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  1. Common problem with compiz which AFAIK will be fixed some time spring 2009.


    What you can do is to if KDE;

    kwin --replace


    if Gnome

    metacity --replace


    Then launch the game.



    If it works you can build a script to turn off compiz, launch the game, when exiting the game it will start compiz up again.

    Another solution is to use fusion-icon, not sure if it works in KDE, but it works in Gnome.

  2. So A.I., when can we see your new desktop of the 8.10 release? I always enjoy your excellent taste in desktop colours and styles!


    Properly soon, but I'm thinking off to make complete guides to set them up exactly as mine, maybe making a script for it.

  3. 8.10 is a great release. We got alot of positive feedback :)


    There's already a lot of talk, if picking xorg 1.5.0 and thus breaking (ATM) the prorietary 3D driver for all ATi cards, plus many nvidia ones (up to 5XXX series) was a wise move.

    IMO they should wait for ATi/Nvidia to come with a solution, and backport 1.5.X at some time. Mandriva did not pick xorg 1.4.2 for 2009.0 randomly, after all.


    So far it havn't been a problem with xorg 1.5.0 and the drivers.


    I'd rather have the latter - and Ubuntu is not a good distro (for me, anyways - though it may be for others).

    then it's good there's almost a distro for every taste out there ;)

  4. to really liven it up install kde4 (kubuntu, opensuse, arch) beats the pants off the rest


    I havn't seen any Desktop screenshot that have beaten a Gnome Desktop yet, in early days, yes. But that isn't true anymore with all thet stuff you can get to Gnome and GTK2 these days.

  5. My pleasure ^_^


    You can make a cool Desktop without compiz; Here's one I made without running Compiz (well it was before compiz and beryl time);



    click to enlarge (1600x1200)

    No, compiz. The fake shadow on the lower bars are from gDesklets. Then I filled up upper bar with some usefull good looking desk applets.

    You can try with this one (a mac panel image which give some depth on your Desktop;




    With some GTK2 themes (depends which engine the theme is build around). You can drop an image into the panel, so the panel uses the image as panel layout.

    I know that themes build on aurora (GTK2 engine) can do that very well, though it says it's the slowest engine, but best looking IMHO. Otherwise I like to use themes that build on pixbuff.

    If the aurora engine isn't available in the repo, you can get it here; http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Aur...e?content=56438


    Aurora Engine;


    click to enlarge (1680x1050)



    You want your root permission applications to have the same theme as you run as a normal user and want it to change when you change themes, icons, fonts on your user account?


    ln -s /home/USERNAME/.themes /root/.themes
    ln -s /home/USERNAME/.icons /root/.icons
    ln -s /home/USERNAME/.fonts /root/.fonts


    Only work for custom made themes in your $home, not for themes installed globally.


    This may not be a major eyecandy;


    Making Audacious (music player) looking good;




    click to enlarge (1680x1050)

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