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  1. @ianw1974 Sorry, I tried to post last week, but I guess I'm limited to one post per day? I was able to get the 8.0 image up and running in a VM. I've never had to emulate a SCSI drive to get an image to work, but it was required, along with loading both ISO files found in the download folder. I had to start by creating a Virtual Hard Disk (not a Virtual Disk Image), then change the controller in the settings to SCSI BusLogic, start the VM with the Mandrake80-inst.iso, install as far as I could go, then when it prompted for the second disc, I left the VM running, went into the settings, changed the image from xxx-inst.iso to xxx-ext.iso, went back to the still running VM, clicked OK (as if I had just inserted the second disc), and finished the install. Since I did this last week, I don't remember if it was limited to 32-bit, but I thought it was 64-bit.... Hrmm. Oh, well!
  2. Yeah, not posting the link as "Hey, look they exist! Everyone stop what you're doing and start from scratch!" More like, "If you want a history lesson or a trip down memory lane, then here are the ISO files for you to try out." In no way should these ISO files be treated or used like a modern operating system. I ended up on these forums looking for the original Mandrake ISOs for a history project. I work for an organization that originally installed Mandrake on machines that we gave to community members for free. Now we install Linux Mint, but we've gone through several distros throughout the last 21 years. Once we stumbled upon this link, I figured we'd share it with someone who was also interested in finding the old images.
  3. Here's 8.0-10.1 --- https://ftp.kh.edu.tw/Linux/Mandrake/iso/ Don't know if they work, but someone is hosting them at least as far back as 2001.
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