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  1. Sorry thought I left a link.



    Just search for linux there and you'll find a few articals and using those as references you'll find even more.


    Basicly all military systems used to be a varient of unix. All combat aircraft have data links and can recieve data from all missle systems and satilites. All the missle systems I know of in the us can transfer data back and forth from any missle to any targeting launch system. This also includes the shoulder mounted and vehicle mounted(Avenger) Stinger AA missile.


    Hawk(1960 erra) can link to Patriot to any cruise missle varient and any aircraft and any satilite system. Each can share targeting data. So basicly even though the patriot system only has a range of 150 miles in a straight line from the radar set to the target, the missle can recieve data from any number of sources to 'go around corners' so to speak. The land warrior system is built to integrate with the new weapon systems. Including the Avenger and TOW systems.

    Inside of 5 years each infantry solder will be able to uplead and download real time tageting data from anyplace in the world and view it on his HUD display. He'll be able to use a freindly image to target over hills. Or pass up target info directly to the aircraft that providing his own aircover.


    Video games are quickly becoming the new training ground for the US military.


    Can you imagine anything M$ has now, of being capable of passing and filtering this amount of info reliably and at the same time keeping the whole system securely locked from outside infiltration? In the middle of combat everyone gets the message that a new M$ update is coming in and everyone must reboot. Sorry for the delay but M$ feels that its media player needs updating. Then come 12 popup messages about new M$ products and hints on how to keep your system up to date. Along with the question "would you like to make IE you browser of choice".


    M$ was the origional OS for the Landwarrior system but it couldn't run for more than an hour without crashing. A new company came in, changed some equipment around and used linux instead. On the first test the system worked perfect and the batteries lasted twice as long as with M$. Command tossed M$ out without a second thought and stayed with linux. Thats why M$ is now pushing hard to try to get the Navy to accept M$ instead of the Army/Marine/Airforce choice of linux.

  2. Just punch in linux in the search box and you'll see that for at least the last few years Linux has been winning in the defence department and its only through underhaded moves that M$ is making headway into the military. This is their last ditch effort to look good.


    Since the military is really trying to move to a move unified comminications ability and a data transfer capability I don't see M$ playing nice with any of the older Unix based systems. Linux integrates out of the box everytime and all the time. I know of at least 5 other weapon systems that would communicate with new linux military systems right off the bat.

  3. K3B or I use the commandline app




    type in cdrecord --help and it will give you some info on it.


    man -a cdrecord will also give some info on the app.


    This is the basic app that most cd burning is done in linux. Even if you use a gui it still uses cdrecord for it functions.

  4. You know the US military has been using M$ for the desk tops solders use to get their Emails and they just don't like the security but its the supposed best they can find.


    The US coast guard tried about 3 years ago to use M$ as the only ship board os. It controled everything on the boat. Or at least tried to. It was off line more than online. Under all conditions. After 6 months the Us navy told them to go back to the old stuff untill the M$ crap worked better. To this day and after millions of dollers the M$ os has yet to be the primary ship board system.


    And NOW the UK thinks they can make it work?


    Linux is being used in ALL new Army weapons systems. It just works. And works every time. Look it up. From personal deffence systems to vehicle controle systems and missle systems.


    M$ must have promissed someone one heck of a job if they got the UK navy to use M$. Thats what happened with the US coast Guard Admeral who deccided for the US. M$ is loosing and this is their last hope.


    Well maybe they will go down with the ships.

  5. As for the menu thing try the command update.menus -v that might help you out there.


    As for KDE crashing make sure you have all the official updates. If that doesn't work try switching to MdKDE or to KDE. Makdrake has the normal KDE and a Mandrake KDE. I forget which but one of then always gave me trouble with the newer Nvidia drivers.


    It sounds like you don't have the new Nvidia drivers running correctly yet. Make sure you change the configuration file correctly like it says in the readme file that came with the Nvidia drivers.

  6. No real help here but I tend to install every language font I can just to make sure every web page I run across loads correctly. And boy does it make the net a better place. I might not be able to read the page the formating is way better. And no more stupid little squares.

  7. Have you installed the Nvidia drivers yet?

    What resolution/megahertz are you running? I have quite a few options to make things a bit clearer.

    Have you installed Antialsed fonts? This clears things up some. You can also import the windows fonts.

  8. Pull the hard drive.

    Install it into something that will let you do a cd install. (thats just the easiest way) The other install methods will also work as long as the new machine will let you.


    After Mandrake is fully installed to the hard drive on the new machine and connects to the net. Download all the drivers you can find for the hard ware on the old machine.


    Reinstall the hard drive back to the old machine and hope for the best. It should detect the new hardware and do something we might be able to help you with.

  9. I would love to know what companies some of these shadow win admins work in.


    Sounds like his boss told him to look into linux and he's now afraid he'll loose hours if he uses it in the office.



    I know. My post was a obvious poke but I couldn't help it. Its fun sometimes.

  10. A urpmi package is actually an rpm.


    You can just goto the ftp download site and get the specific package. Then you can install it just like any other rpm. Though most apps need to have stuff in partitcular places, depending on the app you might be able to specify where you want it.



    Installing an rpm sometimes tells you you need anouther rpm to make it work. This second rpm is a dependancy. You'll have to install those also. The utility app urpmi automaticly(normally) takes care of getting and installing the dependancies for you.

    The MCC is just a GUI front end for urpmi that gives you most of the ability of the cli.

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