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  1. Doesn't work well on my lappy. But then - not one distro was able to work as expected on my samsung lappy. They all have problems with the screen. Gonna wait some weeks, maybe there will be a fix.

  2. Just a quick tip: Make sure that you install the correct drivers for your nvidia card, as there are several to choose from. For older cards like the nvidia 5200 FX (which I use), there is e.g. the 173-series-driver that you have to install. Read the description of the driver-package, it will tell you, if you chose the right or the wrong driver. If you have a package/driver-mismatch, you will not get a fully working graphical environment.


    Oh, and ... welcome aboard. :beer:

  3. I think the 2010.2 repositories WRT KDE are not complete compared to previous releases.

    Quite possible. As you might know, 2010.2 was never a really finished distro but more of an update to 2010.1 with some cooker-stuff. Thus, for stability-reasons I'd prefer 2010.1 over 2010.2


    Btw: I also ran into the first problem with 2010.2. My printer, which worked in all previous releases, suddenly isn't detected anymore. Argh!!!

  4. I am toally fed up with the nonsens, developers are creating lately. Really. I loved Fedora 4,6,8, 10 and 12. I tried Fedora 13, meh... then I tried 15 - and Gnome 3, which is more suited to tablet-nonsens than real PCs crashed on my machine instantly and the system went to fallback-mode. Other distros are just as bad. Ubuntus Unity which comes with 11.4 is unable to handle older nvidia cards and throws me into a Gnome 2 environment that is buggy as hell (apparently it cannot even remember the basic themes that are installed with the system). I tried KDE with Mepis 11 and I got Kwin crashes every 20 minutes when doing basic tasks like moving a window. Now I am trying lubuntu but honestly - it sucks. Horrible looks, bad functionality, inconsistent layout and language-settings.


    If Mageia don't cut it, I'll switch to seomething more conservative like Scientific Linux with Gnome 2.28 or an older version of Mandriva. At least they worked.

  5. Installed here as well, no problems during installation.

    Updates during installation works , as expected ;-)


    Flash-install went smooth after clicking link in Youtube-video for installing Flash, very nice.

    Rock-stable so far, and great expectations for the official.:thanks:

    Now, that really sounds promising. When was the last time a Mandriva RC worked without problems? Seems like a very long time ago... I am looking forward to the final Mageia release. :)

  6. Hi there.


    Yeah, I am still alive. :) I had way too much work during the last months, which included lots of traveling (a journalists life can be very demanding from time to time), setting up my business, building up new contacts and aquiring new Photo-equipment (damn, it cost me more than my car...). So, as I wasn't (and cannot be) around here a lot, I cannot say for sure that Mandrivausers is dead. But I can assure you that the traffic on other forums (non-Mandriva related) also decreased dramatically as there abound less problems nowadays than a few years ago, when Linux-systems required some tinkering. There are enough distros that work okay out of the box now. Thus many people will not use a forum. No problem - no forum.


    But I must admit that some distros take a bad path. Ubuntu is IMHO quickly deteriorating and CentOS and Fedora also move into the wrong direction. Suse was always quirky on my hardware and Mageia is still in development. :unsure: My Mandriva systems got replaced as they got buggy at some point. The switch to Ubuntu I made was not the right choice to make - a lesson I learned during the last months.


    My hardware is ageing and I need something new in order to develop the huge RAW-files from my DSLRs in a reasonable time. (21MB and 18MB RAW-pictures take a looong time to develop on a five+ years old 1,6 Ghz PC). At my work-office, I use a Mac (i don't like it - way too many quirks). For home, I plan to stick to Linux on the new hardware I plan to buy. But I need to find something useful, as Mandriva, Ubuntu and CentOs just don't deliver, what I am seeking right now. Thus I will give several distros like Mepis, PinguiOS or MoonOS a try very soon. But I still hope that Mageia will finally release a very good product. ;)

  7. My experience with 2010.1 was a rather mixed one. After I installed it, the system worked well, but when I installed the updates, the system instantly got completely broken (maybe because of "not properly made fixes" and/or updates because of the recent turmoil at Mandriva. Who knows...). That is why I reverted to 2010.0, applied the patches and just wait for the next stable release of Mageia or CentOS.

  8. Question: Do the management at Mandriva really not have a clue about how business works? 

    Good question. Simply based on what they did the past years, I'd say: Nope, they don't have a clue about how business works. In case they do have a clue, they clevery hide their business-abilities as best as they can.
  9. Just relax. When Fedora was created, some people were also pretty nervous, but in the end it works. And btw: The vast majority of distros is created by people in their spare-time, like e.g. the higly sucessfull Debian-project or CentOS or openSUSE or ...

