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  1. hey everyone... here is the problem: my modem was working perfectly on 9.2 then i upgraded to 10 and ive tried 3 different firmwares but it still doesnt connect... harddrake indentifies my modem but when i setup a connection and try to connect, it says "the system doesnt seem to be connected to internet" why would that be? [moved from Hardware and edited by spinynorman]
  2. hey pal which version should i get? and is it fully compatible with mdk10?
  3. layout is good in general, try using a css file, that way ur code will be much simpler and the navigation will be faster and one more thing.... if u want ur site to view same at any resolution try putting ur frames in tables like i did at my site... DruManiac - www.drumaniac.com but it looks very nice anyways
  4. ive just tried to disable firewall and it didnt work... any other suggestions?
  5. DruManiac


    in device section indentifier should be "NV AGP" i just had the same problem and if u have 24 as ur color depth try doing it 16... it worx more properly
  6. lol i know what u mean and i dont underestimate anyone, thats why im here...
  7. Were there any error messages produced when you used his method? Someone else may be able to identify the problem... :) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hahahaha u sound very confident of ur knowledge in linux... it gives no usb found error, i cant load the module... ive put 3 different firmwares in the folder and it uses alcaudsl.sys... he told my to edit some lines but didnt work
  8. i did and it didnt work, i emailed him the logs and he couldnt find a solution
  9. in order to help you, we need some more info about your system/hardware. but here are some quick suggestions: - have you tried disabling the firewall? if not, try to connect without the wall activated. - is your modem really properly identified in harddrake? - what are your network settings? do you have e.g. a second networking card that leads to a "misconfiguration"? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> first of all im not a newbie but not a regular user too, just know enough to run my linux properly and can solve most of the problems that occur at my system... my hardware list: 2.2 celeron cpu 1gb ram(and 2.3.6-7 i686 up to 4gb kernel sees it as 894mb ram, dont know why) 128mb asus gforce fx 5200 sblive alcatel speedtouch 330 usb onboard ethernet(asus board) well i guess thats enough hardware info... i havent tried disabling firewall... my modem seems indentifeid properly i also installed the firmware so there is no problem with my modem, i could run it perfectly on mdk9.2... ok here is what i do, i go to the control panel then i setup a new connection, i choose adsl and it gives my two choices of devices, my ethernet and speedtouch modem, i choose speedtouch, and i use PPPoA protocol and enter all other config of my ISP, and when i try to connect it says the system doesnt seem to have an internet connection..... let me know if u need anymore about my system......
  10. DruManiac

    Doom 3 is scary!

    ive got some disappointing news for u... im about to finish the game and there is only one problem with doom3, its like other games... its the same thing till the end, there is nothing interesting or different... but as u said the atmosphere of that thrill has never been achieved in another game before, its really the best game ever :D
  11. hi everyone, i could configure and use my speedtouch330 perfectly on mdk9.2 but i cant do it on mdk10 eventhough my modem is already found while setup. when i try to connect it says "it seems the system doesnt have a connection" or something like that i cant remember. dont tell me to go to that topic where they suggest that auto config script, ive tried it, didnt work... ive email the logs to the author and he couldnt find an answer to that... please help me im so desperate, windows sux! ;(( thnx in advance [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
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