointer changes behavior only when CPU is working to launch application!!). Is possible to do it?
  8. I'm using KDE 3.1. I don't have the MDK Star on my panel (i have dele it long time ago:-( ) But I think this is the same like kcontrol . I dont't have a feedback too because I have deleted all man's,doc's etc.. (long time ago I wos need free space on HDD :-( ). Can You tall me something more how to change busy mouse pointer?
  9. Hi ! I need to add a keyboard shortcut to one of my new programs, so I think I need to add some lines in a file with keyboard shortcut for system programs. Maybe there is another way to do this?
  10. Hello:-) I have a question and I think most of You know the answer, but I unfortunately don't. After I click on icon to launch a program, the mouse pointer is not changing so I don't know that program is loading or not(I;m waiting for launch ,but in middle time sometimes I clik on it again and lauch it again:-( ). Can I change mouse pointer behaviour that afther running program, while the program is loading, the mause pointer will change?
  11. Thx everyone. I have made an icon that runs a script like DragonMage sayd and it is fine for me. Little pity that there is no easier way to do encrypt / decrypt directories/files using i.e. right click:-(
  12. OK, I have download and install this package. I use drakloop command and the window was a window there I write the path to a directory with I want to secure. I have written a password(20 characters min?), then I have pushed ok and the windows has closed. After that when I click on my secured directory but now there is only directory lost+found. Ok but how I can see what really there is. I have fought that after clicking on this directory the window will show where I write a password and I see the right content.
  13. A number of people have made the comment that the red login screen is to warn you that you are running in root. I understand the hazards of running in root, but if I just typed in "root" and then the root password I don't really need to be reminded that I'm logging in as root. Otherwise it's our sys and I can change anything if I want to!!!Really!! P.S. If anyone like blue rather then red I think he can change it on blue keeping in mind that blue screen is when he is login as root! AussieJohn, there are Your details ; In /etc/X11/ and edit Xsession You mast find #Mandrake default background if ["'whoami'" = root];then xsetroot -solid "XXXXXX" You mast change XXXXXX to i.e. 21449C - for some kind of blue :-) and that is all:-) You don't need to worry about in /usr/bin/startkde I think. Any trouble please write to me on priv! B)
  14. OK I have found my self how it works :-)) If anyone is interested, You mast change; line 38 in /usr/bin/startkde line 22 in /etc/X11/Xsession
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