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  1. Mandriva 2010.0 Beta is now available on most public mirrors, and will be available on all public mirrors soon. From the cooker mailing list: 2010.0 Beta info: mandriva.com/en/2010.0_Beta 2010.0 Beta development and planning: mandriva.com/en/2010.0_Development#Planning
  2. I have a 1680x1050 LCD, and the only thing that I can see a difference with is a very demanding 3-D graphics app or game. Then the DVI is noticeably better.
  3. Greg2

    nvidia g105m driver

    I've found several users that do have the nvidia driver version 185.18.14 working with your laptop's GPU. Here's the info they have posted: nvnews.net/vbulletin and drivers-for-nvidia-geforce-g105m These both have instructions for using Ubuntu and the nvidia drivers from nvidia.com, and manualy editing the xorg.conf file. However I have just checked and I see that dkms-nvidia-current-185.18.31-1 is available in the official/2009.1/non-free/backports repo, and it lists support for the G 103M. So if you'd like to try that, we could help you if you would have to edit your xorg.conf file. It's not as hard as it may sound. :)
  4. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Does it work now, or is it still switching to a driver that doesn't work?
  5. OK, delete the 'stale_upgrade_in_progress' file in your /var/lib/urpmi directory, and that annoying message will be gone.
  6. OK, I've got it working for you. Comment out lines 1104 and 1105 in the Widget.pm file. Like this #$mw->Tk::bind($class, '<MouseWheel>', # [ sub { $_[0]->yview('scroll',-($_[1]/120)*3,'units') }, Tk::Ev("D")]); If you're using it from within the lida-03.00.00 directory, run it with ./lida instead of ./lida.pl. Please note that this is a hack and not a proper patch, but it works.
  7. It's not a question of “who cares about its outdateâ€, as long as it still works 'on your system'. :) Because of it's older code, you are either going to have to patch your perl-Tk at the /perl5/vendor_perl/5.10.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/Tk/Widget.pm file to work with the lida.pl, or you're going to have to patch your lida.pl to work with the perl-Tk.
  8. From here: firefox/addon/8315
  9. Greg2


    If that doesn't work for you, try kquitapp plasma rm -fv ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* plasma & After you do this you will have to set up your desktop again, the way you had or want it.
  10. Greg2


    First remove what you have with urpmi.removemedia -y kde43 kde43-noarch or in your case urpmi.removemedia -y KDE-4.3.0 KDE-4.3.0-noarch then do urpmi.addmedia kde43 ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/4.3.0/Mandriva/2009.1/i586/media/kde43 urpmi.addmedia kde43-noarch ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/4.3.0/Mandriva/2009.1/noarch/media/kde43
  11. That's correct if he's using vi, vim, or nano. But if he wants to use a gui editor he needs to do su - @steves850, are you using KDE, Gnome, or what?
  12. I don't think so... unless you're using cooker and/or cooker repos.
  13. Firefox 3.5.2 has been released. Release notes and downloads here: firefox/3.5.2/releasenotes Fixed security issues: security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox35.html#firefox3.5.2
  14. Greg2


    According to the cooker mailing list, KDE 4.3 will not be officially backported to the 2009.0 or 2009.1 repos. However it is now available at: kde/stable/4.3.0/Mandriva
  15. I don't have that much bandwidth available either. It would take me 15 – 19 hours to d/l it. But, if you have a wired connection you can use the boot.iso, it's only 31.4 MB.
  16. Mandriva 2010.0 Alpha 2 is now available on public mirrors. 2010.0 Alpha 2 info: mandriva.com/en/2010.0_Alpha_2 2010.0 Alpha 2 development and planning: mandriva.com/en/2010.0_Development#Planning
  17. Please post the output (as user) of ll /var/lib/urpmi | egrep -i upgrade
  18. I believe the package name is 'vte'. I would suggest checking to see if your: /usr/share/vte/termcap/xterm and /etc/termcap files are ok. If they aren't, please post here and I will give you a copy. Are you using Mandriva 2009.1?
  19. Yes, it's a new remastered buntu distro. It's Hannah Montana Linux :D You can read all about it and download it here: hannahmontana.sourceforge.net It hasn't made the DistroWatch list yet.
  20. I first read this on the LKML, but I didn't think about posting it here at the time. Here's the first announcement on lkml: lkml.org/lkml/2009/7/20/ and here's the patches: kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/gregkh/ for whoever wants to see them.
  21. I'm guessing about this, but if you installed from the One CD, the man pages may not have been included because of size constraints. So I would suggest you check it with rpm -qa | egrep -i man-pages if it's not installed, install them with urpmi man-pages as jkerr82508 has already noted.
  22. Run this (as user) in a terminal lsb_release -d; konqueror --version; uname -r the output will give you the versions.
  23. OK, if you're not using the arts sound server, I would suggest that you (as root) run alsaconf to set things up. Then (also as root) run alsactl store to save your settings. Now try your sound again with an audio app.
  24. Hmm, 2008... you may have an arts problem. What's the output (as user) of grep sound-slot /etc/modprobe.conf and /usr/bin/artsshell status If the arts sound server is running, I would suggest that you try disabling it. Then test your sound again with an audio application.
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