  10. More news on the future of Mandriva:


    Last Friday the newspaper Vedomosti reported that a Russian firm, NGI, has purchased a controlling interest in Mandriva. The Quintura blog published a short English language summary of the article today. NGI had previously purchased a 5% stake in Mandriva in July for an undisclosed sum as part of the €3 million financial rescue of the company according to the Vedomosti article. NGI and Ceychas Fund are investing an additional €2 million to acquire controlling interest, including purchasing shares currently held by two other investors.


  11. Of course I need debhelper with all its dependencies, but there aren't any of them for Mandriva, so I'm sticked to Ubuntu, although I'd rather move back to Mandriva again. Is there any solution for .DEB creation in Mandriva?

    AFAIK, it is in general a little problematic to find debhelper packages for any distro that is not .deb based. The only way to bypass this, that I know of, is to grab the sources and build them for your rpm-distro from scratch. :mellow:
    Is it a kind of hostility with Debian, that disables creation of debhelper packages for Mandriva?

    No, I guess that the creators of the debhelper-packages and the maintainers of .rpm based distros simply thought that this piece of software would be used by debian-users first and foremost. So, you are probably are rare type of software-developer. ;)


    Rivalry between .deb and .rpm? Only in the kindergarden. B)

  12. Welcome aboard. .)

    The recent chatter I am seeing suggests that they are planning on focusing their desktop efforts on Brazil. What kind of plan is that?

    A pretty simple plan: The wages paid in Brazil are below those paid in France, thus the company believes that part of their financial problems can be solved by using "cheaper brazilian manpower" instead of "expensive european manpower". I wonder however how much the migration-costs will be, setting up new servers, offices, etc. :rolleyes: Marketing is still an unknown word for that company.


    Anyway, it's just another example of Mandriva not having any clue of business-strategies that can lead to success.


    And yes, the Draktools are better than anything else for administrative tasks IMHO.

  13. You mean desktop orientation?

    No, I mean things like using smart or urpmi, kde or gnome, lightweight or with all whistles and bells, modular-base-cd or all-in-one-package-dvd.
    First of all I don't think that choosing the purpose of the distro you make is a disadvantage. Mandriva should have done that a long time ago IMHO. I think they've done that because they don't have the manpower to maintain all the software on Earth which what was Mandriva trying to do.
    I don't know, if they really maintained and built all the packages, using their developers precious time. If they did so, then ... well, no wonder they went upside down. Packaging can and should be done, using a special build-server. Only if packages break during testing, they should be fixed by the devs.
    But a small team is already more than what we have currently.
    There are "purists" of course but I believe they are the minority.
    Well, let's hope so.
    So before rejecting the idea right away we should think about it and probably ask the Unity\PCLinuxOS devs that what they are thinking about it.
    Who do you mean with "we"? The Ex-Mandriva-employees? The cooker-community? There is no vocal leader yet who can do the talking for the whole Mandriva-Community with the UnityLinux-Crew. ;)
  14. But both of them already have an existing infrastructure a working website and distro, or many distros.

    Yet everybody seems to ignore this and wants to start everything from the beginning. ...

    Maybe there are good reasons to start an independent distro but so far I haven't heard any.

    Well, PCLinuxOS and UnityLinux have a different philosophy of what a distribution should be, act and look like. And the number of coders available there is still pretty small. IMHO it is a bit doubtful, that some independend coders that are interested in keeping Mandriva alive are interested to invest their time and energy for doing it the PCLinuxOS or UnityLinux way. I hope you get my point. Just like many debian coders don't want to code for ubuntu (e.g. because of personal distaste), the same can be true regarding Mandriva and the existing forks. You know... there are always some purists out there. ;)


    If everything shall be merged in one project, UnityLinux would get my vote, as it is a pretty flexible base to start from. PCLinuxOS is already way too "independend" IMHO.

  15. Hmm.. as expected - things are getting worse. :end: The good thing is that not only me has realized that it is necessary to either create a fork or to copy the fedora/Red Hat model (as I proposed already before and already years before). I would love to help tp keep the distro alive (btw. I just reinstalled Mdv 2010.1, dissatisfied with Debian, Ubuntu and openSuse) but the bad thing is in my case: I am no coder. :puter: :unsure: The only way for me to contribute would be in a) the artistic area, B) documentation or c) reporting bugs. But taking into account the limited sparetime I have, my contributions would be ... errm... :blush:


    Anyway, I think it's a good sign that community starts to act and gather everyone who can help in keeping the distro alive. Sometimes a disaster is necessary in order to improve things.


    Did they mention already where they would gather the volunteers for discussing the next steps?

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