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  1. Paxx

    boot disk

    how do I set it to that? EDIT:::: whups... nevermind, I know
  2. Hi... Im trying to boot from a boot disk. to give some info about what im doing... Disk drive is A, Primary HD is C, and Secondary is D. So all my files for the install are located on D:\cooker\i586 I want to install onto my seconday drive (D) so.. im doing a harddrive install, incase you havent picked that up. so in my menu.lst i have: timeout 0 default 0 title Mandrake Install root (hd1,0) kernel //isolinux/alt0/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=128000 root=/dev/ram3 acpi=ht vga=788 automatic=method:disk,partition=hdb1,directory=/ initrd //isolinux/alt0/all.rdz but when i boot, hold down CTRL, and say boot from A: it just loads windows. Im guessing somewhere in my menu.lst i've put the wrong directory, but where?? Thanks in adv. Paxx
  3. Paxx

    boot list

    thanks :D im using a boot disk, does it all work the same? thanks, Paxx
  4. Thanks everyone - and FileZilla is really making everything soo much faster :D
  5. Im just getting into linux now... Windows is giving me way too many troubles, and my friend reccommended linux. I looked through the docs of some other distros, and Mandrake seemed the best for me :D Im still downloading Mandrake 10, though Paxx
  6. Hi. To remove MandrakeLinux From the boot loader, in dos i do fdisk/btm, right? and then i select the mandrakelinux and remove it. after i remove it is there anyway to put it back into the boot list? or does the fdisk/btm remove it from my hd? thanks, Paxx
  7. Thanks, i'll check out filezilla :D
  8. Right now im just using SmartFTP to download, and the server keeps dropping the connection.. is there any way that I can download it using a download manager like Download accelerator plus? It doesnt let me download a directory...
  9. oh, nm i know what they do... I can pick out which ones i want right?
  10. Thanks a lot. What exactly do these extras do? Paxx
  11. I go on the ftp, and i downloaded pretty much everything... (this is for hard drive install). But theres a folder called RPMS and its 2.8 gigs... do I have to download that? Can someone tell me all the folders i need to download? thanks, paxx
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