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  1. Well, I probably will keep videos driver like it it. But when I try to do what you tell me, John. Trying su, then password, then init 3.. etc My screen becomes black and doesn't do anything. I am not sure why its not working.
  2. You can tell MCC what file to use? Or it will fine? It just in my MCC it tells that my card is 6100 or higher. I have 9600M on my laptop, and just kind of wondering if it the same thing.
  3. I tried running init 3 (after doing su and password). But my screen was all black and didn't respond.
  4. I recently bought MSI GX620. It works pretty well so far with Mandriva, I think. It had a little weird hard drive partitioning. 50GB with Windows Vista files and almost empty NTFS 260GB partition. Which, actually, was kind of nice because I just let Windows use those 50gb and the rest used for Madriva.
  5. Thank you. I will try easy urpmi tonight. Oh another thing. I tried to update to latest Nvidia driver for GeForce 9600M yesterday. I downloaded a Nividia driver for Linux-32bit and tried to type sh <Nvidia-driver-name> in the Konsole. But it asked me to do it in text mode. How do I exit X11? and go into text mode?
  6. Thank you. I have 2009.1 KDE4 (using CD One) I was just wondering if there is anything necessary for the system to be installed (for system to run etc..). When I used Ubuntu, I know I had to install some essential files package. The Add/Remove Software in Mandriva is not urpmi? or is it?
  7. Hello. I am new to Mandriva. I just installed Mandriva and want to know what I should install now? Any important packages to install? ; Also, I tried to use chat on this portal, but it needs Java. I can install it just from Java main site? (I got java installed, on firefox too :) ) [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
  8. Hello everyone. Today I found out that when every I try to play something on Youtube or try to play some other flash audio or video content online, I can not hear any sound. I know it worked yesterday (when I did my fresh install of 2009.1). But after update, it probably changed something. What can I do to fix it? Reinstall flash? (if so, I just need to get flash rpm from adobe.com?) or what can I do? Anyone had this problem before?
  9. thanks for info guys. Its very nice to be on this forum ;) What if I want the most latest drivers (like for video etc...)? Actually, I think I did installation of video and some other drivers, which were not included in Ubuntu before.
  10. Hello Everyone. I am kind of new to Mandriva. I tried to install Mandriva 2009 before, but because of some errors, came back to using K/Ubuntu. Now I am set to using Mandriva for sure, since I really dislike how Kubuntu ended up. But I wonder, what should I use... Mandriva "One" CD or Mandriva "Free" DVD? I guess Mandriva Free gets more software than Mandriva One. And what kind of none-free software or drivers does Mandriva One have? Just things like flash, video drivers? Can I easily install those drivers in Mandriva by package manager? How would you recommend me to install Mandriva?
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