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  1. Thanks for all the posts! Well I dont mind using any WM... KDE, Gnome or even Blackbox. Personaly i'd prefer to use Gnome but if KDE makes it easier to go OSX then I gotta do what i must. Also, I heard IceWM makes it very easy to turn it into an OSX. Anyways, i'd appreciate any other suggestions and/or links to helpful sites. Thanks again! :D Btw, sttroopers: your link doesnt work. :( Peru y tu?
  2. I just installed Mandrake 10 Official and all i have to say is WOW! I'm very impressed! Anyways, I want to configure it so that it looks exactly (or almost exactly) like OSX. I'm new to this so i'm looking for ALOT of help here. From links to guides and apps that I would need to make this happen. Of course, any suggestions on how I can go about doing this would also be helpful. Remember, i'm a total newbie so please be easy on me. Thanks in advance! Peru y tu?
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