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  1. Ahh...that was it! Here I was expecting to be able to edit Compiz settings from within KDE, but that does not work. It is slightly annoying that ccsm does not show up in the application menu. But typing ccsm in a terminal brings it up and sure enough, 'wobbly windows' was enabled in the configuration. Turning that off solved my problem. Thanks guys for all your help. I'm still learning KDE4. radioz p.s. Is there a way to mark a topic as solved? (never mind, I figured it out)
  2. Well, I removed /home/<username>/.config/compiz/compizconfig/config (while compiz was disabled) but it had no effect after re-enabling compiz again. It still wobbles, despite being turned off. The contents of the config file are: [kde4_session] backend = ini profile = and that's it. It seems pretty simplistic; it doesn't look like it provides any config info regarding wobbling. Does anyone know what other config files I should be checking?
  3. Doh...! I new I forgot something. I'll remember that next time, I promise :) Thanks to all for the help and education. radioz
  4. Hmmm... It does not show up in my list. Which repo is it from? radioz
  5. Has anyone else experienced this? radioz
  6. Thanks, I didn't have that one installed. A minor annoyance with the installation. All taken care of. For anyone else looking for the RPM to install, go to: 'coreuitls-doc' Thanks, radioz
  7. Compiz Fusion is selected in the Control Center, and 'Wobbly Windows' is de-selected in the 'Desktop Settings/System Settings/Desktop Effects/All Effects' tab. Is there some other configuration that I need to modify? Thanks for the help! radioz
  8. I have compiz enabled on my fresh install of 2009.1 (with recent updates) and despite disabling the 'Wobbly Windows' setting in Desktop/System Settings, my windows still wobble when moved. Is there any way to disable this short of disabling compiz? I like some of the other effects. Thanks, radioz [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  9. I just did a fresh install of 2009.1 One on my system and found that the man pages are incomplete. Try: man cp or: man ls I get: 'No manual entry for cp' and: 'No manual entry for ls' Does anybody have a fix? I didn't find any man libraries that I could install. Thanks, radioz
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