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  1. All themes work for me.....must be archlinux :unsure:

    Thought it might be. As for the menu editor it wasn't in my menus either but the command is "gmenu-simple-editor". Thanks, I'll add that to xorg.conf later when I can be bothered :P . Mmm i'm liking the openbox + gnome combo even more, having a right click menu is all gnome was missing and now I have it!

  2. Question time Mr bvc. Why do most themes not seem to work in gnome 2.12? Or is this an archlinux specific bug. Also why does the new gnome menu editor not able to add items or is this also an archlinux specific bug?


    I'm getting used to gnomes slowness, although I did make gnome use openbox instead and it's a little faster. I still can't believe cairo slowed it down this much...

  3. Lowe, I do not think you are correct in saying that one has to install all of kdegraphics just to ge ksnapshot.        I have ksnapshot, kpdf and kview but I DO NOT have kdegraphics installed and never have done.

    There are some parts of kde that do require installing all of that part just to get the one feature you want, but kdegraphics is not one of them.

    See the two snapshots and you will see what I mean. Note that package-installation says there is no kdegraphics installed.


    Cheers.                                      John.


    Yes that's correct, however since I use arch they bundle them all together so you get a lot of useless stuff you don't need, since it has less package maintainers it would take longer to split the packages or so they say anyway.


    I really like what they did to nautilus it's a lot easier to browse files with now.

    err.... a browser w/o an addressbar... :huh: ...that's brilliant :screwy:

    Oh... well, good thing you can change it with gconf-editor

    What is the point of that I wonder? Heh, you got the treeview to the left, so why would you need another above? Sheds more light on why it has taken 4 years to get nautilus functional. :wall: Such wasted time on useless code!


    Well, tree view is kinda annoying the new way feels a lot cleaner.

  4. I don't use vlc anymore either, switched to kaffeine since it plays more formats than vlc and I just like it's "feel". Subtitles still suck, but xine always had messed up subtitles i could probably live with it. Unless someone knows a way to make them not suck.


    link removed by mystified - violation of Posting Guideline 2.2


    This only happens with softsubs(I think that's whats it called anyway) and sadly all the softsubs I have are hentais so look at the screenshot at your own risk. It might not look like much but I cant seem to find how to change it, I want the subtitles more spread out and I want a nicer looking font I can't find the option in kaffeine and I tried changing stuff in the ~/.xine but it has no effect.

  5. There is no need to get nasty here.  Everyone is allowed to express their opinions, as long as it is done within the guidelines of this board.  In the future, if you have a problem with a post and feel it is outside of the guidelines of the board, please contact an administrator or a moderator so that we may deal with it as that is our job.  Please return to the topic.


    Right, I understand everyone is allowed to express their opinions, I still don't see why scarecrow had to compare nero linux and k3b when the topic creator never asked that. I'm not being nasty either, I just simply don't want to be pushed away from the community like last time, just because an admin doesn't like my opinion.

  6. It is perfectly acceptable to express an opinion in the manner that scarecrow did.  If you feel a post is inappropriate in anyway then please feel free to contact a moderator or admin so that we may address it.


    Thank you




    Been meaning to crack down on this, but was too tired to post earlier.


    Right, you may think what scarecrow wrote was perfectly acceptable and that's fine, however I don't because scarecrow wasn't expressing his opinion instead he was comparing it with other programs, the topic creator did NOT ask that he simply asked what people thought about nero linux.


    K3B does way more, in a better way and with no cost at all.
    < who really cares, the topic creator obviously isn't intrested in that so why does scarecrow need to bring it up here? Couldn't he just keep it to himself? Hmm to be honest I think this is more a case of if you don't agree with the admins leave, well no such luck because i won't be leaving, like it or not.
  7. I used to use KDE when I used mandrake 10.0 and to be perfectly blunt, it was unstable as hell compared to gnome. Now I use archlinux and just recently started using KDE(3.4.2) again (was a long time gnome user)and it's a lot more stable than it used to be, only problem i've had so far is when adding stuff to the menu, but except that i've had no crashes or any funny buisness so far so i'm quite impressed. Still, I wouldn't say kde was more or less stable than gnome, they're both pretty solid these days.

  8. Got bored of that rather quickly. Decided to give KDE a proper try, it's still bloated as ever and it's gay how you need to install the full kdegraphics package just to get ksnapshot. It's kinda grown on me though, it's certianly a lot faster than it used to be. I used to hate konqueror aswell, but I like it now too it's a lot better performance wise than firefox. Firefox alsways used a hell of a lot cpu and made my music jump sometimes when I had a lot of tabs open.

    Oh ya.



  9. I've been playing with the upcoming gnome and err it's buggy as hell but I guess that's to be expected.




    If you look at totem the windows don't seem to go away, it's like this with some of the other gnome apps aswell but for the most part I really like what they did to nautilus it's a lot easier to browse files with now. It's feeling REALLY unresponsive and locks up sometimes, hopefully that will all be fixed when it's released.

  10. I have used it and found out 1. I can't use it with my OEM windows serial (which I never used: since even for windows there are much better recording apps, some of them being freeware), 2. it's darn ugly GTK 1.2, 3. K3B does way more, in a better way and with no cost at all.

    I think that if Ahead GMBH will ever think of attracting Linux users buying their products, then they do have to invent something more articulate, and certainly something better looking than this thingy...

    Just my $ .02 of course.


    I suggest you read the thread creators post again, he didn't ask if there was better programs, he asked for everyones opinion on nero linux what does that have to do with k3b? Stop shoving your opinion down peoples throats. Also if you actually read his post, he wanted nero because he used it a lot in windows and it helps to have programs the same/similiar.


    of course now i'm completely off topic, but whatever it needed to be said.

  11. Heavily disagree with the bleeding edge statement, it's not bleeding edge, it's pretty fresh but definetly not bleeding edge. Firefox 1.0.4 and thunderbird 1.0 that is NOT bleeding edge, they're very popular software and many of the REAL bleeding edge distros (Fedora) have the latest firefox and thunderbird. That was just an example, but a lot of the rest is the same. Unless your running testing, but of course you could go to any distro and use testing and have the latest and greatest so that's nothing special.


    I use archlinux but it most certainly is NOT bleeding edge.

  12. arctic there isn't much to configure, except xorg and even then arch comes with a tool to basicly give you a working config. Then there is the /etc/rc.conf file that's basically just timezone and internet there isn't really that much stuff to configure and surprisingly most stuff just seems to work. I will agree it's not for people who dislike cli and the initial install can be a bit scary if your used to the distro setting everything up for you. If you don't mind editing a couple of config files then it should be no problem if you don't fancy that then go with something easier like ubuntu.

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