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  1. I have a similar problem. I've got a soundblaster Audigy card and I have a 4.1 setup as well. For some reason, sound only comes through the two front speakers. Adjusting the bass (what very little there is) only causes severe distortion.
  2. I recently purchased a wireless setup for my home. Since the office in our home doesn't have a cable or phone jack and I'm not allowed to install one, I'm pretty much stuck with wireless. I have a D-link Dl-624 extremeG router with one extremeG pcmcia card and two extremeG PCI cards. My question is, how do I setup the wireless configuration in Mandrake? Harddrake sees a wireless device installed, so does that mean it just has to be configured? I seem to be having a connection problem under XP that I hope I won't have with Mandrake 10.0. Under XP, each time I restart the machine, or log off/on, the connection to the router is lost. I have to open up D-link's software and rescan before I can get network/internet connectivity. D-link's tech support thinks that either their software is buggy, or it's a problem with XP SP2. Either way it's incredibly annoying and I'm hoping I won't have that problem under Mandrake. Moved from Hardware by Darkelve
  3. I found this post, and several others criticizing linux on www.flexbeta.net. Check out what this guy had to say. proximity Jul 18 2004, 07:06 PM Post #25 Newbie Group: Members Posts: 8 Joined: 17-July 04 Member No.: 15743 Ok, let's not look at this as some computer geeks who happen to have a PC they like to play with. I think KelpFries's arguments are very strong, seems to me that he's working in the IT like I do, am I right KelpFries? To strengthen his words you guys might want to read this ( http://www.electricnews.net/news.html?code=9406733 ): But a new Yankee Group survey of 1,000 IT administrators and C-level executives worldwide has poured cold water on Linux's most significant edge over rival OS Windows -- the fact that it costs little or nothing to use. According to the report, 90 percent of 300 large enterprises with 10,000 or more end-users indicated that a significant or total switch from Windows to Linux would be too expensive, extremely complex and would not provide any tangible gains. "In large enterprises, a significant Linux deployment or total switch from Windows to Linux would be three to four times more expensive and take three times as long to deploy as an upgrade from one version of Windows to newer Windows releases," said Laura DiDio, Yankee Group application infrastructure & software platforms senior analyst. "The instances where Linux imparts measurably improved TCO [total cost of ownership] compared with Unix and Windows are in small firms with customised vertical applications or new, greenfield networking situations." Anyways, I think we're ignoring some facts here. First of all, Windows XP Home for example is not all that expensive, I mean what's $187,99 for the Home Edition if most of us buy hardware between $1000-$2000... Software expensive? No, not at all. I can install the most wonderful machine that only costs you $187,99 for the OS and the rest will all be free, it's called freeware guys. Yes, what wonderful hey, seems that us Windows users are as spoiled as Linux users and probably with even more programs, all free! So that bullshit argument of things being free doesn't work anymore and neither does the stability issue. You must be a dumb a$$ nowadays to get Windows XP on its knees and I mean really on its knees with blue screen and all. Of course you'll need some basic understanding about the OS (bad drivers do crash the system for example you know!!), but hey, I can force a crash on Linux too when ever I people ask me to imitate an absolute Linux beginner. The whole poll is stupid, because let's be honest, how many of those who voted for Linux still have a Windows operating system in use... And that's the whole point. Windows has everything to offer, Linux not, it's great for server, but for workstations it sucks, not only at home but also at work. I think KelpFries explained it very well in his post! I don't say Windows is perfect, but there is a good reason why almost the whole bloody world is still using Windows and MacOS on their desktop computer. It's really shortsighted that some Linux apostels think that the whole world one day will have Linux running on the servers and desktops and that everything will be free and that we all will have worldwide Linux standards... yeah right! ha! Excuse me, but they need to do a reality check and maybe look around in society to see how people make money and can be succesful Windows and MacOS rule the desktop world, simple as that and Linux doesn't come even close and don't be so silly to ask me why that is, because every experienced computer user knows why! Linux might be very good for server, but even in this area it can't beat Windows; Microsoft still has the lead in the server market and that lead is still increasing, whether you want to believe it or not!
  4. If you really want one, you can get one here. http://www.linuxfund.org/products/
  5. Yeah, it's possible. Nero lets you rip 30 audio tracks to mp3 and then you have to purchase the mp3pro plug-in for unlimited mp3 ripping. Why would Windows burn all my mp3s just fine and K3b won't? I've even used other burning software under Windows without problems. As for ripping to OGG.... once portable OGG players and car stereos replace mp3 devices I may begin converting, but until then it just isn't worth while to me and isn't economically feasible. (I have too many mp3 devices)
  6. I've noticed a lot of people reporting problems with USB mice and keyboards only to have the problem vanish after using the device as PS/2. Have you tried this yet?
  7. Well, I've tried all the mixers I can find, but now matter how I adjust them, I can only get sound out of my front 2 speakers. A friend of mine told me to try recompiling my kernel because even though mandrake sees my soundcard, it may not understand what it's capable of. Is this true? Would recompiling the kernel be a good idea or a big mistake? I don't even know how to do this anyway.
  8. They were copied from an NTFS partition to my Linux partition. Now that I think about it, some of my mp3s are encoded in mp3 format and some are in mp3pro, but all of them have the .mp3 extention. Nero burns all of them just fine, but K3b doesn't like some of them for some odd reason. The files were originally ripped to my (windows) hard drive using Nero, which used mp3pro as the decoder. I'll try your $ lame --decode mysong.mp3 mysong.wav trick as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Thanks for the info. I believe I already have lame loaded. Is it possible that some mp3s use different codecs? Is that why some will burn fine and others won't?
  10. That's a good question. I haven't tried to burn anything from the command line yet. Can you explain to me what that command you told me does? I want to learn more. :)
  11. Ok....................... Ideas anyone??
  12. The paper clip thingy is part of Microsoft Office. It's the animated assistant.
  13. For some reason, K3b will not burn some of my mp3 files when I'm trying to make an audio cd. When I drag some mp3s into the selection field, I get an error message saying "unsupported file format: songname.mp3" Some mp3s burn fine but others just give me that message. This is really aggravating because I have to keep switching over to my Windows box to do my burning. What's the deal here??
  14. axel_2078

