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  1. I'm having some trubbels now installing debian on a friends computer. At boottime we' re getting this : pci bus card 0x2 cardnum 0x07 function 0x0000: vendor 0x13f6 device 0x0111 Device unknown.There's a fatal server error and x won't start... Does that have anything to do with the nvidiacard? Will it be solved with the right driver? Or does the the pci card has to be changed ?
  2. I' ve installed woody :-) and I'd like to install some software now which apt-get sources should I use ?
  3. ADB

    lilo [SOLVED]

    chris z :-) thank you so much... I removed the line in fstab and used the graf interface and did what you said...and it worked :-) [root@localhost etc]# lilo Added linux * Added linux-nonfb Added failsafe Added fedora
  4. ADB

    lilo [SOLVED]

    with the command df I see that hda3 is not mounted :-(
  5. ADB

    lilo [SOLVED]

    thank you chris z I've made the changes :-) but: when I run lilo he does not add fedora ( no errormessage ) but when I try to mount hda3 I 'm getting this errormessage saying that there is something wrong with this line in fstab /dev/hda3 /mnt/fedora auto users ext3 defaults 0 0
  6. I 'm trying to get my 2 distro's (Mandrake and fedora) in my linuxloader. Here's what I did already: *I've made a map in /mnt named fedora *tried to edit fstab: /dev/hda6 / ext3 defaults 1 1 /dev/hda7 /home ext3 defaults 1 2 /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom auto umask=0,user,iocharset=iso8859-15,codepage=850,noauto,ro,exec,users 0 0 none /mnt/floppy supermount dev=/dev/fd0,fs=ext2:vfat,--,umask=0,iocharset=iso8859-15,sync,codepage=850 0 0 none /proc proc defaults 0 0 /dev/hda5 swap swap defaults 0 0 [b]/dev/hda3 /mnt/fedora auto users ext3 defaults 0 0[/b] *this is lilo.conf: default="linux" boot=/dev/hda map=/boot/map keytable=/boot/be2-latin1.klt prompt nowarn timeout=100 message=/boot/message menu-scheme=wb:bw:wb:bw image=/boot/vmlinuz label="linux" root=/dev/hda6 initrd=/boot/initrd.img append="acpi=ht resume=/dev/hda5 splash=silent" vga=788 read-only [b]image=mnt/fedora/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.9-1.667 label="fedora" root=/dev/hda3 initrd=/mnt/fedora/boot/initrd-2.6.9-1.667.img append=aspi=ht vga=788 read-only[/b] When I type in console:mount /dev/hda3 is the output: cannot find /dev/hda3 in /etc/fstab PLease tell me what is wrong here? what did I forget?
  7. ADB

    format floppy [SOLVED]

    I didn't know kfloppy existed :D when I typed it in the console though kfloppy appeared :) thanks
  8. ADB

    error message

    When I start up mandrake I 'm always geting this error message saying ' sda was removed, do you want to run the appropried config tool?' I always click cancel and everything seems to work fine, but how do I get rid of the message and what does it mean anyway?
  9. How do I format a floppydisk in mandrake10.0?
  10. :D file:/home/username/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs found them, thanks again ;)-
  11. I can browse the history, but where are the files stored ? In what directory ? I can't seem to find them...
  12. ADB

    mozilla browser

    and so it did... thanks again :D
  13. ADB

    mozilla browser

    I'm trying to install mozilla but I get an error saying: unable to install 'wegens onvoldane mailcap' where can I find mailcap?
  14. Cannot understand I missed that option, thanks m8 :)
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