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  1. MMOPG are pretty much pointed to a certain crowd i played EQ for almost 6 years. was it worth the money ? for me yes when i started playing eq the monthly charge was around 9.99 as time passed it grew up to 13.95. wile i understand your point of view i also understand why people pay that much for online games. Some people get home cook dinner and play mmo till is time for bed i was one of them. wile the normal person gets home and gets involved in other activitis (watch tv, go to the movies/bar or go shopping) most of the hardcore MMOPG players spent their time in fron of a pc playing. thats the way these games are built. it take a long time to achive something in them. so you can look at MMOPG as a time consuming hobbie. some people spend up to 50 dollars a month renting movies/ going to the movies wile other spend money at the mall or buying stuff for what ever hobbie they have. MMOPG players just spend 13-17 dollars a month and have their hobbie expences taken care of. In EQ i played a solo class (Necromancer) wile other people had more interaction with the online community i was soloing my way to 40 then to 60 and then finally to 65. after that i started a new character and joined a rading guild ( in eq rading guilds are groups of peoplethat meet up everyday to go kill dragons gods etc mainly monsters that need a big force to be killed or events around 50 to 72 players) so what happends after you kill all the dragons and gods ? a new expancion pack comes out with even more stuff to kill explore. i remember back when shadows of luclin came out it took my guild close to 6 month to get everybody ready to kill one of the top monsters in that expancion pack (getting every single person in the guild keys/ wepons and armor so they are equiped and rdy for the final fight. and even then after killing that monster we had a few more weeks for killing stuff in vexthal (sp) before we were done with that expancion pack. and by then it was time to move on the the next expancion pack (planes of power) wich took us near 1 year to get done with. wile maybe this is not the case with most of the new MMopg out there now this is what they all trive to do. keep their players comeing back for more. and like i mention above not every person will like the game style in online games. one last thing its been almost a year since i gave up my eq addiction err hobbie. now most of my time after work is spent in college or working on linux and so far i have spent 500 dollars on my linux hobbie. building new pc buying linux books buying cdr's to burn some distros etc etc. thats double the money i use to spend in a year of eq.
  2. Hello all ! i am learning how to compile /install a new kernel from scratch. i have a few questions about the hole process after reading some tutorials and howtos here and in other forums. atm i am running 2.6.3-4mdk <-- output of uname -a i remember having down loaded the scource for this and kernel 2.6.3-9mdk wich reside in /usr/src/ and have a link between linux and 2.6.3-9mdk. im pretty sure i got 9mdk wile doing update to my system thru urpmi. well today i decided to learn a few things about make menuconfig. to my surprise when menuconfig apeared most of the configuration was there, modules already chossen and what not. im guessing this is cause i did not do make mrproper. now my questions is is this a valid config ? of is it going to make my kernel pretty big and making it not so fast? where did that configuration came from ? with kernel ? or did mandrake take my old config file and cp it to the new kernel directory ? I understand that it's going to take me a few day / recompile till i know what to include under the options on menuconfig. my question is are there any options that are a must ? i know for a fact that filesystem options are a must just like choosing your cpu type etc. when it comes to modules does it hurt to have modules of sftware that you dont have. for example when i looked at my menuconfig under sound /pci support i notice and pretty much all the drivers were loaded as modules. im guessing that the kernel will chose only the module of the sound card you have and discard the other ? same with video cards etc ( please correct me if im wrong. one last question on geento forums i read a few threads about kernel compiles and was told to build filesystem suport into the kernel opposed to modules yet when i saw my config it had them loaded as modules. what are your toughts about this ? does it differ from distro to distro ? do you recomend building sound /alsa sound driver oss into kernel or leaving them as modules? thanks very much in advance.
  3. did the following layout /swap = 512 / = 10 gig /home = 10 gig the rest i devided between altroot for other linux distro and a fat 32 partition for windows / linux file swaps
  4. can anybody please give me some suggestions on partition layout for a 40 gig drive please. i read the Filesystem Layout Partitioning faq but still would like the input on what layout should i do on the HD. i am not going to run any servers, just mainly download mp3 and videos maybe run a ftp server once i start school but not any time soon. more like 3 month down the road. thanks very much in advace
  5. The other day i was talking to a good friend of mine who just jumped into the linux wagon. he told me that wile navigating thru his file system he tumble across 2 comands whatis and whereis but he did now know how to use them. so we headed to my house jumped on the pc and fired up the console. and i got to say we both learned a load of stuff just by using these 2 commands: whatis (1) - search the whatis database for complete words whereis (1) - locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a command after we found out what the commands did we got creative: cd /sbin; whatis * |more addpart: nothing appropriate agetty (8) - alternative Linux getty arp (7) - Linux ARP kernel module arping: nothing appropriate badblocks (8) - search a device for bad blocks blkid (8) - command-line utility to locate/print block device at tributes blockdev (8) - call block device ioctls from the command line chkconfig (8) - updates and queries runlevel information for system services clock (n) - Obtain and manipulate time clock (3) - Determine processor time clone-netprofile: nothing appropriate consoletype (1) - print type of the console connected to standard inpu t ctrlaltdel (8) - set the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination debugfs (8) - ext2 file system debugger delpart: nothing appropriate depmod [depmod-24] (8) - handle dependency descriptions for loadable kernel m odules depmod [depmod-25] (8) - program to generate modules.dep and map files as you can see the comand tells you what files are in the directory and also tells you what they are used for. very handy. say you dont know were certain binary is ? whereis will tell you and also provide you with its man page location.
  6. Thanks very much for th tip energymedia i also got Dvd working today with you method.
  7. ended up getting a soundblaster 16 pci 4.1 and its working like a champ.
  8. Thanks very much aRTee i think i will upgrade my sound card i was never a fan of SB cards. specially dell ones. got any specific card that are fully supported by linux ? i read a few threads on what cards worked good under linux but would like the input of the mandrake community. thanks very much for the help. was a very good learning experiance.
  9. looked in there didnt see soundwrapper installed going to do a full update and see if that will fix it if not ill wait till i get official btw bvc are you using a SBlive value card also ?
  10. thanks bvc will try this if not will just wait till i get official release btw what is soundwrapper? will look under menudrake for it
  11. thank you everybody for the help but it seems like the sound card dont want to work =( tried everything you guys recomended and still it wont work plus i installed new alsa drivers/module drivers =( wierd thing is that on knoopiz the cd works fine =( dunno why it's doing this.
  12. not to get out of topic but is official release aviable for DL or for purchase? wife is on her way to Bestbuy to check if it's for sell dunno is they will have it tought
  13. just got done installing alsa and lib also installed some other stuff for alsa trying to figure out now how to bring up the mixer so i can adjust volume Sound server informational message: Error while initializing the sound driver: device: default can't be opened for playback (No such device) The sound server will continue, using the null output device. i get this error when i use configure sound system on kde. also alsa shows as running on the service under mcc but still no cd audio i try to use alsa mixer and i get the following error: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device one question does it matter hat my soundblaste live is a dell card? it cam with my dell system and is has some extra stuff like a cord that run from the card to the fron pannel so the headphone jack is in front maybe the drivers im running are not compatible with this type of SB live card?
  14. ok going to work on uninstalling and reinstalling alsa will uninstall alsalib and config files also so i have a fresh start btw when i was looking at the alsa packs that i had installed it showed diff version of lib so gonna try to get the same version of lib. thanks very much for you advice
  15. thanks very much seems like there is something wrong with my alsa it wont boot at start and when i try to start the service from the MCC nothing happends =(
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