    Server Name

    Are you asking how to permanently change the hostname? If so, look under the FAQs and look under the networking section. There's a great "how to" that will show you how to do it.
  15. Anyone have any ideas for this one?
  16. axel_2078


    You can use a hardware and software firewall combo, as long as it's configured correctly. I'm doing it on my windows machines. As far as Linux goes, I didn't have any problem with it. I had internet access as soon as I installed the OS. I don't think it automatically configured the firewall though, so maybe that's why I didn't have any problem there.
  17. axel_2078

    FTP server

    What is it you found? I'm in the same boat. I also use BPFTP on my Windows ftp server. What did you find that suits your needs?
  18. This is odd....I just opened up a console as root and just for the heck of it did a updatedb. Now my browsers are opening up much faster. Why would the updatedb command have any effect on that? And while I'm thinking about it, what exactly does the updatedb command do?
  19. Ever since yesterday my Konqueror and Firefox browsers have been opening up web pages incredibly slow. Sometimes it can take up to 40 seconds to completely load a page and I have a 3 MB cable connection. The Windows machines on my network don't have any problem at all; they connect really fast. What's the deal? Why am I having this problem alll of a sudden? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  20. I'll try it and see what happens. Thanks.
  21. What exactly is installing "from source"? I still don't know the difference between installing from source and URPMI. Can someone explain it to this confused newbie? B)
  22. I have a Lexer Jumpdrive 2.0 and luckily Mandrake 10.0 recognized it just fine the first time I plugged it in.
  23. I've seen posts in here of people having problems booting their computers due to a USB keyboard or mouse, only to have the problem vanish after switching to PS/2. I found this info on www.mandrakelinux.com and thought I'd post it. I don't know how helpful it will be. Tell me if you guys think it has any relevance to the problem. Error scenario: Some motherboards based on VIA chipsets have USB-related problems with 2.6.x kernels. Why: This problem is due to USB support with these motherboards, although the number of problematic motherboards is decreasing with each new kernel revision. You can see evidence of the problem with boot-time syslog messages such as: usb 1-1: control timeout on ep0in and usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed (...) ret -110 Solution: Add any or all of the following boot kernel parameters to your /etc/lilo.conf file: "acpi=off", "noapic", or "nolapic". Execute "lilo -v" to update the LILO configuration. After boot, execute the following commands: # modprobe -r uhci-hcd # modprobe uhci-hcd You may also elect to use the 2.4.x kernel.
  24. That's good advice, thank you. What is webmin?
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