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  1. Is that found from some urpmi reposity - I don't seem to be able to find it from package manager? I do not remember if I have installed the version 1.1.5 with urpmi or not... I did scan the channels with all the uk scan files again (few times) during the weekend and do have some channels but not all I had before the switch. I'll give a try with the 2.0.1 me-tv and see if that finds more (even if I have to install it from the source) hate being unable to see the Emmerdale at 7pm .
  2. After 22nd of June I have been unable to find any channels with Me Tv. Is there anyone who can help? There is two ways to find the channels to Me Tv and I have always used a scan file that came with the Me Tv (uk-blackhill) but now that and all the other scan files do not work anymore. I know my DVB-T stick is still working as I am able to watch one BBC channel with VLC and in Windows I get around 6 different channels but I would love to continue using Me Tv as I like the simple GUI and ease of use. I am using Mandriva 2010.2 and Me Tv 1.1.5 and my DVB-T stick is a Hauppauge Nova-T WinTV DVB-T/TNT/Freeview TV receiver
  3. Yesterday there was a connection - for about two minutes. In that time I got to the hotspot login page - almost - couple of lines appeared and then the connection went down. I had manually set the dns addresses so it may be that the solution can be found from there - just have to get somewhere to test it properly.
  4. Yes, when it seems like there is connection, there is an IP address assigned and ping to google goes trough but surfing still isn't possible - it just hangs or every page gives the 'page cannot be displayed' -error. This with open, unprotected networks. Still no connection to any protected networks - hasn't even looked like it's connected to any protected network here. WPA supplicant is installed. Fortunately there is free internet in the library and the computers here have Linux installed but it would be much easier to be able to use my own laptop... Don't have a connection at home yet as it's not so easy here in Spain to get one - can take a veeeeery long time for the connection to be installed. Now I think the Broadcom is ready for use, but cannot be sure as it still won't connect :D It's not always easy to be a penguin.
  5. There is many networks shown in Network Manager, open and protected ones. When trying to connect any of them, it sometimes seems like it's connected but still cannot surf (network monitor shows there is traffic both ways in and out). Sometimes it tries to connect but no connection at all. Have tried to disable IPv6 - no help. Before moving to Spain, I was living in Ireland for about two years - no problems there, then I went to Finland for few weeks - no problems there. Currently, after installing 2010.0, I think it may be that my adapter isn't working properly as I haven't had time to fight with the Broadcom-thing... :)
  6. There is 768MB memory in the laptop. I must say, that I miss the old KDE, 3.5.X -series, very much and have to start finding something as customizable... But you can't always win, sometimes you'll just have to take what life gives to you - old KDE is not coming back and so I must move forward too.
  7. If in wrong forum, please forgive me - just didn't know where to put this... Does anyone know if there is something funny with wireless connections and Linux in Spain? After I came to Spain, I have not been able to use any wireless network, two different distros, two different wlan adapters. Nothing helps, no changing the regulatory domain to Spain, not even a fresh installation of Mandriva. So is there something funny in Spanish networks working with Linux or is this just happening to me because I have done something bad in the year 1834 to someone? Both adapters are working in you know what big bad W. -u
  8. Wow, seems that KDE has really grown too big to my old laptop... With gnome the live cd acts like mandriva was installed... No freezing, no screaming and no Just have to do the installation and start having all the usual after installation problems...
  9. Hi all, So, I have HP nx6125 laptop and cannot run the 2010.0 live cd (with KDE, haven't tried with gnome yet) on it - it takes over 25 minutes to boot and when it is ready for use, every mouse movement freezes it for about 5 minutes. Anyone else having similar problems? Don't have another laptop or desktop to try the cd, so don't know if there is something wrong with it, md5sum is ok... BR, ursulakatariina
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