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  1. I know... but that was the only way I found to boot the HD.... after that I could restore the XP install with the XP CD but before it the restore would not complete because when It boot, the HD would not boot
  2. I can't make flash work in any browser...... read this: http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/faqs/flash.html#libs [/code]Q: Flash Player fails completely! (Linux) A: If Flash Player does not work, make sure you have libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 on your system. This file is in the following packages: RedHat: compat-libstdc++ SuSE: compat Mandrake: libstdc++2.10 Alternatively, you can try the Flashfix tool (http://wintrmute.net/software/), which patches the Flash plugin to get around the dependency. Note, however, that it is not supported. [/code] I've downloaded this flashfix, but there is no instruction on how to use it.... even if this file is obvious to an expert user, a end user will not know how to do with such files. Regards
  3. When I was using mandrake 9.0 I found something that would add additional icons at drakconf for servers configurations (samba apache and others) I dont remember how to do this anymore.... How to enable those options with mandrake 10? I cant find a place to configure apache samba....
  4. I also had instaled 9.0 mdk, and a lot of other linux before in the same machine... I dont have courage to install mdk 10 again... I'm lucky to use XP with fat32 I think I could fix the problem doing this: 1 - tried to go to recovery console in XP and fixmbr fixboot bootcfg (none worked) 2- tried to restore of fix an instalation in XP (dont remember the exact option) did not work. 3- by doing all of this, instead of "missing operational system" I got a message of missing a specific file (dont recall its name) 4- I went to recovery console and copied the file to c: 5- I got a win98 boot disk and sys c: 6- by that time I coult boot the HD but XP would not came up 7- After this I could sussesfuly recovery XP with the CD I the middle of all that I tried to install kurumin linux (knoppix mod) but It would not boot on lilo.
  5. I have mandrake 10 and this device. Seems that everything is already installed, printerdrak recognize it but It does not print (jogs are sitting in queue forever) boes not scan, xsane cant find it does it work for you now?
  6. I've tried to fix the problem and deleted the lilo at MBR I cant boot on mdk anymore. But when I looked at lilo.conf (before this action) it was the same as the one posted in the FAQ in this forum. other=/dev/hda1 label="windows" table=/dev/hda I'll try to install another linux distro and see if XP boots up under it if not I'll reinstall XP actualy I was just trying mdk in this machine to see if it was allright the real target for MDK is another machine that has mdk 9 installed and I want to upgrade it to 10
  7. only a blinking cursos stay at the screen with grub no boot too grub says: file system is fat, partition type 0xc chainload +1 and goes back to boot options
  8. I have the same problem my computer dual boot I instaled with memory usb key on and not I'm not using it anymore.. but worse is that XP does not boot anymore too!!! only a blinking prompt after lilo!!! grup does not boot too!
  9. Hello, I've downloaded the mdk 10 community and installed in my machine. I have a space in the HD just to install linux distros, and prior to mdk, suse 9.0 was there. The instalation was all right. but when I turned off mdk and turned on the computer again only a prompt was at the screen when I choose to boot to windows XP at a fat32 partition this is very bad.... but the worse is that before I install, I was thinking about mdk 10 to be a very bugged distro my friend and I was talking that this release would have something like the 9.2 (broke the LG drive) and we were wondering if it would mess up with the windows XP. But after all, we installed and now I cannot boot on windows any more I dont want to reinstall windows XP I want to try to fix this but I'm not an expert user, I could see the winC partition from konkeror, its there
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