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  1. You are trying to run a component file rather than the full installer. Use


    , not




    I may have this backwards - it may be the other way around.


    Is there a reason you were going to install this as root?

  2. I know enough about what I am doing - trouble is there are NO switches or pins on the thing to reset the BIOS. Painful I know. I could always try removing and reinstalling the battery as well I guess. Or pulling the BIOS chip itself.


    The disks will be here somewhere, but of course with only Linux on the system I have little chance of running an MSDOS batch file. Unless I can somehow get it to work under Wine or Dosbox.



  3. This system is a 1.2 Athlon running on a VIA chipset. Unfortunately it has a nasty Gateway BIOS (and they are no help at all if you don't run windows) which must be upgraded. Currently it does not havean option to turn off P'n'P. Seriously. My thought is that P'n'P is "always on" in a Gateway system. Does anyone know much about this - or if trying to upgrade it (if I can even find an upgrade) is plausible?

  4. Hopefully the OP is still here and with us.


    If so...


    Ignore the modem driver - you do not need the thing

    Focus on getting the NIC working correctly, then ignore Mandrake's (what I consider to be) shonky ADSL setup via MCC.


    Instead, open a console and use


    as root

    then to make it work


    to stop (useful if not on a static IP and your connection seems to fail


    also of help if on a dynamic IP

    route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    from running ifconfig and using the values for ppp0

  5. It complains because you are trying to launch a second instance of the program under a single user profile. Opening a new window once Firefox is running works by opening it as a sub-window for the same user. Trying to open it again from ./firefox is opening it as a seperate user.


    As the same user: {./firefox{window1{window2}}}


    When relaunching: {./firefox} {./firefox}


    You are really trying to run the binary twice at the same time

  6. building from source is in fact usually preferable to installing cooker rpms on stable systems. just don't do it. it's not supported intended or recommended. if you absolutely must use a cooker package on a stable release, at *least* grab the SRPM and recompile it.



    I am not so sure. I have had pretty good success using cooker RPMs on a stable system. Some things I have recompiled but not with any real thought to doing it for any reason except 'just because I can'


    Your mileage may vary of course

  7. Use urpmi to get the following:





    VFlib (probably)


    Doing it via urpmi will, of course, take care of the deps as well.


    There may be others but you definitely need these ones

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