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  1. i have done the updatedb still same error if i remove the perl package ill louse drakconfi and dont want to do that edit : i d/l the perl file from another site and did a upgrade to that package and bam it works now thx for the help any way it got me thinken defertently
  2. perl-Gtk2-1.023-3mdk is the file it says i dont have but it is installed i am trying to install the drakeconf updates for mdk 10.0 comunity it says it cant be slected casue perl-Gtk2-1.023-3mdk ant installed
  3. i am using a ftp install using the network.img and network_driver.img 4 hdds no cdrom hence why i am using a ftp install using a gui install off the disks made the 4 hdds in to a raid 0 disk every thang workes right up to the package selection and i click next then next agine on the servers i want to install then it just errors out and starts over in the package selection maby that will help what i get its trying to do is creat a dir in /mnt/dev but thare is allready one thare and its bad ( i have formated thes hdds clean for this install)
  4. i get to the package group selection i slect all the programs i want then click next the thang errors out like this An error occurred mkdir: error creating directory /mnt/dev: file exists i tried rmdir'ing it but it fails any ideas?? thx ahead
  5. this is wot i did open up gnorpm and find the package thare then do a verfy to get a list of whare it installed the files
  6. ok as long ask ya ask here for your linux questions lol irax i have never used that but ill stick with linux :P
  7. welcome to the linux world i hope ya enjoy it have questions ask here this fourm helps big time :wink:
  8. zenrox

    Remaining hardware..

    i added acme to my session so that every time it loads x it will load up menu > configureation > gnome > advansed > sessions then add the cmd to that
  9. zenrox

    Remaining hardware..

    Now I've got most of my hardware working to some degree in Mandrake, theres a few things I still have to ask.. 1st off, how do I configure the 3rd mouse button? A:mandrake controle center > hardware > mouse Second, is there any way of configuring extra buttons on my keyboard? I have buttons for a media player, email, internet, search etc.. (Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard) A: mandrake controle center >software > install packages > in the serech look for acme and install it all my multimedia keys work Lol keep readin theres more.. Has anyone got a Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 working in Mandrake? A: dont know i dont have any cams yet Does Mandrake support usb mass storage devices? I've got an 128Mb usb memory stick.. A: YES my 6 in 1 memorey card reader works and auto mounts any memory cards i put in it so in thery it shound work Last but not least.. When trying to add my scanner (Canon D1250U2) Mandrake does list it however says something on the lines of "This scanner is not supported in this version of Mandrake". Does that mean someone is going to add it later? A: probly but is it usb or scsi or printer port ya can probly futzs with it to get it to work google it might find help out thare By the way I bought all this stuff before I started trying out Mandrake, I'll know to take more care over what I'm buying in the future Good point hehehe but i did it the outer way waround bought new system and had to get it all worken right so i coule use all the featuers i had heheheheh :P
  10. try /dev/sda1 name the partion sda is the device sda1 is the partion
  11. check to see if your esd is running caue if ya kill that it will come back i have that same prob and that seems to fix it but esd seems to auto run on its own cant figuer it out how to stop it from running i am also using the alsa drivers for that card
  12. i had to recompile the kernel and enable probe all scsi luns to get ride of that error and my 6-in 1 meadia card reader stared working
  13. ok thx dusty1000 the compiles just fine it was the defconfig i couldent rember it ant on the ofical docs as far is i can tell 6-in-1 reader works too
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