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  1. JamesCZ


    I think that just because they are an unofficial mirror...i ignored warning about bad keys....but warnings were too much, that I stopped update, opened console, and type (as root): #urpmi --auto-select --split-length 0 In this case will be only one warning at all  :) In first will be downloaded all packages and next all will be installed at once.
  2. Sorry, my bad. FF is from unoficial repo....Sorry for mistake ;-)
  3. I dont think so. I have Firefox 3.5.1 now (updated via automatic update for a few weeks ago) , so Firefox 3.5.2 will be in official repository very soon I think.
  4. 3.5.2 - is last stable version of Firefox 3.0.x - is old branch of Firefox, 3.0.13 is mainly bugfix release of 3.0 Installing Firefox 3.5.2 is recommended....
  5. JamesCZ


     I am using KDE 4.3 Stable a few hours and I am pleased. And RPMs for Mandriva immediately available via kde.org is good news for us. It is too bad for Mandriva that have not KDE 4.3 in official repository for M2009.1. THX kde.org ;-)
  6. I have been searching for file manager for Mandriva (like Total Commander) with "locked tabs" feature for two days, but I cant find anyone :( Krusader have this feature, but only in svn version, not in last stable version (2.0). Can anybody make RPM package from SVN version of Krusader, please? Or advice me some other file manager with  "locked tabs" features please? Thx for helping :)
  7. It is too bad that isnt any ONE edition :( DVD for testing version is too big for my, so I must wait for next version :(.Â
  8. Strange, Opera isnt shows icon for RSS feed in adress bar, when I am in your main page. Anyway, thx for link to your RSS :)
  9. I had same problem, when I disable pulseaudio...but in M2009.0, in M2009.1 it is OK, but perhaps to check is good idea
  10. Will be RSS Â available in your website in future? Thx for tip on OGMRip on your website :) And thx for making RPMs for us. And support for soft subtitles is very good news :)
  11. JamesCZ


    RAR is proprietary format -> it has not any implementation for linux with free license, only unrar. Â
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