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  1. I've never seen a FAQ on it, I've just sort of learned through a lot of helping people and getting help myself. I'm sure there's a FAQ somewhere, but some things have their own settings (like nvidia cards) so sometimes it's hardware dependant. Mostly it's just settings for your keyboard, mouse, video card, monitor, fonts etc. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah ok. I will just try to keep on learning these things. I hope mark_667's problem will have a fix soon. B)
  2. there might have been some weird issues with that and kde, it's my best guess at what was wrong. Hmmm. Very weird issues indeed. I had no problem on the desktop when I upgraded it from Mdk 10 to Mdk 10.1OE Yeah :D Looks like it. What do the stuff in xorg.conf mean? Is there an FAQ for these things? :)
  3. Tymark and User: Hooray! I now have a graphical log in... gdm isn't installed but xdm and Mdkdm are. I tried both (but not at the same time, of course) and they both work. :D I chose Mdkkdm. I don't know what went wrong during the installation but setting it in MCC helped. It's working fine now so that's cool Mandrake 10 came with XFree86. Mandrake 10.1 OE came with x.org Tymark: I remember that I set up the system during the install to automatically log you in. I think I had someone explain to me about this when I was installing. mark_667: Sorry to tell you but I am in Manila, Philippines. Not in the US:) So we are all in different time zones! But these people here in the forums are very helpful no matter where they are. I managed to overwrite Windows during the partition set up. The Advanced setup for the partition, I think. I was just supposed to install mandrake in the empty space but when I was selecting how much space should be allocated, I made a mistake and wanted to undo it. I selected "clear all" by accident. And so everything got cleared up:( So that is how you go about it. You clear all. And yes, Windows was installed first in one partition then Mandrake. But now, I have only Mandrake 10.1 OE :D And by the way, you seem to have a big problem with your mouse. Sorry, I can't help you with that :( Maybe you could try startx -- :1 then go to the Mandrake Control Center then Display Manager then select gdm or kdm or xdm or something. That was what Tymark mentioned to me in his post. mark_667: Hope that helps! Again, thanks so much everyone!
  4. I am going home now... Need to sleep. But before I sleep I will do what you said. Apparently we are on different time zones and can't talk simultaneously :lol: Oh well. Thanks. I hope that we'll fix this thing soon and post a documentation for newbies like me :blush:
  5. I didn't? Eeek. I thought I did... :unsure: I will do that later. Thanks for having time to help out a newbie :lol: I will see if "gdm" is installed. I will post all about it. Sorry for being kinda vague... I guess I was dizzy when I was typing my troubles here I will try to have a clear mind the next time I post. :blush:
  6. I made a typo:( Hi, Tymark! This is an account of what happened when I followed your instructions. Ok. Anyhow, nothing happened when I pressed CTRL-ALT-F7. It was still the blue Mandrake 10.1 background and the arrow. Because nothing happened when I tried CTRL-ALT-F7, I pressed CTRL-ALT-F1 to log in. I typed ps -fu root | grep X[code] and it gave a different message. It gave me this[/color] [color=purple]and I proceeded to type "startx -- :1" which led me to the graphical user interface. Yay! [/color] [color=purple]This is the xorgconf file contents. It is long :o [/color] So does this mean that I always have to do that everytime time I boot up my laptop?
  7. I did log in as root... I have no idea why it doesn't seem to work User: I tried the suggestion of going into interactive set up. I did get the command line but "gmd" just gave me a "command not found" message even if I did log in as root :( Tymark: I tried your suggestion too. I wasn't able to get into the command prompt with CTRL-ALT-F7 but I got there by CTRL-ALT-F4. What is the difference? Anyhow, I deleted the /tmp/.X0-lock file and retried to "startx" and these are the errors... And when I checked the Xorg.0.log this was the result: which is very similar to the above-mentioned messages. This is making me a bit dizzy:( Help please? Thanks!
  8. I think I tried deleting .x0-lock before but there were errors:( Gyaaah! I must keep a notebook with all the errors. Is it really this tough installing it on a laptop? I feel like a moron for not taking note of the errors right away Off Topic: Uh oh. I think Ixthusdan is mad now... :o
  9. Not anymore... I accidentally nuked Windows 2000 Pro :( I always set the monitor as 1024x768 @ 60Hz. Anyhow, I will try this too. Thanks, User!
  10. Awwww... *pats head of Ixthusdan* It's ok, Ixthusdan... You've been really helpful. Maybe you were tired when you typed that message. Ixthusdan and Tymark: I tried 'mcc' but to no avail :( I typed 'startx' on the command line and this is what came on the screen afterwards I haven't tried the wiki of X.org yet :unsure: But if you could make sense out of this, I would be grateful indeed.
  11. This is one of the replies in another post. Hope this helps
  12. Ixthusdan: Couldn't run MCC on the command line. Command not found, it says. Tymark: Thanks! I should've posted the error messages today but I left the slip containing the error messages. Will post them later.
  13. Will try this one out... If this doesn't work, maybe I should download the iso's again? Or maybe my ThinkPad is too old for 10.1 Official?
  14. Yeah, we do have the same module missing. Strangely I tried again, and I found the Xorg.0.log, Xorg.0.log.ol and Xorg.9.log files... I am quite clueless about it. Mark: We have some similar troubles indeed. What hardware are you using? One of my friends mentioned to me yesterday that maybe because my ThinkPad is relatively old, Xorg is having trouble loading up. I have no idea what he means, but I do want to get to the bottom of this because I really like using Mandrake. Ixthusdan: Thanks for the previous tips you've mentioned. I tried getting into command line from the point where Xorg hangs using CTRL-ALT-F4 (I think it was F4) and it was ok. I got to the command line. How would Mark and I re-install X.org? Thanks!
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