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  1. Here's my story (Life of Brian :mr-green: ). Once upon a time...well some years back, to be more specific 5 years back...ehem, yes...One of my friends told me that he had hacked a railroad computer (though it had a backup so no harm done), and I asked how he done that and that was where he introduced me to the world of Linux, but I was not interrested. A year later I ran into Corel Linux and I thought: "Cool, I give it a try". It all went fine untill I read that M$ just screwed Corel Linux up...No more Corel Linux :angry: My first experience with linux (2 months)....and went back to win98.

    A month ago I went beserk with an axe on my XP Pro and decided to give Linux another chance, so I simply ask in the forum I usually hang out (Dominions 2 Forum) and ask into which Linux I should choose, sum sumarum Mandrake :)


    .....and they live happily everafter....

  2. I had the same problem (or similiar) with Mandrake 10.0 (3 disc download running kde as desktop) then I downloaded Mandrake 10.0 power(shows the big silver star to those who cares :cheesy: )and made a new installation, no problem after that. So it had to be a driver problem, properly Nvdia driver as some suggested.

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