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  1. Check the product documentation for each product individually to get the correct jumper setting for master/slave/auto. Try doing it without cable select (auto) by deliberately setting master/slave. If a hard drive doesn't boot, try setting it to slave even though. That actually worked for me. In the end tell us that all 4 devices are showing up in the bios screen. Then we can debug linux knowing that all is ok physically.
  2. If you want hdparm, just google for linux hdparm and download/install it. Then you will have a man or --help entry for it.
  3. That's pretty cool, I didn't know about the . script file. I've used source filename with the full word source. Is that the same thing in terms of process environment variables?
  4. Maybe you should reinstall the boot app, hmmm what was it called? bootsplash?
  5. Also, how did you physically hook up the cdrom and cdrw? They should be on different IDE. This might not always be true but I had similar problems with my hard drives until I tried a certain configuration. How did you setup the master/slave configuration if they are on the same IDE? When you boot up, do you see both drives listed in the bios? If you have an image in the way (like a Dell logo), try hitting escape as soon as the image appears. Make sure all hard drives and cd's appear.
  6. Cannonfodder

    Plex86 VM

    Let us know how you make out... curious..
  7. I think you are barking up the wrong tree.. I would suggest a reinstall, then a backup with partimage, and then update from a different source and see if your issues come back.
  8. How about if yoiu are launching the program from the user's .profile or .bashrc rather than the /etc/profile or whereever else?
  9. Have you checked out freshmeat.net? What exactly does the software do? On a side note, here's a recent slashdot article.. http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid...de=flat&tid=160
  10. So we are talking apples and oranges? I've done the patch I suggested and then just set the gnome terminal to use the --login parameter to process the login scripts. Haven't really considered it past that point... would I be right then in stating this is a KDE terminal issue? That's why I don't have a problem in gnome?
  11. Check out this web site.. http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/ so, open a console and play around with prompt strings PS1='u w $' save this in a file in your /etc/profile.d folder (think this works for kde as well) or in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile. Make sure your console command is setup to reload your login each time you open a window..
  12. Also, keep looking for the delete option by clicking on different portions of the bar. Try just to the right of the middle of the screen..
  13. Cannonfodder

    Programs in K

    I'm not a KDE user, but I believe you have to add it manually..
  14. I think the most important recommendation is to purchase another drive and use that to mess around with linux. It's all too easy to snafu your partition table trying to put both OS's on the same drive. Especially if you don't know what you are doing. I'm not saying its impossible or even hard, but unless you got a good backup, its easier and safer to simply shell for a second used or new drive.
  15. Cannonfodder

    Batch file

    Another way to do simple actions is to make an alias command e.g. alias seek='cd ~/somedir;grep -ri 'payroll' payroll.txt when you type seek, it will do each command. To make this permanent, you need to add it to a startup script, your .bashrc or /etc/profile file. I have a whole bunch of alias commands that I use. Want to go to my winSoftware partition? alias software='cd /mnt/software;clear;ll'
  16. Try this and see how it goes.. /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows ntfs defaults,umask=0 0 0
  17. Clear uncluttered console screen ahhh... also gives you a sense of a "ghost in the machine" :)
  18. I tried this to see what the difference would be in opera, but the before/after screen shots I took didn't show any difference.. what am I looking for?
  19. why is it hidden? if you can't see it is it because you don't have access rights? Generally when I don't have access rights I can still see the folder, but can't go into it. What file system are you using?
  20. Cannonfodder

    LILO config

    also try lilo -v for more verbose information. Out of curiousity, why do xosl and then do lilo?
  21. The easist way to is to simply do it over. Backup any files and note what software you have installed. You can also try messing with ranish partition mananger although I don't have personal experience with it, its often mentioned as a good partitioning tool. Last of all you can try using partimage to backup partitions to Cd and recreate them in their new size. However, you can't restore to a smaller partition so you may need a temp partition that allows you to restore and then copy the files to the destination (only if its smaller).
  22. That's a pretty interesting article. Imagine the kind of mind this guy has? Here's mono's web site.. http://www.go-mono.com/index.html I'm going to pay attention to this. If MS's Net platform becomes crossplatform as a result, it could be very interesting from a software standpoint.
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