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  1. whoops. it shouls be chroot /path/to/directory /bin/bash
  2. LMAO. Good. AND STOP USING MY REAL NAME! feds might come get me...
  3. FAQ: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=4567
  4. contrib is pretty stable, cooker is what you wanna avoid
  5. i can just see the prank calls now...
  6. where'd you come from? :P everywhere and nowhere :D
  7. it's probably possible, but i dont know how
  8. ok you'll need to mount the partition in read/write mode. to do that i think you coming you right click on the partition and go to Properties. then one of the tabs should have the option to mount as writable or something like that. Once that's done open up a console and do the foll. as root: mount -t proc /proc /path/to/mdk/partition/ cd /path/to/mdk/partition/ chroot /bin/bash /path/to/mdk/partition/ Now it'll be just like you're booted into mdk for real. So just launch the lilo program lilo this should update the boot partitions and while your at it you could use drakconf to make a floppy for booting
  9. spider200 - if you want to continue to use this board, please moderate your language. you're kidding right? hell? you're modding him cause he said hell? bah.
  10. sounds like your filesystem got ripped a new one. happens. Time to upgrade/re-install. you can re-install just the above packages and get that command back (which i reccommand) or upgrade to the newest versions.
  11. you have to add contrib sources to urpmi (instructions in the forums FAQ section) and then urpmi gwenview Contribs has loads of free software, kde/gnome themes, icons etc. You may never need to compile again :D
  12. to answer your first question: because the drivers aren't the official drivers, You see the kernel already comes with drivers which are guaranteed to work. using other drivers are not guareanteed to work for you and taint the kernel (which loads the drivers) and can potentially cuase it to become unstable leading to ther probs.
  13. you need the -13 kernel source then. If the running kernel does not match the kernel source then the installer will not work. To find out your running kernel type uname -r in a console
  14. the file is ~/.xsession-errors where ~ = you home directory cat ~/.xsession-errors | less will print it to screen in a console. You can always open it with Kwrite or some other GUI editors. Just make sure that View hidden files is selected in the File Browser.
  15. well seeing that we're here. and you're there i think you'd have to do the actual installing. Once it's installed though we could help you get it working ;)
  16. yes. you could try that. If you can see the usb drive then report back ;)
  17. are you using xmms to play these files? if so go to Preferences > Output Plugin > ALSA then click on the Configure/Preferences button. Then go to the Advanced settings tab and uncheck MMAP mode
  18. illogic-al

    KDE vs. Gnome

    1. I use KDE 2. Gnome looks the best, although the best desktop setup i ever had was with KDE, but hey, i do use KDE more :) 3. KDE is more powerful. It's by far more customizable then Gnome 4. Search for gnome in rpmdrake. 5. If installed it will show up in the display manager
  19. gwenview. integrates with konqueror once installed as well.
  20. Is true, and works pretty fine. exept for the sound that is disabled to the second user. That is true in windows, but in linux the user do not has "own settings", insted they have a complete indempenden envairoment, with hig security. Others are not allowd to do what you not wanted them to do.It is not "settings", it is an ACCOUNT. Good by. you can take care of the sound issue by modifying the permission Open up the file /etc/security/console.perms and then scroll down to the sound section. you can either modify it so that only people in the sound group get to use sound. or do it so that everyone gets to use the sound If you do it by group, you will then need to add users to the audio group using drakuser
  21. Fast user switching is available with KDE 3.2. If the screensaver comes up (and locks the screen) you will have the option of logging in as another user (Start new seesion) or logging back in as yourself. Pretty nifty eh ;)
  22. does mandrake rescue allow you to mount the root (USB) partition? If so i could walk you through getting lilo re-installed.
  23. get thee a bios upgrade like ixthusdan said :D
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