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  1. so, no one really out there made an RPM of kde 3.5.3 to a lower version of Mandriva... . hmmnn.. opensuse and fedora contributors are more hardworking I think, since kde 353 are available on their previous released version... . oh mandy, If not only for your good drak(e) utilities (IMO), I've already replaced you.. . well, I think I'll stick around with my le2005-kde342, Until I figured out how to compile 353 myself from source :P
  2. anyone have successfully installed it on LE 2005.. ? . or its just not possible on this Mandv Version... [moved from Art & Design by spinynorman]
  3. aioshin


    go to MCC - boot loader
  4. actually, I just scrumbled those mac address since those are directly connected to internet, so there is nothing wrong with those.. but thanks for the reply anyway.. . well, I found it, the culprit of my config.. almost a day I tried to look for the cause... and here it is So on my config...for example on the host ws152 entry... host ws152 { hardware ethernet 00:46:t7:7E:4p:2D; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } I inserted next-server; on it host ws152 { hardware ethernet 00:46:t7:7E:4p:2D; fixed-address; next-server; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } which actually the same server that gaves those other thinclients a dhcp offer, while not using that particular entry... . . . :D
  5. aioshin

    login error

    try to , as root . chown user1 -R /home/user1 . then the same with user2
  6. ok, here's the scenario: well, these is the result of my previous post about replacing Xandros with Mandriva.. now Im replacing it..and the problem: Configured 2006 as dhcp server. . I have several ThinClients PC and 2 DiskLess Desktop.. the thinclient boot directly from mandy 2006 via dhcp and fine, its working. Now I have here a remaining 2 Desktop acting as thinClients, Im using a floppy to boot to 2006 using Rom-O-Matic. I know there's no problem with the client since it already been booting fine on the Previous OS, Xandros. But now, on 2006, it just gave me a message : Searching for DHCP Server... NO IP address then how come that happened?, while the other had been able to connect to dhcp server. ok, here's my Config below and please help me, Im scratching my head now ddns-update-style none; default-lease-time 21600; max-lease-time 21600; option subnet-mask; option broadcast-address; option routers; option domain-name-servers 2x.xx.xx.xx; option domain-name "mydomain.com"; # <--Fix this domain name option root-path ""; option option-128 code 128 = string; option option-129 code 129 = text; subnet netmask { use-host-decl-names on; range; filename "/lts/"; ## If you want to use static IP address for your worksations, then un-comment ## the following section and modify to suit your network. ## Then, duplicate this section for each workstation that needs a static ## IP address. } # host ws151 { hardware ethernet 00:00:90:63:96:39; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } # host ws152 { hardware ethernet 00:46:t7:7E:4p:2D; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } # host ws153 { hardware ethernet 00:07:55:B3:91:41; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } # host ws154 { hardware ethernet 00:11:5B:2A:94:CE; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } # host ws155 { hardware ethernet 00:40:C3:74:84:0B; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } # host ws156 { hardware ethernet 00:07:55:63:76:2C; fixed-address; filename "/tftpboot/lts/"; } } hosts ws152 and ws155 are the ones that cannot see the dhcp server, Is there something wrong with the config? Even if I will comment on the entries of those hosts, so it will just be offered by dhcp with dynamic address, but still it wont be able to see the dhcp server... . Firewall supposedly is not an issue here since the other were able to connect to the dhcp server, and they are on the same network, . Ok, I tried to build another dhcp server (for testing), I have a running centos, installed dhcp-server there and copy and paste the entries of the said hosts on its dhcp.conf then restart those said hosts, you know what?, it was able to see that Dhcp server.. I really dont know what is the problem with 2006.. any help here is very much appreciated.. TIA!
  7. aioshin

    Samba Troubles

    run as root in your konsole iptables -F and it will clear your iptables... have you tried to access that windows pc from your konqueror using? where xxx is the ip address of windows pc
  8. you can also disable the ff: if in particular you dont need them
  9. aioshin

    Samba Troubles

    actually, you dont need samba to be started just to see your windows share from that linux box, as long as you have smbclient installed. try to check your log files while trying to access that certain windows shared folder... #tail -f /var/log/messages I'm sure, you'll be able to find some clue from there
  10. thanks Ian for the reply, but there is no option that let you change that image via mcc.. anyway, found it.. the image is called shutdownkonq.png, so I just replace it with another image then use that same filename and that solves it... oh, here's the image I'm talking about located at /usr/share/apps/ksmserver/pics/
  11. ok, Im on 2006, is there a way I can replace or customize the logout theme. The image it displays is a dragon wizard that lying asleep on quarter moon... can I just remove that? or replace? how? TIA!
  12. or setup squid proxy or similar device so you can do filtering..
  13. autofs on 2006 has the same problem with 2005, the fix for me, same.. compile and install from source.
  14. well, try avast instead, they also have their free version for linux.
  15. mozilla firefox 1.07?.. a little bit outdated..
  16. you can also set the BIOS to boot to the primary drive only and disable second boot to any device.. then if you'll be able to boot to linux, then edit grub and add an entry to boot to XP..
  17. aioshin

    DWL-G510 rev.b1

    did you do those command above as root, since usually "$" is a user prompt... . also check if a firewall has been blobking outgoing connection, am not sure yet with the mvd 2006 firewall on how to check it, but try to do the command as root: #/sbin/iptables -F it will flush iptables entries which allow all connections possible.. just do that for checking your connectivity, afterall, you inside a local network, not directly connected to internet
  18. as root: try to chown your user-home directory with the username you're using #chown your-username.your-username -R /home/your-username then see what will happen..
  19. if its kde, open Kde Control Center, Administration, Login manager, click on administration mode, enter root password, click on Convinience Tab, uncheck Enable autoLogin
  20. I agree with Centos, its a rock solid as a server, but have'nt tried it as desktop .. . anyway, thanks for the replies, I might try the 2006 in a couple of days.. for the replacement
  21. a quick question, to those using 2006 for some time... how do you find its stability, compared to 2005 and 10.1...? :D Still planning to replace Xandros.. though its running now.... :D
  22. try to check if amule really has been installed successfully.. as root: rpm -qa | grep amule on my box, that query results means that its been installed from plf repo.. so to make sure of your installation, install it via urpmi... go to easyurpmi page and try to add additional repositories..
  23. if its not in you applications menu, then just click the star or start menu, then run.. then enter amule, or run it at konsole by command . amule & . or . /usr/bin/amule & .
  24. you may have to check your log files to trace the problem... as root issue command tail -f /var/log/messages then try to send fax, also on the hylafax client, you can also find there log files to check... . and make sure hylafax is running. usually, hylafax server listens on port 4559, so you can just do the command as root netstat -anlp | grep fax to see if hfaxd listens to 4559, means that hylafax is running.. if not then start it.. /etc/init.d/hylafax start
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