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  1. You need to set your console to UTF8. If you want the standard 80x25, then you have to remove any "vga=..." option from the boot command line. To be able to change it at runtime, use SVGATextMode. By default, it uses the Video ROMs glyphs, but you can load different glyphs into the video buffer (not ROM! - so it lasts only until reboot) using "setfont". Note that different fonts have different maps, because a VGA font usually has only 256 glyphs - no way to store all UTF8 characters - and many are different, e.g. some have russian at the high-byte range, some have "European" ... and whatnot. Some are ASCII(CP437)-coded, some are ISO coded. setfont got flags, ask if you need.
  2. Check the time of the newly overwritten file: - either it is way in the past, meaning the original was copied to /etc/issue using "cp -p" (preserve...) - the time is between you said "init 6" and the bios coming up: it's "echo"ed from somewhere to /etc/issue during shutdown - "echo"ed from somewhere during startup In either case, try find / -type f -size -1k -print0 | xargs -0 grep "The original mandrake text in issue, in quotes" and see where it comes from;
  3. You could try deactivating SCIM for the time you install Mozilla/Firefox: $ XMODIFIERS="" installer
  4. SRPM - I review the spec file and the build process, and if it suits me, I run it. If not, I take the .tar.bz2 out of the SRPM and use that tarball. (Note that this saves bandwidth :-) - only download one file and have both "rpm" and "tarball")
  5. There's -S for size, -t for time (as you mentioned), -r for "reverse what would normally be returned (including -S, etc.)", -Y for sort-directories-first (not in mainline coreutils), So I guess you take a look at man ls. Directories only with said grep ^d
  6. Text::CSV http://search.cpan.org/~alancitt/Text-CSV-0.01/CSV.pm You could transform a CSV into a '\0' separated using something like perl -MText::CSV -lne 'INIT{$c=new Text::CSV}$c->parse($_);print join("\x00",@{$c->fields()})}' ..Untested..
  7. Why do you get the "bash-3.00$"? THe answer is simple: because it is not a "login" shell (sounds confusing, though.) If you run "bash --login", a normal prompt should usually pop up. If not, _then_ you can tweak on PS1. And if you login from tty1 _and_ get bash-3.00$ instead of "\A \h:\w > " (or similar) for PS1, then something is wrong.
  8. Make your own cron script. /home/user/download_and_process: #!/bin/bash -e wget http://blah/sql.tgz; mv sql.tgz sql-`date "+%Y-%m-%d_%H%M"`.tgz; And add this to your crontab (`crontab -e`): 0 12 * * * /home/user/download_and_process Finished.
  9. Read what it says. Ctrl+A,Ctrl+N = next window Ctrl+A,Ctrl+P = previous window Ctrl+A,0 = 1st window Ctrl+A,1 = 2nd window and so on. (Ctrl-A + n was meant to be a number)
  10. There are no further compiling problems for Linux 2.4.28 (the vanilla one from kernel.org) using GCC 3.3.4. I therefore stopped supplying a patch. If anyone is using GCC 3.3.3, I would like to hear back if it is still broken there.
  11. Possibilities: - the immutable flag is set for /usr/bin and everywhere where you cannot write (that's highly unlikely) - you are using SELinux, and you're not allowed to do everything, despite "id" showing root - you are not effectively root, i.e. UID=0, but EUID!=0
  12. Quota can do a little more than just df, dd! http://linux01.org:2222/lxadm-quota.php should get ya started.
  13. Would be nice to hear if it helped anyone... because it gets downloaded often.
  14. I'd recommend to get 4.5.1 (4.5.2?), it runs for me, and I don't have ksyms either in 2.6.
  15. God please no. I don't want to install a ton of UI frameworks just to watch movies with svga :-D
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