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  1. I use Netgear WG311 V3 PCI Wireless cards on 64 Bits and 32 Bits with the ndiswrapper. So far works wonders. It uses the Atheros Chipset. One thing that I noticed is, when some updates comes in or a Kernel Update, you have to "load" the driver. It goes through the Wizard but "remembers" where the driver is, just click apply and off you go.
  2. Is fixed now. The Problem was the Power Supply. I had a 300W and tons of stuff installed. It worked for about 2 years and finally gave up. Tough one to troubleshoot, since seems to work fine when I installed 2010 Power Pack.
  3. Is random, so I am not sure. Now the progression bar goes a tiny bit.
  4. No Auto Login, I try others but chokes up too. Now, will not pass the progression bar or partially. I wonder what it is? It seems to load just fine and goes through the whole thing.
  5. I loaded Mandriva 2009.1 PWP Edition and I have a problem with finishing loading the desktop. All I get is the blue Mandriva Background and a Console on the top left corner. Did anybody had the same problem?
  6. My wife has a Blackberry Pearl and I am planing to get a Blackberry Curve. Both have Tethering capabilities. My question is, how you connect it with Mandriva? Have anybody tried? If so, on what phones? Thanks.
  7. I like to set the clock on a way that will display the Day / Date / Month / Year. Once you reboot you have to reconfig the clock. In other way, it keeps the 24hr setting that I like, but will not keep the other setting. Is on the 2008 Edition.
  8. A friend of mine asked me this question and I will like to know if anybody knows how to fix it. I think is pretty simple.... " Ok this system with 2008 works well, but I am having one issue. The wireless works with ndiswrapper but it wont work with the fwcutter way so when I boot I have to reconfigure the wireless to use ndis every time. Do you have any idea how I would be able to get it to come up by default every time Any suggestions great appreciated. Dallas " Thanks...
  9. The only thing that I have seen is a media player for M$ called BS Player. If you run a movie, press letter D and the is displayed on the desktop.
  10. I am trying to use an Encrypted Wireless Point. The site is using a Linksys with TKIP. I know the key to get in. The problem is, how that works with Mandi? I am just lost. The blanks has tons of choices but is hard to decide what is what. Thanks.
  11. I was wondering that might be easier and short to start the thread as What Laptop NOT To Buy. Or Laptop To Avoid at all cost..! Also what Hardware to avoid on Laptops... Like Video, Wireless, etc.
  12. Is ok, seems not to work yet, I just keep a M$ pc around for this types of situations. Thanks for the reply :)
  13. Have anybody tried the RAZR phone yet? It is recognized on Hardrake as Unk Device. Any suggestions?
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