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  1. Well there are always alternatives, but sometimes you find that one app that you really prefer using. For me it's Adobe Audition (previously Cool Edit). Yes, there is other good software out there, but I just can't get things done as well with them as I can with Audition. I know its ins and outs, where to find everything and I like its interface, GUI, etc. So when I ask how to get it running I don't want to hear about alternatives - otherwise I would have asked ;) So let's stick to skyhawk's topic of getting Across running.
  2. WINE should run the Windows version just fine. It seems to be a fairly simple program. Have you tried to install the Linux version via urpmi? It might be in one of the more obscure repositories. If you've set up your sources with our Easy Urpmi utility, try and see if you can't take that route as it will solve all of the dependancies for you.
  3. It probably needs a root install then. Enjoy the game :)
  4. I don't think they have succeeded. The Linux community is divided by distro, according to those whop have signed and those who have not. But when it comes to the question of patent infringement, they still stand together. Even the guys who signed categorically deny any transgression and say they will fight any move by MS to enforce it. I spoke to the CEO of Novell about this not long ago. He said, "... if Microsoft choose to pursue their claims concerning code-level patent infringement, Novell will be in court to defend Linux." From his perspective, the signing allows for Novell to better integrate its solutions with Microsoft's. Nothing more. Novell are a 'deep' provider - and they have a growing number of customers with heterogeneous environments who demand better integration with Microsoft products. Their agreement allows for them to better meet demands. I don't think Microsoft will ever actually act on their ridiculous claims. Their endeavour is even more hopeless than SCO's - I think they were just using scare tactics to get more distros to sign up.
  5. I can't remember how ET installs, but it might be better to run the installer script as user, otherwise you might not be able to run the game as such. Solved?
  6. Tut tut, Linspire. It's interesting how we've got two camps here: distros that have signed down with MS and those that have not - but both agree that there have been no patent infringements made by the Linux community. Even MS knows it, I believe - they're just using fear to get the paperwork done. Linspire has always been a bit dead in the water to me - seems now like they're completely doomed. Honestly, who uses Linspire?
  7. Easiest would probably be from a terminal. cd into the right directory and then: $ sh et-linux-2.6.0.x86.run
  8. I was just mentioning my Powerbook to illustrate what battery life can be achieved in a much larger and more capable device. Surely if my Powerbook can do 4 hours a tiny device with solid state memory should be able to do much better? My iPaq gives many hours and the screen isn't much smaller than the eee. I wasn't comparing price or anything, obviously for $250 the eee is in a league of its own - but it's surprising it can't do better battery life. I think the pictures we have seen so far are just of prototype models. I'm sure by the time we see eees on store shelves they will have sorted out the looks a little - for example there is a Windows key on the current pictures - I'm sure that'll be gone by the time it goes to market. Hopefully it'll lose some of its other ugliness as well.
  9. From what I've read since my last post it seems that Asus is shipping the product with their own distribution, based on Xandros. While they have tested XP and certified that it will run on the device, they do not provide it with Windows. The fact that a standard copy of XP will work makes me sure that a standard copy of Mandriva will work. $250 is for free. I would buy one, I just have two problems with what is otherwise an awesome device: the 7" screen is just too small and they waste some of the space around the screen where they could have squeezed in more real-estate and the battery life is supposedly only two hours? That makes no sense - with such a small screen and solid-state memory you should get way more. Heck, my 12" Powerbook gives me four hours easily. Of course, Asus is perhaps just managing expectations.
  10. The blanket statement of it's compatibility with Linux suggests to me that it should be friendly with just about any distribution sticking to the conventional Linux kernel. If it required a specifically modified distribution I'm sure they wouldn't just say 'Linux' on the official web site. EDIT: Any idea what it will cost yet?
  11. It's about time. I only use CLI Linux at the moment but am busy setting up a second box at home for desktop use as a sandbox more than anything else. Will install it then :)
  12. Ah, the beauty of Dreamhost. One of the best things I've ever done was signing up. I'm thinking of going back to using a Moleskin - although I get by pretty well by using iCal and the other Apple apps, which I just sync with my phone (SE v600i). I have an HP iPaq hw6915, but Windows Mobile is pathetic and the phone functionality is utter crap so it lives in my cubby hole (or glove compartment, if you will) and only gets used as a GPS.
  13. I used to use Evolution for all my PIM stuff - until Novell took over its development. Don't like it much anymore. And since moving to a Mac for my 'work machine' I have discovered the awesomeness of Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book which are all integrated and excellent little apps. But Google's offering of goodies via Gmail is pretty good - I like the calendar.
  14. Available in all forms, it would seem, from here.
  15. If I started a post claiming the world was flat, would any of you waste time even beginning to argue with me? I hope not. Same thing here. That is one of the most blind posts I have ever read. So much so that it doesn't warrant any attention. If it was slightly better orchestrated and didn't include comparisons of virus handling in Linux to Windows :unsure: and other absurdities then it might have been worth the time / energy. This is not the case. Stop feeding the under-bridge-sitter and lets all move along now folks...
  16. Not if you're making use of wireless bridging.
  17. I didn't see that they needed to have the same SSID.
  18. I would hide the SSID on both and then delete the router's wireless connection from the computers' access lists. Then set them up on the repeater's SSID. That way the router is invisible unless explicitly connected to and the computers will automatically connect to the repeater, once configured. It might also be possible to set up bridging so that the router signal is dedicated bridge, but this depends on the capabilities of your router + repeater.
  19. Interesting times lie ahead...
  20. No point in having an AV program in Linux at all unless you're using it to scan mail destined for Windows computers or something. But if you must have one I'd recommend AVG for Linux.
  21. When it comes to bundled software and operating systems, I find that these laptops have the only sane offering, to my mind, barring some Linux-bundled solutions. This is why I don't use anything else.
  22. I used to get pretty much the same performance in Cedega as what I would get in Windows on the same box. Although it did vary from game to game. WoW was really good on the fps side, but I got some tearing and other graphical weirdness. HL2 was pretty much identical to the Windows experience.
  23. Not really, no. But don't be afraid of the CLI - it really isn't that daunting and at some stage in your Linux experience you are going to have to do it. Give it a try - we're here to help when you get stuck ;)
  24. Well the most useful bit of info I've found so far is over here. The main problem with the E220 is that it is both a storage device and modem. But if you have a recent Linux kernel this is not a problem. The modem portion is set up as a generic serial device and can then be addressed via a dialler such as wvdial. I could probably get it working in Gentoo, but this would unfortunately not help with Mandriva much, since the Mandriva kernel is a law unto itself. Use the link above and Google, and let us know what you find ;)
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