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  1. system>configure>kde>look-n-feel>behavior should be the first option that comes up.
  2. Is your card using the AC97 driver. Its not the default one but it is there.
  3. Just install Mandrake. Either 9.2 or 10 Both have everything you need including Gnome. Mandrake move is based on Mandrake9.2 No you can't install Move to your hard drive unless you buy it from Mandrake but PClinuxOS is based on MandrakeMove and has the Install to hard drive option. It even has quite a few newer updates in it. But if putting something on the hard drive is your eventual purpose just use the 3 cd download of Mandrake 10.
  4. I have something like that problem also. It takes quite a while for the busy curser to quit. But once it quits I can scroll fine.
  5. Good luck. At least you now know its a good burn.
  6. Correct. Its also good to have just incase you can't get the internet running and you need something off of one of the disks.
  7. try installing on another computer to rule out a bad burn. You can reboot safely at anytime before you partition the system. If you can, try switching the cdrom out with one you know works.
  8. If the --auto-select option doesn't work you will have to ask the server for the file directly. urpmi Xfree86-4.3-30mdk.i586 That should ask the server for the file and install it.
  9. Try it with the drive jumpers set to Master/slave. Cable select is sometimes a problem. Windows doesn't care but Linux does. If you have any 'USB hubs' try to disconnect them.
  10. 9.2 is good enough to get going. Once the internet connection is up and running you can upgrade to 10. You don't need to though. You can just upgrade the packages you have to the latest for any security reasons and you'll be about 95% of 10. There are quite a few people out there still running OLD OLD mandrake systems just because they work great for what they are doing.
  11. Basicly the community edition is the version right after primary beta testing and just before the last bugs are worked out for the official release. That doesn't mean all the bugs are gone but most are. That also means that the two Mandrake versions have the same version of the different programs(apps) since switching to newer apps would bring along new bugs. As the bugs are worked out of an official distro they are distributed on the net for free updating. There is also a Cooker version of Mandrake but that one is running the latest of everything, is updated sometime hourly and on some days is so full of bugs that it will not even run. On other days it will run great. All depends on what was updated that day. Most people who run the Cooker only use it next to a normall running stable system.
  12. Yes KDE and Gnome are differect desktop GUIs. Very windows like from the start. The lighter or smaller ones can be made to look windows like eventually. Give yourself about a 250mb swap and cram in all you can onto the hard drive. Leave about 250mb of room during the package selection for anything you download and personal files. Isn't much but its a good start.
  13. It'll be slow. You'll really have to watch what packages your installing because of the limited space. But its possible. I would run a besktop other than KDE. Its the biggest and slowest out there. Gnome is next on the heavy weight chart. All the others are quite a bit smaller and thus faster. If you could scare up a real cheap( or even free) 10 gig then you could install everything and just turn off or uninstall what you find you don't like. That way you'll get a real good idea of just what you want and what you can get rid of and still do what you want. In the end a 266pentII is good enough to give you an idea and it makes a pretty good internet/utility machine. 2 gig will work but more room is better.
  14. Hope hes not spending his own money on those.
  15. For proof of more linux users out there I just look at this sites daily stats. How much has it grown in 2 years? its gone from what 10 to 15 user online a day to what 250? That can't mean more questions from the same people. It has to mean more people to ask questions. I can't see Mandrake becoming the only distro people are useing or asking questions about either. The others probably have the same rate of increase. Some of that is due to the increasing quality of this board and the fact that its finally getting the search engine attention it deserves. That is in large part due to the and the great community that has stayed on and helped out. (obvious kiss up here) People who overhear me mention it ( yes I do leave the basement though not in the sun light) no longer ask me what it is but how it is.
  16. The ultimate question about linux and patents is this. How can any linux developer ever know if something they come up with infringes on someone elses stuff? They can't. Since linux is open to public viewing the other party is the one who must find the infringing code and cry foul. Unless theirs is also open to public inspection. How could a developer ever know what the thousands of patents given out each year cover. They can't its not their job. Untill a case is taken to court nothing can be proven. And who are they going to take to court? IBM. They have a version out, Sun, Novel, They are all creators of UNIX and would not sue themselves. Maybe Rh but thats about it. I can't see how some M$ code got into linux. This was all started by some dorky insurence firm with dubious ties to M$ trying to sell Linux insurence. They said they found over 250 instances of patent violations and they could protect you for just a small 150,000 doller fee. Linmited to 5 million in penalties of course. FUD for the doller. Anyone buying?
  17. Try switching sound drivers to something thats not aRTs
  18. I like having it available. Eventhough this particular app looks a bit plane its good to have something to show off as a "professional" media player. You have no idea how many people just buy something because of the name. And the price. To them free is amature. At least with the familliar name on it they almost get fooled into thinking its better. The same with Netscape. Eventhough Mozilla in any form is better (and the base for NS)they would rather see the name Netscape. An install wizard like windows would really sell them on linux. But then again if I gave them a cowchip they would scof(sp?) but if I said so-and-so had one and the price is only(rediculously high) they would be all over it. In my opinion they are idiots but hey I make some small part of my living off of them. I'm actually starting to like this one it plays a few more media types than before. And its customizable. HMMMMMM...
  19. I've never done it but you could try looking up a hard drive install on this forum or google. It should work for you. Basicly you'll be installing from a driectory on the hard drive that has the ISO's in it. No need for a floppy or a cd rom during install.
  20. Just for my curiosity have you updated the system? And if so what sources did you use? In the last 3 weeks my system has been giving me fits like that. If I started with a TOTALY new linux system(everything is reformatted no left over config files in /home) The Nvidia drivers(old and new) worked perfectly. As soon as KDE was updated it would get really unstable. And thats with just the MAIN updates as a source. No PLF or anything extra. Crash screens every few minutes. Root commands not working anymore. Loosing resolutions that I was able to use before. (Init no longer worked) And thats with every normall Mandrake kernel. All the same. My system is stable as a rock as long as I don't use the Nvidia driver with any updates to KDE or XF86. I've at least narowed it down to that. I'm just going to keep experimenting untill I find the packages that tank it. Untill then no Nvidia for my main Mandrake. No great loss to me, just time. I'd love to know what they changed and why. I'm not giving up yet. I'll find out who or what to blame for this one.
  21. Make sur the kernel source you installed is the right one for the kernel your running and if it is remove it and download it and install it again. Redownload the Nvidia installer also since its small.
  22. Watch out you might just take that back after seeing a few of us here.
  23. Pzatch

    newbi need help please

    http://www.mail-archive.com/vdr@linuxtv.org/msg00009.html http://www.pxh.de/fs/svcd/content.html
  24. BVC Do you meen you can do a normal GUI install without passing anything to the kernel. But then the system will not use the new nvidia driver but it can use the nv driver? I haven't had a vidio card yet that couldn't use the basic VESA driver. But i'm sure theses one out there that can't use it. I do have a problem with the new Nvidia 6106 driver though. The old 5336 nvidia driver gave me 1920x1440 resolution on my Digital monitor but the new driver will not let me go that high. I have to use a custom monitor setting set all the way up to get back up that high. Though now I have some real low setting I didn't have before. And thats on an old GForce2-32meg card. Pos51 if you haven't tried installing the Nvidia drivers from their site go get them and try them out. Nvidia loves linux. Just follow the instructions that come with the driver. Post back any questions about install it. If after that if you can't get a good enough resolution out of the factory settings for your monitor you might have to try using a custom setting.
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