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  1. Unfortunately X doesn't start anymore, says cannot find screen. I suspect I did something wrong with the glfxrconfig (spelling) utility that ati's walkthrough said to run after installing the rpm. I'm probably just going to reinstall MDK as I need my computer up and working, I don't have time to mess around with it. Next time should I just not run the utility, ie just install the rpm and restart?
  2. I had mandrake up and running, games like tuxracer work perfectly but when I installed UT2004demo all the textures were garbled and was unplayable (although menu system worked) So I decided to try installing the rpm off ati.com. It installed fine with --force option, but it said to run the fglrxconfig file, well I don't know how much they assume I know about their card, but it wasn't that much. For the most part I used default options for that which I didn't understand, now I see nothing on my screen. fglrxinfo shows, unable to open display :0 Anyone else come across problems with UT or the radeon drivers, got a fix?
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