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  1. Well.. about the menu, I tried that, nothing in the style section seems to change my menu transparencies. I can even turn it off, it doesn't matter, its still like 75% transparent... As far as the menus.. I tried resetting the icons, that didn't do it, I tried removing the folders in menudrake but they don't go away, they're things I need anyways. Basicailly. I have two More Applications folders. When I go to /var/lib/menu-xdg or whatever it is, theres a "Moreapplications" and "MoreApplications", both of which have different, yet no duplicate entries.. Also, I'm missing my "Video" entry in the Multimedia section... So that doesn't seem to work out so well... Other than that, everything is great.. I just hope I can figure those out.. Well, that, and X is leaking ram, and I can't figure out why, and I've upgraded & downgraded X multiple times yet it still does it.... Oh well If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. Thanks!
  2. so.. about these bookmarks how do i get them back?? :) thanks Edit: nevermind, copied ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml.bak to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml One thing I was wondering though was, I can't get the option to have the menu bar at the top of the screen to work in combination with the kickermenu applet.. Something I'll figure out eventually though Great work! Another edit: I can't figure out how to turn down the transparency on menus, I can barely read them! Everything else I can do fine, just can't figure out menus! Also, does anyone know of a way to reset menus? I upgraded a few days ago to kde 3.3.2 and ended up messing my menus all up trying to fix the duplicates thing, now all of my menu entries have no icon & there is a duplicate folder of "More applications", but the Root menus work fine, so i just wanna reset it basically? Thanks again!
  3. Howdy folks. I just purchased a new digital camera (Canon 20D), and I can't get it to connect. My old camera (Canon G5) works fine and connects fine, but with this one when I plug it in the computer recognizes that there is a camera plugged in but is unable to connect to the camera itself. KDE tells me "Corrupted data", and the kernel tells me: Mar 2 13:26:32 localhost kernel: usb 4-5: new high speed USB device using address 9 Mar 2 13:26:42 localhost su(pam_unix)[6600]: session opened for user root by damaged(uid=500) Mar 2 13:26:48 localhost kernel: usb 4-5: usbfs: interface 0 claimed while 'kcontrol'sets config #1 Mar 2 13:26:48 localhost kernel: usb 4-5: usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed ep 0x81 len 64 ret -75 I have no idea what this means, nor do I have any clue where to begin to solve this. It confuses me that my other camera works just fine but apparently newer cameras don't work so well. I'm using kernel if that matters. It seems like this should work just fine, all the programs I use for digital cameras recognize that there is a "Canon 20D normal mode" plugged in.. None can connect though?? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Well I was going to suggest you try a different video card, but it looks like your TV is just a bitch. Luckily I finally fixed my problem, I swapped video cards with someone else's which was a newer model and supported TVOverScan, which worked like a charm, thank god! though it seems to have distorted the picture some! Anyways, I hope you figure out something to solve your problems, that sounds pretty absurd that S-Video wouldn't support color video.
  5. Well fbset has gotten me nowhere.. If anyone else has any ideas I'm open to suggestion. It seems like such a simple thing to do, apparently not though, afterall, this is linux..
  6. Thanks devries, I'll try that when I get home later (few hours from now) For now, heres a copy of my xorg.conf for more reference to how I have things set up.. I am using NVIDIA's driver, and do have a HorizSync of 30-50, I also have the TVStandard option set to NTSC-M, ConnectedMonitor set to TV,TV-0, and have the TVOutFormat option set to SVIDEO I'm starting to wonder if maybe its the actual GPU chipset itself thats the problem.. Really I have no clue though Thanks again xorg.conf.txt
  7. I tried posting this on linuxquestions but received no responce, so I thought I may as well try here.. This has been pissing me off for months now, and after endless googling I havn't gotten any closer to solving anything.. The only resolution X will properly display (and this seems to be a unique issue of this computer as my other one with a Geforce4 Ti4400 has always been able to do many resolutions) is 640x480. That'd be fine, except that theres a large black border around the screen, and being as I'm trying to view this on a TV, which has no controls to widen the screen manually (which is really what i need).. Basically, I have a Geforce 2 MX400 plugged in via its S-Video out into a TV, Specifically a Samsung DynaFlat TXN2730F not that it matters.. In my Xorg config I have it set up to have HorizSync 30.0-60.0 & VertRefresh 60 This leaves me once X starts with only one resolution that will work with this TV apparently (though like I said, others have worked before), 640x480. Thats a fine resolution for me, if it filled the screen.. I'm left having a border of about a inch on either side and half inch on the top and bottom of just black space. I've tried endless modelines to get it in a different resolution or fit more of the screen. The only thing I've managed is to have 800x600 which has an even larger border.. Ideally, I'd have 720x480 (I think thats the NTSC one), but none of the modelines I've found for it have ever worked.. I've tried xvidtune, which only distorts the edges of the screen and does not modify anything. and I've tried nvtv, which often after changing resolutions results in the computer completely freezing after a few seconds.. As far as the TV itself goes I'm almost positive it can handle more than 640x480 @ 60 and not have massive borders, I've done it before, not on this graphics card, but in the past it has worked. The only information I've managed to get about the TV's screen capabilities is that it has horizontally 500 pixels.. I've run out of resources on google to read into, maybe I just never found the right ones, but if anyone out there has any idea of what I need to do to stretch the screen or use a different resolution or something to be without this border around it I'd really appreciate it.. Thanks [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. From the cooker :) ftp://ftp.rediris.es/pub/linux/distributi...oker/media/main
  9. I signed :) Theres no reason not to show them with actual numbers who is out there to receive their product should they decide port it, which hopefully they finally will..
