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  1. The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers QT trailer is awesome :)
  2. There is nothing wrong with discussing beyond the original scope of the question. Enjoy yourselves :)
  3. I got it to work in the sense that I have no error messages and I can see it on the screen. However, it is going extremely slow as in 1 replot every 5-10 seconds. It doesn't do this in windows. I have a NVIDIA Geoforce 256 graphics board but haven't installed the nvidia drivers (still working off the installed kernel). Is this why, do you think?
  4. dragonMage, I tried adding those lines and it didn't parse any of them correctly. Can you post your entire .xscreensaver file?
  5. There must be a lot of bemused and confused looks when you and your friends are talking :P
  6. For those of you who try the d4x download, after installing, the command for executing the app is nt ...
  7. You are adding them while you are root right? Also, you can delete them if you choose? You don't get a message stating they are busy or in use?
  8. I've been using NEdit. It does nice with the keyword coloring but doesn't do anything with projects or compilation (I don't think)
  9. If you want to do this in windows, check out Vidomi www.vidomi.com It makes an .avi file.
  10. Cannonfodder


    Did you make sure you have all the latest updates to 9?
  11. Also, try virtualdub (windows) and see if it can play the avi. Click File/Open Video File and check the box next to "Popup". Then you can rebuild the avi key frames. Has anyone a solution for getting captions into a DVD rip on linux?
  12. Did you reboot? You must reboot. /etc/fstab is processed on startup.
  13. You might want to consider switching over to a reiserfs journaled file system. They maintain a journal of disk changes and in the event of a unclean shutdown, the volume is quickly brought up to date. Unfortunately it is not a simple matter of converting your file system. You probably would need to reinstall or make a new partition and copy data over.
  14. Anon, thanks for the link. Now my computer looks awesome when I'm not using it. I like the fireworks screensaver. Also downloaded the code (for windows) and it should make good reading..
  15. I would also look into purchasing a second drive, even over a burner (assuming its one or the other). Some advantages.. 1. Cheap (at least here in the USA) 2. Doesn't mess with your 1st hard drive. No worries about destroying windows. 3. Can be used as a backup. 4. More room. 5. You can dedicate it to linux, destroy it, do it again. You can use the free www.partimage.org (get the downloadable cd iso) and backup your windows partition to your new second drive. It's compressed so it doesn't take as much room.
  16. You probably did something different. Check out that tutorial from the first page and spend an afternoon going through it. It clears up a lot of issues and you can start enjoying linux more from a console level. The only thing I use my desktop for is the menu bar. I don't usually use the file browser.
  17. Cannonfodder


    Have you made sure you have all the latest updates for your version of Mandrake?
  18. That's market competition for you, or is it?
  19. Haven't checked out mplayer lately on DVD playback, but if it doesn't do it for you, check out ogle. It has excellent playback for DVD.
  20. check out this tutorial on the alias command. You can create a short command that is equivilent to what you are typing. Not sure why your desktop shortcut didn't work. e.g. alias mmm='java -jar bin.jar' http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/basics/bshell6.html The entire web site is good reading if you want to get into linux a bit more.
  21. Cannonfodder

    MySQL Error

    This is a general suggestion. Get webmin and use it to view your mysql status and databases. You can urpmi webmin to install it. It's possibly you think you have it running and its not.. Otherwise, have you tried su to root and then type mysql?
  22. Make sure you own your user's folder. Let's say your user name is booyah. Open a console and.. su cd /home chown -R booyah:booyah booyah exit and then try it again. Not sure it will fix your problem but if acrobat is having a problem updating your user prefs then that may help.
  23. All the error messages you have posted indicate that a file is busy. Usually another process has it. Might want to start looking at running processes with ps -x (for example) Also, try changing your run level and see if you can then adduser. Type in a console, init=3 Should kill X and go to a standard linux prompt. Really you are in a position where you have to be a detective and track down the problem. Real "eliminate the possibilities" work..
  24. The only issue and it may not matter to you, is that you are putting your entire linux system in one partition rather than in a few. Where is your swap going to be? Does partition 1 and 2 take up the entire drive? If it does not and you have plenty of room elsewhere, then put linux boot in hda1 and then put the rest in extended partitions. hda1 - linux boot hda2 - win2k hda5 - /swap hda6 - /usr hda7 - /home When you make a partition, click Preference and select extended to put it in a linux extended. Afterwards, never never use win2k's disk manager to make any changes. You will lose it all..
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