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  1. I have done it again, a masterpiece is born B)



    My Desktop, I made a slideshow:

    HD fullscreen recommended (support up to 1920x1080)



    click image to see


    To get the HD fullscreen to fit various screen resolutions; Click on "fullHD" button and "double leftclick" on the video.

  2. There is a big difference between using social networks and being generally dumb, you know. Everything you do you must do with your head. One doesn't have to post pictures of his house, his address and a number of bank account. Those who do stupid things in facebook - deserve it. Poor decision making.


    You'll be surprised how many people who actually do it, and they are normal people without being dumb in general sense. But the fact is most people are computer/it-an-alphabet despite they use the technology every day.

  3. Rubbish, I completely disagree with you :closedeyes:

    Social networks allow people who couldn't meet each other in normal circumstances to socialize, and that is a huge benefit of such networks. No one makes you to create an account, you don't like - don't go there.




    You may disagree, but it is true. It have been in the media especially burglars use it, because dumb people are actually writing where they live. Then they write they are taking a vacation to <insert> place in <insert> week/month/date. When they came home, everything was gone.



    I dea behind it such sites are good, no doubt. But don't be mistaken, if it can be misused it will be misused (like everything else).

    By the way what happen to using phone, e-mail, skype etc. to keep in touch?

  4. ermm this is a joke or you meant to say Does ubuntu support nvidia drivers out of the box?, right? No seriously because previously you would always need to hunt for nvidia drivers on ubuntu, since 8.10 has dkms it's a little better but it's still no mandriva (I have never seen a driver upgrade in ubuntu, never, whilst in mdv I always have the latest drivers without hassles)

    for many years mdv has installed proprietary driver out of the box for one and powerpack whilst ubuntu only gave free drivers....


    You don't need to hunt for propriety in Ubuntu, no matter if it's for your video card to wireless. You simple go to the System tab > Administration > Hardware Drivers. Then it search/scans for possible propriety drivers which you may need.



  5. I'm not sure, but I think Mandriva have compiz by default (shadows etc.).


    Metacity is Gnome original window decoration, by running;

    metacity --replace

    you'll switch compiz out with metacity.

    You can reverse it by;

    compiz --replace



    If you want it gui, to switch it on and off, you can use fusion-icon.



    For KDE users it's kwin --replace instead.

  6. I'm going to have to disagree about the new ATI cards being crap. The 4800 series had beaten nVidia hands down in price/performance ratio when it came out. Nvidia had to drop 9800 prices all the way down to 4850 prices because it was wiping the floor with their Nvidia's previous gen cards, and it turns out even the 9800 gets edged out by it.


    If the(ir) driver is lousy, then it doesn't matter how good the hardware is. You can buy the best of the best ATI and it will still be outperformed by an old Nvidia card, because the ATI driver litterally sucks.



    I really wish that they do something radically fast (and good) for the ATI linux driver, as competition is a good thing.

  7. it doesn't work on my desktop nor laptop :( , just sound no image just a black screen or weird effects (both nvidia cards with 180.29 driver 6600gt and 9500m gs)


    Try turn off compiz and/or check the log in ~/.WorldOfGoo for more info.

    I'm running it with 8800 GTX 768MB with same drivers.


    EDIT: Sorry, my drivers are 180.35, that's an option upgrading the drivers.

  8. Depends which kind of strategy. I like x4 Strategy so I play Dominions 2 + 3.


    If you don't buy any of the games which are native for linux how will you persuade others to make their games available for linux hmmmm.


    and all the games that were listed above sorry all of them are a bunch of loser

    Speaking from the horse mouth.

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