  10. Started out with JuK, then arts broke, surprise surprise. That pretty much ended JuK's career on my computer. AmaroK is awsome! The new features and ease of it is just getting better and better. Its so much better than anything I ever found on Windows!! :)
  11. oh thank god finally! I've been waiting for them to do the official so the cooker can get back on track again.. I know they need to go through their proper release cycle so I'm not complaining, just saying I've waited long and am so pleased to hear that we might finally get some upgrades :) I'm gettin mighty sick of using this buggy as hell thac version :) Peace
  12. Well I followed the instructions in the FAQ and was able to successfully install the kernel (thank you), but even on the new kernel it still says the same thing.. I don't know if theres actually a problem or if theres just a file somewhere thats confusing my system into thinking I'm missing the bootloader.. cause I seem to have a completely intact boot loader and am able to update it with new entries and such.. Is there anywhere on Mandrake that would be trying to tell things theres a boot loader or isnt (i know mandrake has a lot of weird files doing things that aren't exactly needed...)?
  13. Its on the MBR, I havn't changed lilo or any boot settings in a few months now, no new kernel, no kernel settings changed, no large upgrades of anything.. I wasn't experiencing this problem before about a week ago..
  14. Recently while upgrading RPMs to try and fix problems I've been having with drake packages (they almost all have perl issues.. i dont even know why..) I started receiving this message while doing anything related to.. well.. my system: "Cannot find a bootloader installed".. I recognize that this means there is something missing somewhere or that theres something wrong with my bootloader (although lilo works fine).. but I can't find out where to go from here.. Google offers no support, so I hoped you great people would.. I get that message while doing things such as re-installing the bootloader via bootdrake, or trying to install a kernel "make install" "make modules_install".. many other things receive this message (and conveniently stop the program or module from compiling or installing).. I had really hoped to be able to upgrade my kernel, but I'm physically unable to do so with this message popping up and the kernel erroring out on the "make install" stage.. Please if you have any idea of where to go from here let me know because I'm stumped and this is a rather critical blow to my system.. I'd really hate to have to re-install from scratch... Thanks in advance for any help
  15. Thats untrue Lowe.. You can still get Mandrake for free, and you can get almost every app for free, besides that if you go to the MDK Cooker you can acquire almost all of the apps you have to pay for.. I became a club member to support Mandrake because I feel they are doing a damn good job, and if anyone hasnt noticed their financial status is pretty poor, improving, but still poor... I'm glad I became a club member, even though I havnt really gotten anything out of it except access to the ISO's a few weeks earlier (though you can still get it all off the cooker and other sources like I said) Its not about the money, its about the community. I've been using linux and using the software without being able to contribute anything back because I am a crappy software developer, so I saw being a club member as a way of at least showing my support for them.. Now this isnt to say I don't have my problems with the club, there are many problems.. such as I feel that you are entitled to at least a few tokens of tech support after spending 120 bucks for a quite minimum membership... My other issues with it include the fact that it says "10 bucks a month" when it in fact charges you 120 bucks in one chunk instead of monthy billing, which I honestly would have preferred due to my financial status not always being at its top and dropping 120 dollars on something isn't something I like to do.. but regardless, I did it, and I'll probably do it again when my membership expires.. But thats just my opinion, do what you do using your own judgement :)
  16. Well theres some problems.. I can't put my finger on a lot of them because somehow they come and go, Originally when I installed it I was having problems like if I open a Konqueror window, but then move the window focus to a already opened Konqueror window while the other one was still opening it would crash.. And Kontact wasn't working for a brief period of time (though KMail and all of that still works), and then last night while I was playing a game it opened itself.. I think it had something to do with conflicting with KOrganizer.. Umm lets see.. what else.. I suspect it to have broken aRts, as most of aRts seems not to work, but I may have done that separately.. I dunno.. Thus far though most of the bugs I was experiencing on 3.2.3 are gone and replaced with other various bugs.. that seems to be how these things work... :) Hope this helps even a little bit..
