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  1. Padma

    Okular print bug?

    Aauugghh! My wife just called me - she's having this problem trying to put out a Brownie-troop newsletter. One copy at a time is killing her. Did you (or anyone) find any resolution?
  2. Sorry to bump a thread that is "solved", but I'm struggling with getting my Tungsten T3 working with 2007. (It worked fine in 2006 and before.) When you say "I applied that", what is "that"? the modprobe visor, /dev/ttyUSBx, etc., or the usb:port thing? So far I haven't gotten it to work correctly using /dev/ttyUSBx, and I have no idea how to do the usb:port thing. :sad:
  3. Mandriva has gone on record stating they will continue to provide a complete "Free as in speech" version for public download.
  4. urpmf = "find rpm" urpmi = "install rpm" ;) Collectively, the urpm scripts are called "urpm*" And you're right, you will probably never see any .rpms when you unpack a .tar file. If it is a .tar file, it is almost *always* source code.
  5. Well, the "configure/make/make install" process *is* the basic way most software can be installed in Linux, but it is not *necessary* in most distros. ;) In Mandrake, we have a command-line script called "urpmi", and a gui frontend to that script called "rpmdrake" (which is a subset of the Mandrake Control Panel). If you haven't yet done so, click the link at the very top of this page that says "Easy-Urpmi", and follow the instructions on that page to get your repositories set up. Once that is done, *most* software installation can be accomplished in a "point-and-click" fashion! To install software, just open the MCC ("Configure your computer" in the menu, or type "rpmdrake" in a konsole window), select Software --> software installation. Enter the name of the app you want in the search bar (e.g., irssi) and click "Search". Select the package found, and click the "Install" button. Dependencies are automagically taken care of for you. Or you can go strictly command line, and type (as root) "urpmi irssi", and again, everything will be done for you. You only need to compile from source (which is what the "configure/make/make install" process is) for something that is either too new, or for some reason isn't available as a Mandrake RPM.
  6. Your specs sound quite similar to mine. (Yours are a little better, My system is older, & I am on a tight budget ;) ) I have had absolutely no problem dual-booting with Win2K and Mdk10.0 -> 10.1. For that matter, I never had any problem dual-booting WIndows and Mdk 9.2, 9.1, 9.0, 8.2, ... etc. ;) :D
  7. I apologize as well, sgrayban. As you pointed out on LQ, My information was incorrect, and led to wrong conclusions.
  8. Well, the header files are also available via urpmi/rpmdrake. Just look for the "development" files. (They will have names like "kde<something>-devel.0.0.0-0mdk.rpm". IIRC, installing those will include the necessary headers. Sorry I can't be more specific. I'm at work on a Windows machine right now. Nowhere near my Mdk installation. ;)
  9. You can sign a petition here, to express your interest, and price preferences. (No commitment to buy, just establishing the community's desire. :) ) And I wouldn't pay $200. But $100 would be acceptable, to me.
  10. Have you set up your repositories using Easy Urpmi? (See the link at the very top of the page ;) ) zlib/libz should be available in the "main" repository. Edit: For that matter, superkaramba-0.34 is available in "contrib". ;)
  11. Jon, Have you tried setting your boot to force noapic?
  12. You and me, both, Urza. ;) As for SATA, from what I have read up in the Installation forum, it can be worked out. :)
  13. Ix's recommendation sounds very good to me. :)
  14. 6 GB Swap?!? An old rule of thumb, was to allocate swap equal to twice your RAM. But that was before machines started having as much RAM as we have today. If you have 512MB RAM or more, you can probably get by with 512MB Swap (or less!). I currently have 512MB RAM, and have rarely seen *any* swap used.
  15. The ATI driver 3.14.6 is available for the X800 card, so I assume it *is* possible....
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