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  1. I believe the DigiDrive is USB2. usbview shows transfer speed of 480 Mb/s. I can't seem to copy and paste from the usbview window so I will try to add a couple of pics showing the output.
  2. I have an Adaptec Duo Connect combination FireWire / USB 2.0 card which seems to be functioning well with Mandrake 10.1 OE, BUT, I have never plugged anything into it more complicated than a mouse and multi-port CF Card reader (Addonics Digidrive) under Linux. usbview shows both an ehci and ohci host controller.
  3. I initially had the same problem with eth0. I did snooping around and found my /etc/sysconfig/network file had a gateway entry set to eth0. I commented it out and all works fine now.
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