  17. Most of the problems just lay in the fact that some distros have different file system layouts.. It sounds as though the program nmsa suggusts would work well for that though.. For example, some distros put their KDE and other environment files in /opt, whereas Mandrake uses /usr Depending on the distro though a lot of program RPMs will work fine, I use a lot of Red Hat RPMs on Mandrake, and Fedora RPMs often work..
  18. Anyone know when KDE plans on implementing xcompmgr and transet support? Its nice being able to have transparent windows and shadows an all, but it kinda sucks when all your karamba and other programs (such as KXDocker) aren't usable anymore.. It also sucks always having to start xcompmgr and do transset manually (though theres that nice patch offered at kde-look and kde-app) Also I found this in my search(it may have been posted already): http://rpm.nyvalls.se/10.0/RPMS/ There lays Xorg 6.8 RPMs and KDE 3.3 RPMs for MDK As any RPM not officially supported, there are some bugs in all of it (no bugs so far in Xorg though)
  19. KopiX

    Upgrading RPMs

    Well, that seems to have been the one thing I didn't try... Thank you.
  20. KopiX

    Upgrading RPMs

    I'm trying to install KDE 3.3 RPMs from http://rpm.nyvalls.se/10.0/RPMS and in the process overwrite the KDE 3.2.3 RPMs installed from the Mandrake Cooker. The issue I have is that it tells me that such and such file conflicts with file from the MDK rpms, because these are "thac" rpms.. Is there any way to have it automatically update/replace and remove the mdk rpms and install the thac ones? I in theory could go through and rpm --erase --force all the KDE rpms I plan to replace, but I don't particuarlly want to do that, especially considering I hope to upgrade to the official RPMs once they come out from MDK.. I suppose this is rather pointless and I could just wait till the real ones come out, but I've been wondering how to go about doing this properly/easily for a while. If this isnt the right forum please feel free to move my questions.. [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  21. You won't likely be seeing MDK RPM's until the release of 10.2(?) sometime later this month(?), the same with KDE 3.3 RPM's.. Guess there isn't enough time to test them and remove all the bugs properly.. Building it was a breeze though :)
  22. Explain your issue more.. I've had various problems installing the Nvidia drivers.. I've had it tell me that there was aproblem with my kernel sources (even though it was all installed correctly.) and to get around it i did "sh nvidia-blahblah.run --add-this-kernel" and it'll build a "custom" nvidia driver for your system in nvidia-blahblah-custom.run and then i used that to install the drivers. that worked flawlessly. On the latest kernel in the cooker though I'm still unable to successfully install the nvidia drivers. It tells me that it can't load the module when you try to modprobe it due to the version magic being different, some output message like "kernel should be kernel-" and i've been unable to right that problem, even when using the --kernel-name= during the nvidia driver installation.. i've had many problems with kernel 2.6.8 though, such as harddrake no longer working on boot, no longer being able to burn cds, the X server getting all screwy and crashing my system, and other various issues such as those.. I've given up on 2.6.8 for now, still using 2.6.3-15 Those are my experiences that I can remember (I've had many more problems)
  23. Yeah.. I've done it before, it sucked a lot, it took me a very long time. But at this point, its quicker than spending hours looking for RPMs, or waiting for it to be released
  24. Is there anywhere I could find Mandrake RPMs for KDE 3.3? I'd just assume compile it myself but last time I did that the KDE menu system got all screwy (I knew it would do that..amung other things) and got sick of dealing with that. So, I'm wondering if theres any RPMs (I know that Mandrake isn't planning on supporting it in its latest release and that I gotta wait for after the release for official ones, but figured someone compiled it already), or if someone can direct me to somewhere where it explains what I need to do to Mdk or KDE to make it interface correctly..
  25. in konqueror google's default search keyword is "gg: [insert search terms]" in the URL bar. I have mine set up so i simply type the phrase i want to search for on google in the URL bar, or type "gg [search terms]" or "linux [search terms]" to search Google Linux (you'd have to add that one yourself i think. its pretty simple).. In Konq go to Configure Konqueror and to Web Shortcuts
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