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  1. To see which display manager you're using, go to: System - Administration - Configure your computer - then enter your root password and press enter. Choose Boot - Setup display manager. There you can see which manager you're using.
  2. Thanks for writing [solved]. I just now remembered to do it, so I logged on to do it, but. . . . Thanks Kieth
  3. OK, got it! Thanks. I'm using KDE 4.4.2. I couldn't find a widget to put on my panel, but I can still get to it through "configure desktop". Kieth
  4. Thanks for the help. I've been in there many times, and there is no "power control". I only have "Size and Orientation" and "Multiple monitors". So I obviously have a file program/file that I need to add/download. Any idea which? Thanks, Kieth
  5. I've always had a problem getting my screen saver to work (even in Mandiva 2009), so I've fiddled around with it off and on for months. The screen saver (slide show) works, but the monitor is shut down after 20 minutes of non use. Even if the screen saver comes on after 5 minutes, after another 15 minutes, the power to the monitor is shut down. Just a click of the mouse and everything is back to normal, but it is irritating. To get the screen saver (slide show) working, I had installed the battery power controls for a lap top (I'm on a desk top). With this, everything worked well, but there was just another stupid irritating thing. When I turned on the computer, there was a message stating that the profile was not usable. After a moment the message disappeared, and the screen saver worked just fine. I do not have my screen saver stop after a time, as my wife likes to look at the pictures of the kids. :) Well, I decided to try and resolve the problem again, so I removed the "battery power" package for laptops. That's when the monitor began turning off after 20 minutes. I renamed kde4/.../config to /config-old, but no luck. I found two hidden files connected to "power", and renamed them to ...-old, but again, no luck. Before reinstalling the battery power program, I wanted to ask for help. :D I have the same problem in Gnome. I even renamed gconf to gconf-old, but again, no luck. Any idea how to resolve the problem? Thanks, Kieth [moved from Audio and Video by Greg2]
  6. By reducing the pixels for the panel size, at a certain point the icons also get smaller.
  7. Ahh, you didn't give me a chance to answer! It's one of the few things I know!
  8. Yesterday, I pressed a few buttons in MCC and for some reason it is finally working. I have no idea how or why, but at least it's going. :D
  9. I've had a wireless modem for sometime now, but I have my computer wired to it. When I have company, I would like them to be able to go on line without having to plug into an ethernet socket. On Windows XP, everything works fine and they just have to enter in the "key" (code?). On mandriva, I've been trying to get it to work, and have tried in the past, but no luck. I read around, but I just don't understand. Any easy way to get things set up so others can use WiFi? Thanks, Kieth
  10. Try not entering either a username or a password. Just press "Enter" without writing anything, and see if that works. Also, "Welcome to the Board".
  11. Well, it used to be that you had to press "I" while it was booting up, to enter into "interactive" mode. I don't know if it's valid now.
  12. Thanks. I know you mentioned about putting the new binary in a certain location, so when I asked the question, I was sure of the answer. But for a guy that messes up things like me, it's better to ask that REALLY mess things up!
  13. Would I have have to remove the mplayer I have installed in order to do this build?
  14. Yeh, I've asked that question before, and like you, it's time to remove them. I'm glad you reminded me. :) Here's the link to the last time I asked. Removing unused and unwanted kernels
  15. In MCC, it doesn't matter if the entry is towards the top or bottom. In MCC, just highlight Vista, then click on the modify button. There you can set it as default.
  16. :unsure: Sorry, but now someone else needs to help. :sad:
  17. Funny, I can't even find the libraries on MCC.
  18. I just checked on the main repositories, and they're there! Make sure you have your repositories up to date. You can do that by clicking on the EasyURPMI link above. :) If they are already set up, you can just go into MCC (Tools/System Tools/Configure Your Computer) and you'll find the packages.
  19. Mmm, someone else is going to have to help you. Sorry.
  20. Maybe here http://rpm.pbone.net/
  21. Would it be one of these? [root@localhost ~]# urpmf --provides g77 gcc3.3-g77:devel(libg2c) gcc3.3-g77:gcc3.3-g77[== 3.3.6-4mdv2009.0] gcc3.3-g77:devel(libg2c) gcc3.3-g77:gcc3.3-g77[== 3.3.6-4mdv2009.0]
  22. wp_tray-0.5-4.tar.gz @ http://freshmeat.net/projects/wp_tray
  23. KDE software compilation 4.4.1 out now - codename "Clara". Announced on kde.org.
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