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  1. Thanks Jim. Can I do bridged networking with the mdv rpm version, or should I get a version of virtualbox from Sun's site ?
  2. Hi I have been using VMWare and Connectix for about 4 years now. I decided to give Virtualbox a try. I have a virtual Windows 2000 machine running. The networking does not work though. The network card is active in the virtual machine. I have disabled the firewall and added the virtual machine to /etc/hosts in the host machine but I can still not access the virtual machine from another computer. What do I need to do ? Is this supported ? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. Hi I am running Mdv 2008. I have svnserve running and port 3690 tcp & udp open. Mdv seems to prerfer repo's in /var/lib/svn/repositories. I create a repo as myself: svnadmin create /var/lib/svn/repositories/myrepo1 I edit the /var/lib/svn/repositories/myrepo1/conf/authz, passwd and svnserve.conf and add myself as a rw user. Then, I want to set up branch, tag, trunk directories in the repo. I have a dir called trunk in ~/ I use: svn import trunk/ svn:// -m "create trunk dir" I get: Authentication realm: <svn://> My First Repository Password for 'walter': I enter my password, which I configured in the conf/passwd file. I get: svn: Authorization failed Any ideas anyone ?
  4. Nope. I installed and selected another theme, changed the background and disabled kdm theming - no difference with any of those. It's as if X is running, but displaying nothing. Sometimes I can hear the login sound but the display stays blank <sigh>. VNC server also doesn't work - probably due to the same, I get a "111 - Connection refused". On the same machine with Fedora and openSUSE, the display flickers very badly - at least with Mandriva one user can work.
  5. Hi I'm running 2008 on a box with a 845i. It was installed from the KDE-Live iso. As long as I have auto-login on, the display works fine. If however, I log out, the screen blanks and the login screen never appears. Even on traversing the different tty's (Ctrl+Alt+F1 - F8), it stays blank, and I have to reboot. If auto-login is set off, I can log in as a user, but the same happens on logout. Any clues ? Thanks in advance Walter Kruse
  6. Thanks guys I returned the RAM and was refunded. I am now in the market for a 128MB chip ;-)
  7. I bought it because this type of RAM is very hard to get hold of - 133 pin SDRAM. I would have preferred 128MB, but 256 was all I could get. Well, Harddrake is also showing oddities then. Are you telling me that despite the fact that Harddrake sees the RAM, there's no way to get it to work ? Thanks anyway. Walter Kruse
  8. Hi guys I have a problem that's driving me nuts... Running 2007 on a Compaq Presario 1600S. The laptop has 64M of RAM on-board and I just inserted a 256MB expansion chip. BIOS: System memory: 640 KB Extended memory: 326656 KB Windows: 320.0 MB the output from free: total 61132 KInfoCentre: Total physical: 62,599,168,bytes Harddrake: Socket 0: Installed size 64MB (Single-bank connection) Enabled size 64MB (Single-bank connection) Socket 1: Installed size 256MB (Single-bank connection) Enabled size 256MB (Single-bank connection) How do I get the kernel to see and use the extra 256MB ? I have tried the following in lilo.conf: append="mem=320M" append="mem=319M" append="mem-exactmap mem=640K@0 mem=319M@1M" append="mem=320@16M" and a few combinations thereof. What am I doing wrong ?
  9. Thanks a lot for the howto. I tried this last night and the rpm's failed to install. I have previously updated from the *-5 kernel on the install DVD to the *-6 kernel rpm. When I selected the rpm's specified above fo install, a package kernel-tmb-source was selected. This was a package for a *-13 kernel it seems. Then, when the installation failed, I looked for a kernel-tmb-source*-6 package, which I couldnt find. I then looked if I could upgrade to a corresponding *-13 kernel, but there was none. Am I approaching this incorrectly ?
  10. Thanks for your replies. I take it there's no setting to be changed for ppp0 then ? Like in dsl-provider ?
  11. ou_ryperd

    Setting MTU

    Hi I am using iburst via pppoe and eth0 I need to set the MTU to 1352 for best results (http://www.linux.org.za/Lists-Archives/glu...3/msg00278.html) Do I set eth0 and ppp0 to MTU 1352, and how do I do this (which files do I edit) ? Thanks in advance
  12. I too get exactly the same on Mdv 2006. Anyone ?
  13. I had exactly the same with 'mozilla-firefox-1.0.4-1.101mcnl.i586.rpm' and could'nt resolve it. I, eventually reverted to firefox 1.0.
  14. I tested setting the "Assign the default route to this gateway" on in the Gateway tab in the account edit dialog. Didn't work. I also tried the "Disable existing DNS servers during connection" setting in the DNS tab. Also didn't work. I then setup kppp to execute "sudo ifdown eth0" before connecting, and "sudo ifup eth0" after disconnect in the Execute tab. This worked. Of course, I had to add myself to sudoers. Hmmm, not optimum. I hate it when these things are not tested. I suppose all the dev's / testers have permanent connections and don't have to use dialup. Will try the /etc/sysconfig/network option next.
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