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  1. Except Mystified says it like a Texan. HOWDY! Ah jess install leeneaks on mah compu whatcha call it! Nelly! :P
  2. So are you saying "during" boot up, its text? Or are you saying that the lilo menu itself is text? I may have misunderstood. If you are getting a text boot process with no graphics, you need to check and see if you have bootsplash installed. You can do this in a console with urpmf bootsplash To install, try urpmi bootsplash Not sure about the mode issue..
  3. hhh,, linoooo? 20 years ago when I started comp sci, I used unix. It was pronounced YOU NIXS. When I saw linux, its the same with a LIN NIXS. I have the benefit of age to add to my argument (GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???)
  4. I do not have a fix for your problem, but here's a link to similar problem where the temporary solution is to turn off key repeat http://www.linuxsa.org.au/mailing-list/1999-02/81.html Also, if you boot into linux with no GUI, do you have the same problem? If you open a console and type init=3, it shoudl close down the gui. it will be back on a reboot or you can type startx.
  5. Interesting... very interesting... I've never heard it.. I was just goofing... how is this possible?
  6. I think hes sneezing as he speaks... li *sneek* *sneek* *sneek* :P
  7. Why don't you post your /etc/lilo.conf file so we can see it?
  8. here ya go.. http://www.frankenlinux.com/intro/fstab.html I found this by doing a google search for fstab and it was the first entry *hint hint* *grin*
  9. To follow the article and compile the source, go to http://www.psionic.com/products/portsentry.html
  10. That did it! :P I pulled up the mysql user database with webmin and took a peek. I had a few records there for mryan. I deleted these and then went into mysql and did a full grant using the sample from the web page you gave me. This time my install worked. Thank you very much, big help!
  11. While logged in as root, I tried this.. and got the following: I just tried adding mryan to groups apache and mysql, but get the same result.. Last of all, I tried messing around with the grant all command but still no change..
  12. I've posted a link in the Links section to th is article. Little old but basic and straight forward.. http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/200...portsentry.html
  13. I've run into a roadblock installing phpbb on my machine. I'm running Mandrake 9 and have webmin, apache, mysql v3, php installed. While I know linux a bit, I'm a newbie when it comes to messing with servers. 1. I downlaoded PHPBB and installed it into /var/www/html/phpbb. 2. I created a database mub with mysql and granted my user mryan all access rights to *.*. 3. I go to https://localhost/phpbb/install.php (note the https) and fill out the form, clicking Install 4. I get the following message... The values I used to fill out the form are: Any clues? Want to get going on learning PHP, but need it working first..
  14. haven't a clue sorry. Your answer suggests that its a KDE problem. I take it you don't have CD's in the drive or anything goofy like that? Also, how about hdparm?
  15. what happens if you browse through it with a console? E..g cd /mnt cd cdrom etc.. ?
  16. Just install it first. For mandrake 9, urpmi webmin should do it. Otherwise, use rpmdrake (open console type rpmdrake) and locate webmin. If you can't find it for some reason, then look on the internet. You will like webmin. It's a browser interface for managing your linux system. It's huge in what it does.
  17. Yeah, it just realigns those wee bits... ;)
  18. What happens if you boot off of CD1? 1. hit F1 2. type rescue 3. Locate in menu "Go to Console" (more or less) 4. type chroot /mnt At this point, you should be in a command line environment. Do you get this far?
  19. Formatting is good for a hard drive. Used to be a product that would wipe your hard drive over and over and over. Was suppose to be good for the magnetics as it reinforced them. I would clean slate if you think you been cracked. However, he might crack you again. What are your security settings? Or you might want to buy a firewall and set it up..
  20. I've added the title "Moderator" next to the rank for all of those who are members of the moderator group..
  21. heh, I have experience as a programmer and with c, but not big time and not on linux. I figured it out by looking for definitions and examples. Feel free to ask though, there are others here who know C also :) Also, interesting enough. PHP has similar function libraries such as sprintf().
  22. Check this out.. Instead of using a char* for tempstring, I preallocated the storage. If you want to use a char * you will have to allocate it yourself ahead of time and free it later. Otherwise, this seems to work. I figured it out (been awhile) by googling sprintf() gcc example #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int main(void) { char *token; char chartest[] = "<product catagory='100'>Product1</product>"; char tempString[80]; token = strtok(chartest, "'"); while(token != NULL) { // get token and printf() to screen token = strtok(NULL, "'"); printf("Token-> %sn",token); // copy token to tempString sprintf(tempString, "Converted Token -> %s", token); // printf() tempString printf("String Token -> %sn", tempString); // get next token token = strtok(NULL, "'"); } }
  23. Check this link. Can't wait until Dec31, oh boy oh boy! http://www.reiserfs.net/
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